5 essentials to design a stylish mudroom


5 essentials to design a stylish mudroom

A stylish mudroom – can you imagine it? Probably not. After all, it’s called the mudroom for a reason. Although the front porch or entryway tends to be the place in your home where family members dump their coats and track in dirt, you can strategically design the space so it attracts less mess with these five essentials.

5 essentials to design a stylish mudroom

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1. Hall tree bench

Hall tree benches are perfect for mudrooms because they offer a place to sit and take your shoes off, hooks for coats and storage for shoes. Plus, there are many stylish options available, allowing you to set up the mudroom to be both functional and attractive.

5 essentials to design a stylish mudroom

2. A mirror

Mudrooms are typically smaller, but you can make yours appear larger with a stylish mirror that reflects light and opens up your space. Plus, hanging up a mirror allows you to do a quick appearance check when you’re heading out the door in a hurry!

3. Umbrella holder

Your umbrella might be protecting you from the rain, but it certainly doesn’t protect your mudroom. Upon entering your house on a rainy day, place your wet umbrella in an umbrella stand to keep the water from dripping all over your floor.

4. Welcoming light

The mudroom is the first room guests walk into as they enter your home. Make sure it looks inviting by installing a wall fixture for ambient lighting. If your space allows, you can also hang up a stylish pendant or chandelier.

5 essentials to design a stylish mudroom

5. A durable rug

Mudroom floors have to handle a lot. Water, gravel and dirt can all be tracked into the entryway, so you’ll need a durable indoor/outdoor rug that will protect your floors. When choosing a rug, make sure it is absorbent and can hold water and mud without becoming too dirty-looking right away.

Spring is here and you know what that means: more mud. Make sure your mudroom is ready with these five essential items.

By Wendy Weinert


Using Leather in Your Home


Homehills wingback black bonded leather king bed

Back in the day – way before you and I were born – leather was mostly used to cover books, not to decorate one’s home. As you know, however, the use of leather has come a long way. Not only do homeowners incorporate leather into their interior design, but now there are a variety of styles and colors of leather to choose from!

If you love the look and feel of leather, add some of this gorgeous material into your own home with these ideas:


Leather seating has become a common design choice for many homeowners … and it is not hard to see why! The leather material wears well, which means you can keep your favorite sofa around for years. Leave the sofa bare for a sleek, modern look. Or, add some style with a couple of fun accent pillows and a comfy throw blanket.

paint butler loft lizard embossed leather console table


Although leather is most commonly used to make couches and chairs, there are other unique uses for the material as well. For example, leather can be used to cover a tabletop like your coffee table or maybe an end table. If you choose to go this route, be sure to always use coasters and dust the tabletop weekly to keep the leather in great condition.

Sarreid woven learther magazine basket =

Woven items

Almost any piece of furniture could feature a woven leather design. This pattern is great for adding more visual interest and will help make an attractive piece of furniture even more appealing. You can find a woven leather pattern on the back of a dining room chair. There are even woven baskets made out of leather that resemble the look of wicker, without the uncomfortable and rough feeling.

Uttermost Leonzio Round mirror

Framed clocks or mirrors

Most of the clocks or mirrors you see today are framed using wooden, metal or plastic materials. They don’t have to be though! Leather can also be used to frame different décor items. The leather material will help these smaller items stand out in a room full of décor and furnishings.

How will you decorate with leather in your home? Browse through our many leather goods to get inspired!


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