All You Need to Know About Pendant Lighting

Interested in knowing all there is to know about pendant lighting? While it’s not a huge topic, pendants do offer a unique source of lighting. Pendants these days have a very custom design. With so many styles and great benefits, pendants should never be overlooked when picking out lighting for a room. This article will briefly discuss the topic of pendants and hopefully shead some light on their importance.

As it is with any light fixture, pendants come in a variety of styles. While most people think of mini pendants as contemporary fixtures, they also come in traditional and transitional styles. Adjustable stems or cords help out pendants’ functionality and are a key benefit of pendant lights.

Pendants have many benefits due to their shape and size. Long glass shades in many colors hide CFLs, which use less energy and generate less heat, without sacrificing a beautiful light fixture. Mini pendants can be used for task lighting in the kitchen or regular pendant lights can be used in place of a chandelier over the kitchen table.