Make your home look alive this winter season

Winter at Walnuts Farm

The winter season has a way of making everything look bare and a little lifeless. Even your home’s exterior can lose its usual appeal when there are no leaves, grass or flowers in sight. If you feel your house is looking dull, it’s time to bring your exterior design back to life with these simple tricks!

Maxim Lighting International South Park Black Three-Light Outdoor Wall Mount

 Add outdoor lighting

Capital Lighting

Capital Lighting

A little light can go a long way in making one’s home appear more inviting. Install lights to illuminate your driveway at night. Not only will

your home stand out, but the lights will welcome you home when it’s dark out. Depending on how long your driveway is, you might just put a light above the garage, or you can install light posts along the actual driveway.

If you have a front porch, light it up with a wall-mount lantern. Wall-mount lanterns often have an antique, unique look and will warmly invite guests into your home with style.

If you’re a fan of holiday lights, keep some of your white lights hung up even after the holidays! White lights are a little less seasonal than colored bulbs and can perk up the look of your home long after the holidays are over.


Decorate your mailbox

No one thinks to decorate their mailbox, but a few minor changes can make a big difference – and will catch the attention of those walking by. Add some pizazz to your mailbox by painting it one or more bright colors. If you’re tired of your mailbox’s style, but don’t want to mess with the paint, consider getting a new one that has a unique design.  See how we decorated our mailboxes for the holidays.

Architectural Mailboxes Coronado Black Mailbox with Antique Nickel AccentsPaint your door or window trims

 When all else fails, add bright colors. Bright colors add instant impact and bring life to any dull area! Try painting your front door or outdoor trims a dazzling red. The rich red color against the contrasting white snow will make a statement and add warmth to your home.


Add potted greenery

Just because you can’t enjoy grass or summer plants, doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate a little green outside of your home. Put some fir or pine plants into a stylish planter and place them on your front steps or right next to your front door. The green shrubs will serve as a nice replacement for your usual plants until summer comes.

Don’t let your home’s appeal suffer because of winter. Try utilizing these décor tricks to make your house come alive in the cold winter months.

Frog Urn Plant Holder

Frog Urn Plant Holder

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Housewarming: Gift ideas to make new homeowners smile

With what looks to be the worst of the housing rut behind us and numerous reports declaring sellers’ markets in cities nationwide, it appears the housing market is officially rebounding. It’s likely you have plenty of friends and family that are scooping up new homes, meaning plenty of housewarming parties are in your future.

House sold

Congratulate your loved ones on their new home-sweet-home with unique gifts that show you care. Here are five spectacular housewarming gift ideas:

1. Faux flowers and plantsfaux flower

Why send a bouquet that will last a few days when you can send a beautiful silk flower arrangement or plant that will add a splash of color to any room all year long? Modern faux flowers and plants are designed and constructed so well you can hardly tell the difference between them and live plants.

2. Decorative throwswoolblanket

If you want a gift that embraces fashion and function, look no further than a luxurious throw. Whether it’s used as an accent piece on a favorite chair or provides warmth on cool evenings, it will remind your loved ones of you each time they touch its soft fibers.

3. Garden delightsSolarChime

Garden and patio accessories provide a touch of class to any outdoor space. Help the new homeowners settle in by gifting them with a piece of outdoor décor. From graceful garden bells and wind chimes to beautiful bird feeders and quaint gnomes, outdoor accessories can be tons of fun.

4. Focus on the kids

Sometimes moving is difficult for children. Help little ones adjust to their new home by making your housewarming gift kid-friendly. Plush blankets, framed artwork, decorative mirrors, small toys, treats and books all help children get excited about their new home and make them feel special.CrocodileFloorCushion

RoosterBasket5. Build a basket

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a custom-made gift basket. Remember, the package is just as important as what you put in it! Whether a beautiful wicker basket or wrought iron fruit basket, what holds the contents can be used over and over again by the new homeowners.

Tips to make outdoor gardening easy, fun and stylish

Few things are better than the taste of fresh produce during the summer. When you grow your own fruits, veggies and herbs, the bounty is even more satisfying. Recent research shows that almost half (49 percent) of homeowners in the U.S. have gardened in the past year. Whether you want to revamp your current garden or you’re planting your very first seedlings, your green thumb will delight at some of these ideas that make outdoor gardening easy, fun and stylish.

1. Elevate container gardens

If the idea of bending over to garden is unappealing, raised planter boxes are for you. The Arboria EZ Plant Elevated Garden is both sturdy and stylish, allowing gardeners to tend to plants while standing. Sure to add flare to any outdoor space, the planter’s four tapered legs gracefully support a bed that is crowned with beveled post tops. Use a few colorful pots to plant your favorite herbs and place on tables or ledges, and you’ll have the best of summer’s flavors at your fingertips – no bending required.EzPlantElevatedGarden

2. Be bold and blend plants

Wondering where you’re going to put your flowers and your edibles? There’s no reason you can’t blend them both in the same space. While tradition dictates separating flower beds and edible plants, combining the two is a growing trend. Try using vine vegetables like beans against fences, layering in flowers, and then line-edging with herbs like mint and parsley. Layering in this manner has a beautiful visual effect, plus your tasty plants are ripe for the taking right outside your door.

3. Add whimsy and personalityYardbirds

A garden is the perfect place to add fun decorative elements that show off your personality. Display your colorful collection of tin watering cans. Add whimsical touches, like a hidden garden bench carefully placed amongst the blooms – perfect for a quick retreat. Embrace eco-friendly garden décor like the Yardbirds 6-Inch Happy Puppy Pot Holder, a lovable plant holder made from recycled materials. As years pass and your garden grows, this unique piece will rust and patina, providing character as it holds treasured plantings.