The Perfect Gift for Your Next Party

Summer brings lots of pool parties, birthday parties and family events. If you are the one hosting, the right décor and design is often top of mind, leaving the gifts to figure out later. This year, give a gift that is one-of-a-kind. If you are in a rush or can’t find the perfect gift, we have a few suggestions for you!

Consider Wall Decor

Wall décor is not only for adults but is a great gift for kids as well! No matter what your style is, wall decals from RoomMates make decorating easy and fun! Featuring your favorite licensed art like Minnie and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Winnie the Pooh and Disney Pixar Cars, kids can bring their walls to life with their favorite characters and designs. (Wall decals by RoomMates also offer a wide selection of wall quotes, trees & branches and floral décor for adults). The best part is these wall decals are peel and stick. No sticky residue gets left on your walls! Plus, temporary decorating is great for kids since their favorite characters change so frequently!

Wall decor makes a nice gift if attending a child’s birthday party that has theme! The Frozen line is especially popular and is a special gift to give at a Frozen themed birthday party. What little girl wouldn’t want to open up her very own giant Elsa and hang her right up on her bedroom wall?

RoomMates Gift idea- Elsa

And one of our favorite reasons to give wall décor as a gift, it pairs well with bedroom themes. If the child’s bedroom décor is based on Mickey Mouse, giving a giant decal of Mickey or Mickey and his friends, just adds to the collection. Plus, after the décor is hung, it makes a nice bold statement on the wall.

RoomMates Gift idea- Mickey cropped

Personalized Wall Art

A cool spin on wall decals, give a custom wall decal for a gift that is really memorable. RoomMates custom wall decals offer the ability to personalize your own wall sticker. Use one of their premade templates and add your name or phrase. A great gift for any child, there is nothing that brings a room to life than a personalized peel and stick decal that says “Sasha’s Room.”  Like the wall décor line, customizable wall art is also removable and reusable!

RoomMates Gift idea- Personalized

Children receive so many toys. Consider a gift that is out of the box and fun! Remember wall décor is child friendly! We particularly like this kind of gift because of the application process! It is nice for the child to decorate together with an adult and be amazed by the peel and stick of the decal on the wall as they move it from wall to wall.

Consider something out of the box the next time you give a gift!


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How to make your small bedroom feel bigger

How to make your small bedroom feel bigger

A bedroom should be a place where you can relax, but if you’re living in a small bedroom the crowded space can instead make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Luckily, there are several tricks you can use to turn your small bedroom into the stylish sanctuary you want! Check out these three easy solutions below.

How to make your small bedroom feel bigger

1. Maximize your wall space

Instead of crowding your room with storage containers, small dressers and bookshelves, mount shelves to the wall so you can keep your room organized and spacious. You can event mount a shelf next to your bed to act as a nightstand. That opens up floor room for items you can’t store elsewhere.

How to make your small bedroom feel bigger

2. Use your ceiling to create visual interest

It’s important that your room looks stylish and matches your personality. Cluttering your room with décor, however, is not the best solution for smaller bedrooms. Along with hanging photos and artwork, you can create visual interest with lighting. A stand-out pendant or chandelier can do wonders for a small room and won’t take up any valuable space.

How to make your small bedroom feel bigger

Photo credit: HGTV

3. Open up the room with the right colors and mirrors

Part of working with a small bedroom is using your space efficiently, and another part is using techniques to make your room appear larger than it really is. To open up your bedroom, use light paint colors or wallpaper and hang mirrors. If you really like dark colors, you can then add them with accessories like throw pillows and rugs.

A small bedroom doesn’t have to feel small. Use these tips to use your space more effectively and make a room that is functional, relaxed and stylish!

By Wendy Weinert