The Love of LEGO

Lego website

Legos – those multicolored bricks roughly the size of peanuts- for most of us bring back a flood of nostalgia.   Although the concept was simple, Legos became ubiquitous for generations of children much like iPads and Netflix have become now.  The core appeal of Legos was built upon the creativity of the ambitious, transporting young engineers and city planners to their own worlds where they played unquestioned ruler.  In the infinite space of imagination and strategy, I and countless others thrived.

Lego Minions

Although it is hard to quantify exactly what we garnered through the hours spent stacking those simple bricks, it is not hard to imagine how it helped our development of key skills.  Creative problem-solving, collaboration, project-management, design, creativity; these skills all seem like realistic possibilities.  We might never know how Legos affected us, but for me it is impossible to imagine a world without them.

Lego themed bedroom

This was the inspiration for Weston Homes, a leading developer of real-estate in Great Britain, to both design and create the first children’s themed Lego room completely made with standard and mini-Lego figures.  The sample room that Weston Homes created for one of their luxury home developments from head to toe is decorated with red and yellow Legos and themed accessories.  From the wall decals of the “Evolution of the Lego Man” to the Lego brick themed furniture, the room is a perfect place for children to explore the wonderful world of their imagination.  Weston Home claims that other themes like Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lego rooms will follow as the popularity of the attraction increasing.

Lego themed room

Bob Weston, Chairmen & Managing Director of Weston Homes had this say about the project: “Lego is a global brand loved by children… and it has definitely helped play a role in our success at promoting the houses to families with children.”

The Lego Movie

Today the Lego world is more complex as the cherished brand has diversified to theme parks, video games, and even the big screen.  The Lego Movie, voiced by well-known actors/actresses like Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, and Morgan Freeman, has grossed over $450 million internationally.  For kids today, Legos might just seem like simple toys, but for those of us who have grown up using Legos as a tool to construct our dreams and push our creative frontiers, Legos are so much more! If you want to learn more about Weston Home’s Lego projects, please visit