Decorate your bedroom with wallpaper

Wallpaper 1970Back in the 1960s and ‘70s, wallpaper was huge. The trend began to take over, covering the walls of every room in the house and by the late ‘90s, it was overused and everyone was sick of it. People started to paint their walls instead and wallpaper was considered dated. Because paint can only offer so much, however, wallpaper is now making a comeback, allowing you to add even more creativity to your bedroom design.

Wallpaper is not only back, but the variety of paper available today is better than it was in the past. Wallpaper can be made out of numerous materials, yorkwallpaperglasseven recycled automobile glass. Plus, there is an enormous selection of patterns and textures that can transform a room and create instant style.

When friends and family members walk into your bedroom, you want them to be amazed, impressed and maybe even a little bit jealous. Wallpaper is a great way to design a unique look. If you wish to cover all four walls with the same wallpaper, choose a simple pattern that will add just the right amount of visual appeal. One great advantage of using wallpaper instead of paint is that even the smallest pattern or design can add texture to a room that most paint cannot.


If you’re in love with many of the bolder wallpaper designs, just use it on one wall instead. Creating a feature wall is a trend that’s very in right now and is an easy way to add impact and incorporate bigger, colorful or geometric patterns in the bedroom. Don’t forget – you can also apply wallpaper to furniture and other home decor items that will give your room a look that is 100% custom!

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Pop goes the wall! Using wallpaper to give rooms a style boost

Wallpaper is going through a revolution. There was a time not too long ago when it was considered passé – a relic that reminded us of musty, old-fashioned spaces that were more dull than dynamic. But that perception just doesn’t stand up any more. Now, wallpaper is regaining recognition as one of the quickest ways to give a big pop of style to rooms that are lacking in personality.

Topping the trend list for wallpapers are patterns and prints that give the impression of texture. Lattice or trellis patterns provide unfussy graphic effects, particularly in key color trends like grey and yellow. Textures pulled from the natural world, like birch bark, cork and bamboo, all provide subtle organic touches. And even classical patterns like florals and damasks are having new life breathed into them with up-to-date color schemes.YorkWallpaper-2

So, where – and how – can you use wallpaper to up the style quotient in your home? Here are some ideas:

  • Give a tiny powder room or a guest bathroom some real style power by adding boldly colored and patterned wallpaper. For instance, if you want real drama, you could add a black damask paper that creates an instant “wow” factor. The darker, the bolder the statement.


  • Bedrooms: For a stunning boudoir backdrop, add wallpaper to the wall behind your bed’s headboard. Make it a real focal point by pulling a single color from the paper and painting the rest of the walls in that shade. You’ll get a stylistically cohesive look while still drawing attention to the papered wall.
  • Dining rooms: Add an air of formality to a dining room with a dignified wallpaper pattern. That doesn’t mean it has to be something your grandmother would choose – there are plenty of modern wallpaper options that blend elegance and personality. Don’t be afraid to use the wallpaper in an unconventional method. Try your ceiling instead of your walls!

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Whether you paper one wall or a whole room, the simple addition of a great wallpaper pattern can turn a boring space into your new favorite room.