Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality

Have you considered why you choose one color or style over another? Well, your personality might be to blame. As humans, we do it all the time – we make design choices that reflect our personality traits without even realizing it. And, hey, that’s OK. After all, we’re always looking for ways to express ourselves and not all of us can paint or write poems. So why not use your personality to your advantage? Even a smaller decision like a bathroom sink or faucet finish can be narrowed down by considering your character traits.

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality

Bellacor Number: 354899

Bold: polished brass finish, copper

You’re not afraid to stand out and be heard, so why not show off your daring side with a sink to match? A polished brass faucet or a copper sink both create a striking look that will make your sink instantly stand out and become the main attraction of any room.

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality


Easy going and low-maintenance: polished silver, white porcelain

When styling your home, you just want to find something that works and looks good without spending hours looking through different options. Polished silver and white porcelain are popular choices for low-maintenance home owners because they are durable, easy to clean and easy to match.

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality

Bellacor Number: 630155

Very organized and dependable: vitreous china, black matte finish

To-do lists keep you sane and a clean room makes you feel calm. Your friends and family members might tease you for always being organized, but they’re secretly jealous that your home always looks so put-together. If you’re a bit of a clean-freak, then vitreous china sinks and black matte faucets make an excellent choice because they are easy to clean and do not show water spots or fingerprints.

Quiet and sometimes shy: brushed nickel finish

If you rarely make yourself the center of attention and would rather not fill your home with “statement pieces,” then you might consider using a brushed nickel faucet finish. These faucets will blend together well with your existing décor.

Choose a faucet or sink material that matches your personality or mix it up and surprise people. You might be quiet at large parties, but that doesn’t have to stop you from making bold design choices!

By Wendy Weinert

How to choose the right vanity for your bathroom

Every room should have a designated focal point, and in bathrooms a vanity is sure to do the trick. Bathroom vanities can be large or small and are found in varying materials and designs.  With so many options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed—but don’t give up just yet! Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom depends a lot on the room itself; consider the bathroom’s size, who will use it and the overall look you want to create.


Size of bathroom

The size of your bathroom will determine how big your vanity should be. A large vanity in a small bathroom wBelleForetBathroomVanityould look very out of place; plus, you might not have much room to walk. In bigger bathrooms, take advantage of large vanities that can store all of your personal items. If you have a tiny bathroom, there are plenty of vanities that will be the appropriate size and still have storage space.

Intended users

A bathroom’s storage needs generally correlate with who will be using the bathroom. In guest bathrooms, you will only need the basic necessities and therefore can opt for a vanity that is more decorative than functional. Get creative and have some fun picking out an interesting design! Avanity’s Wenge Vanity and Mirror Cabinet is hung on the wall and provides space for needed toiletries. The unique style of the vanity is sure to impress any visitors.
Bathrooms that are used by multiple family members need to provide storage to hold a number of personal items such as hair dryers and makeup. Select a vanity with multiple cupboards and drawers. No longer will you have to deal with a cluttered counter-top.


Overall look

For the bathroom to look complete, select a vanity that matches the overall style of the room. Minimalistic and sleek looking vanities would look best in a modern bathroom. If you’re going traditional, wooden vanities with marble or granite counter-tops will fit in well with the style of your bathroom.

Sink styles: How to choose the right style


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If sinks prove anything, it’s that even the most utilitarian fixtures in your home can – and should – have an element of style. The options that have flooded into the market in recent years mean that there’s something for every taste and home décor style. But that vast array of choices can also leave a lot of room for questions – which sinks are right for your home, and which rooms should you put them in? Here’s a quick guide to some sink options – and where to use them – that can help when you’re in a style bind.

Artistic vessel sinks: Vessel sinks (think a bowl that sits on top of the counter) took the design world by storm a few years back and their popularity hasn’t faded. They provide a dramatic focal point for a room – not just a place to wash your hands. This is perhaps the most stylistically diverse category of sinks – you can find them made of virtually any material, from art glass to embellished ceramic to metals of all tones. To add a lot of personality to a small space, vessel sinks are the ideal option. They’re great for main-floor powder rooms that see a lot of use when you’re entertaining – they’ll make a major impression on your guests. They can also elevate your everyday bathroom routine when placed in a master suite.Sink_ArtisticVesselAngular modern sinks: Clean lines and crisp edges are the top choice for homes with a contemporary aesthetic, but they are more versatile than you might think. Anywhere you want a streamlined look, these squared-off sinks will do the trick. If you favor transitional styling, add this kind of sink in a room that has details like boldly patterned, colorful wallpaper. For a spa-like atmosphere, pair it with organic touches like towels in earth tones, travertine or cork flooring and cabinetry with distinctive wood grain.


Classic pedestal and console sinks: The traditional styling of these sinks looks as great in a Cape Cod home as it does in a Tuscan-inspired abode. Console sinks feature two legs and a bit of extra surface space for setting out extra accessories, and also add some distinctive Old-World elegance. A pedestal sink is a small-space problem solver, ideal for half- and three-quarter-baths, while a console is great for filling a room that has more available square footage.

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