Flower power: Freshen up your home with on-trend florals

On the runway, at the mall and in the home, florals are one of the hottest trends of the moment. But these aren’t your grandma’s chintzes. From oversize patterns to mini prints, today’s floral flourishes are thoroughly modern, with varying degrees of femininity that can make them fit into any home (don’t fear the flowers, guys!).

FlowerPower-collage1. Devale Accent Cabinet #793476
2. Birds & Flowers Accent chair #754062
3. Eurofase Pratolina Pendant #844242
4. Flowing Leaves & Flowers Mirror #802693
5. Flower Pattern Pillow #671598

Adding simple touches here and there, through décor, accessories and lighting, will let you make the most of the trend without going overboard. Consider these ideas for updating your spaces:

Light fixtures: Look for chandeliers and pendant lights that subtly incorporate a floral feeling. The Crystorama Lighting Group Cypress Wet White Pendant has a classic globe shape, but rather than a plain glass globe, the shade is designed to look like closely bundled roses. Because it’s done in crisp, classic white, the effect is textural, modern and chic.

Crystorama flower pendants

Furniture: Larger pieces featuring floral motifs make a bold statement. Case goods, like cabinets and chests, with floral carving or detailing can bring the trend into a variety of spaces, from the dining room to a bedroom. Botanical fabrics on chairs and couches capture the trend but allow you to adjust the effect to your taste – go with big, bright prints for a bolder effect, or an intricate pattern like toile for something more subtle.

Accents: Just like clothing, home accessories give you a chance to try out a trend without over-committing. Home décor accents let you dabble in the floral trend with little touches that can be added and removed whenever you feel the impulse. Try throw pillows with blooming botanical patterns or a jewel-tone mirror embellished with floral motifs – they’ll freshen up any room in seconds.

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  1. Hi Cheryl. Thanks so much for the comments! We love hearing feedback. The cost on the cabinet, which is currently on sale is $393.26. You can find the direct link to it here: http://www.bellacor.com/productdetail/coast-to-coast-imports-46291-devale-brown-accent-cabinet-with-intricate-blue-cut-out-over-br-793476.htm. The mirror is on sale for $138.00. You can find the direct link here: http://www.bellacor.com/productdetail/flowing-leaves-and-flowers-beaded-mirror-width-21-inches-802693.htm. Let us know if we can help you with anything!

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