Home office options: Choosing the right desk chair

The home office was once a “nice-to-have” feature – today, it’s almost a requirement. As work schedules have evolved to include flextime and work-from-home benefits, it’s necessary to have a place where you can close the door, focus and get the job done. But having the space isn’t the only key – a functional office set-up is equally essential. One of the key elements of that is a office chair.


Zuo Modern Contemporary Unico White Office Chair

Here are some important considerations that any home office worker should make when picking out this all-important décor element.

  • What’s your floor like? You’ll need to base your shopping search on whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting, StationaryChairhardwood or a rug that lies under your desk. Wheeled chairs are best for hard surfaces, rugs with short, very tight pile, or flat-woven carpets like kilims or sisal mats. Wheels and plush, long carpet are a headache waiting to happen; if that’s what you have, choose a stationary chair.
  • Assess your need for ergonomics. If you find yourself getting sore and stiff after the workday, you should consider a chair that provides ergonomic support. Ergonomic office chairs are also a nice option for families that share the office among multiple people – they can be more easily adjusted to different heights.
  • Create an attractive place to work. Carefully designed spaces can provide more harmonious visuals, with less clutter and fewer distractions. That translates to a more productive work environment. Think of your home office design as equally important to your living spaces. That thoughtfulness can pay off, too, if you ever decide to sell your home – prospective homebuyers will be wowed.


Desktop décor: Elevate your workspace style

Ditch the yellow legal pads, toss the clunky plastic accessories – there’s a style revolution coming to a desk near you. Work will always be work, but doing the tasks you need to do can be more enjoyable – and more productive – if you have an inspiring place to get it all done. With a few simple décor changes, you can elevate a basic desk to a workspace that wows.

Follow these desk décor tips to get started:

* Light it up. Lighting is incredibly important to your ability to work well. Too little light causes eyestrain and fatigue, neither of which is good for you or your productivity. One of the must-haves for any workspace is a desk lamp. Opt for a stylish version, like Koncept’s Z-Bar Mini lamp, which bends and moves to let you get just the right angle. It’s sleek style and availability in a rainbow of colors landed it on Oprah’s most recent “O List” in O Magazine.


* Color coordinate. Most desks eventually become a collection of mismatched bits and pieces – a brown pencil cup here, a red stapler there, a purple plant pot over yonder. It all adds up to visual mush – not exactly inspiring or motivating. Choose one or two colors that you really love and make them the exclusive colors for your desk (aside from neutrals like silver computers or black phones). Organization stores sell desk accessories in just about any color you can imagine; select something you find energizing (and match it to your lamp).

office* Add a touch of nature. Even if you don’t have the greenest thumb in the world, a plant on your desk can do you good. Some beautiful foliage adds a bit of extra style while also giving you a soothing visual – and a little bonus air purification. Look for plants that will thrive with limited natural light and don’t need too much attention.