Throw pillows: How one simple accessory can make your patio perfect

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveryone has a vision of the perfect outdoor party: Your yard is flawlessly landscaped, your food looks as good as it tastes, and your outdoor décor could be a snapshot from a magazine. That dream doesn’t always fit the reality, but luckily, it doesn’t take much to make it happen. The key is to start with a quick refreshing of your patio scenery – and one of the quickest ways to do that is by updating your outdoor pillows and cushions.

These key accessories are like the finishing touch on a great outfit: they add style and interest, but are easily interchangeable for different looks. So whether you want something simple for “everyday” gatherings or a more festive look for holidays and big events, getting the look you want can be as simple as switching out your cushions.

Try these ideas out in your backyard:

• Patriot perfect: The 4th of July is summer’s biggest celebration, and every American wants to host a great backyard barbecue. To make your patio loPatrioticPillowsok just right for the day, select pillows in reds, whites andPillowPerfectFrenchLinen blues. To make the cushions more versatile and usable year round, focus on those three key colors rather than outright holiday-specific items .
• Natural appeal: The calming colors of nature provide ideal inspiration for outdoor décor. For day-to-day use, try pillows in natural tones of green and brown. Pair solid seat cushions with patterned throw pillows for added visual interest.
• Party ready: When you want to bring a festive atmosphere to your patio, be bold with color and pattern. Bright, summery tones of red , pink, orange, blue and beyond can all be incorporated through a variety of patterns that range from floral to stripes to geometric shapes.

Once you’ve set the mood with décor and accessories like pillows, all you need to do is mow the grass, tidy up the flower beds and serve some tried-and-true dishes. Just like that, the flawless party of your dreams will be ready to go!

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Create a Backyard Getaway with Fountains

Want a place to getaway without driving far from the city? Consider an outdoor fountain in your own backyard. Bellacor offers easy-to-install outdoor fountains in many different styles and materials. Our Magma Natural Rock Floor Fountain, Bellacor 581959, will blend in with any outdoor garden setting with its non-obtrusive style and natural appearance.


If you’ve ever sat at the edge of a flowing creek you will understand why water fountains have long been used as a relaxation technique by children and adults alike…children love to play in them…adults enjoy listening to them. The sound of a flowing stream in your own backyard takes you away to a calming place and also eliminates other distracting neighborhood and traffic noises. Our Pebble Fountain, Bellacor 282192, has a zen-like quality that will have your guests wondering where your natural stream is located; they can hear it but won’t always be able to find it…that’s because it’s as comforting to the eye as it is to the ear.


Bellacor offers floor, wall and table fountains as well as decorative fountains. If your impulse is to be more decorative with your fountain, you may try one of our many ornamental fountains such as the Entwined Fish Fountain, Bellacor 390017.


Aside from the comforting sounds that your fountain brings you, they are also great conversation starters for those hot summer nights in your own backyard oasis!

Outdoor Furniture Storage

Sad to say, it’s that time of year again. Leaves start turning, there’s a little chill in the air, and it’s time to start thinking about closing down the backyard recreation and dining area. Hopefully you’ve been able to relax, entertain, and truly enjoy the outdoors this summer. Now you need to consider how to preserve that investment you’re made in your outdoor furniture and accessories. Winter, and its harsh weather, is just around the corner!

If you’ve made an investment in outdoor furniture – even a relatively simple table and chair set – it’s important to protect that investment with high quality covers. They will make all the difference next spring when we’re digging out from the snow and ice.

If you have access to indoor storage, that is certainly the best protection. However, if that’s not available – or if physically moving the furniture is not feasible – there are many options available to cover the furniture. These covers have improved over the years such that they now can provide protection from all but the most extreme weather conditions. Check out the wide variety of outdoor furniture covers available at

Some things to keep in mind as you consider the various covers:

  • Heavyweight material – this helps prevent cracking if it is moved or adjusted during brutally cold weather.
  • Shaped – getting covers shaped like the furniture will not only make it visually more appealing, it will minimize the risk of wind-related tearing.
  • Closures and weights – the best covers will include a closure system of some sort along with imbedded weights to keep them snug. Again, this reduces wind-related risks.
  • Fabric treatment – look for fabric that has been both waterproofed and treated for UV protection. This keeps the covers looking nice for a long time.
  • Attractive color – you will be surprised at the fun, colorful options for covers. You no longer need to make do with a drab gray!

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Consider covering not only your table, chairs, and grill. There are covers now available for your umbrella, log rack, fire pit, patio heater and chimeneya!