Our 50 Shades of Gray

You’re not bound to one shade of grey. Whip any room into shape with one of these pieces. Soon you’ll have a spankin’ new room full of favorites.

You don’t have to be Christian Grey to afford everything you see below. Match your favorite shade number to the products below. Let’s play.

50 Shades of Gray from Bellacor


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Kichler Lehr II Kichler Terna Fanimation Zonix Minka Aire Rainman ET2 Starburst Fanimation Torto NOVA Lighting Silver Birch Tech Lighting Rail Track Gatco Satin Nickel Shower Curtain Rings Jamie Young Ottoman Mancini Lounge Light Grey Chair Zuo Modern Sofa Uttermost Amerson Lamp Arteriors Home Lira Pendant Hubbardton Forge Mini-Pendant Avanity Modero Surya Rugs Athena Gray Rug Half Price Drapes Cooper Classics Asher Clock HomeHills Wingback Full Bed Avenue Six Hourglass Ottoman Pacific Coast Comforter Set Uttermost Tyrah Gray Loveseat Armen Living Gray Chatham Bench IMAX Essentials Taupe Storage Box IMAX Katrina Gray Metal Lidded Box Uttermost Via Giulia Uttermost Gamila Light Gray Accent Chair Pillow Perfect Paolo Black Pearl Grey Magnussen Home Lybrook Aged Table Holly & Martin Wavson Mettalic Wall Sculpture Kichler Silver Coral Sconce Uttermost Altura Crackled Gray Lamp IMAX Synclair Gray Pendant Thumprints Cartman Slate Grey Lamp Design House Earl Grey Wall Mount Hubbardton Forge Link Vintage Glass Hudson Valley Lydney Gray One-Light Pendant Hubbardton Forge Helix Pendant Kichler Fracture Weathered Zinc Gray Cotton Rope Pouf Surya Rugs 22-Inch Pillow Cover with Down Insert Kichler Wiscombe Park Weathered Zinc Wall Sconce Uttermost Honesta Zinc Ottoman Uttermost Zaine Gray Modern Chair Surya Rugs Flint Gray Ruffle Pillow Jaipur Tabby Gray 18-Inch Decorative Pillow Leick Furniture Slate Mission Wine Stand Adirondack Set in Slate Grey Maxim Lighting International Mimi Grey Glass

Create the Perfect Man Cave

Need a space to get away from it all or to watch the big game, hang out with friends or simply relax in solitude? That’s where a “man cave” can come in handy, a room of your own where you can find sanctuary whenever you need a break. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get started – whether it is for you or a spouse.

Here are the steps…

First you’ll have to carve out an area in your home you that can be man-caved. It could be an corner in the basement, the garage, attic or an unused storage room. Make sure to discuss your plans with the family before getting started. You might have to make some compromises to get everyone on board, and your responsibility to them comes first.

Source: jalonburton.blogspot

Source: jalonburton.blogspot

Once you have the room picked out and everyone is aware of your project, the next step is to decide what you want your man cave to be used for. Do you want it to be the room where you and your buddies play poker on Friday nights or a room where you watch the game on Saturdays? What about your morning work-out routine? Yeah, maybe all of those. Knowing how you want to use your man cave will help you choose the right furniture and equipment to make it happen.

Source: Houzz

Source: tdswansburg.com

Now it’s time to get started. If necessary, insulate and soundproof the room first. You don’t want your man cave to be empty in the winter because the room is too cold or the neighbors complain about you and your friends being too loud. When that’s done, you can move on to the fun part: furnishing and decorating a room that you’ll love.

Bellacor Number: 1576074

Bellacor Number: 1576074

Comfy recliners a large flat-screen TV with a place to organize your entertainment collection, a minirefrigerator or home bar, and even some ceiling fans to keep the air fresh – these are all things you’ll want to consider for your man cave. Of course, what you choose is ultimately up to you. After all, it’s your man cave! If you plan to use the room for projects, place furniture and appliances around the perimeter of the room to create space.

After everything is set up and your man cave is complete, take some time to relax and enjoy it. With your own personal space, now you don’t need weekend camping trips or long outings to rejuvenate and de-stress. Your retreat is within a few feet. Who knows, you might even let the family visit from time to time.

Source: Gorgeous Home Decor

Source: akkewoodworks.com 

2014 – The Best of the Best

Oh what a journey it’s been. In the year 2014, Taylor Swift ruled the world, despite the haters, LeBron James took his talents back to Northeast Ohio, despite the draw of South Beach, and Guardians of Galaxy ruled the boxed office, despite (or maybe because of) an 80s soundtrack of songs that weren’t even that great in the 80s. And trust us, we love songs from the 80s.

This is the time of year everybody puts together their bests and worsts, their rankings and tankings. We take 365 days and pick out a few newsworthy moments and a few pop culture experiences that really stand out. Every little niche is scrutinized. At Bellacor, our niche is home. But that’s a big niche, to be honest. Let’s delve deeper. What do you get when you mix pop culture with home and DIY? That’s right my friends, you get a little HGTV, a little DIY Network, and a whole lot of binge-watching from 2014. Programming alert: Select episodes from HGTV and DIY’s signature show are now available on Netflix for your binging pleasure.

Yes, we know there are home and home improvement shows all over, but to keep our list from becoming unwieldy (and make it home in time for the holidays), we had to make some cuts. You can’t see everything anyway. Here’s our list of the best of the best from the sister networks HGTV and DIY from 2014, in ascending order.

  1. Fixer UpperChip and Joanna Gaines (HGTV)

OK, first all, are we the only ones that get a younger Dennis Quaid vibe from Chip? Every time we see him, we picture him taking the mound in The Rookie. Anyway, this show premiered this year and we enjoy the playful banter between the married hosts. They seem to get along, as opposed to resorting to canned relationship drama some of the reality shows thrive on. The premise is to fix up nice but rundown homes in the better neighborhoods in Waco, Texas, and turn them into showstoppers. Maybe because it’s in Texas and land is plentiful, but it’s impressive the things these people can do on a fairly low budget. We especially liked the garden/greenhouse they built in the middle of one lucky couple’s home.

Chip and Joanna Gaines via HGTV.com

Chip and Joanna Gaines via HGTV.com

  1. The Vanilla Ice Project (DIY)

Come on, you knew we had to include this. It could have been an absolutely horrible program and we’d still pick this because it’s Vanilla Ice rehabbing houses. Let’s not lose sight of the symbolism here. This is Vanilla Ice rehabbing homes in an attempt to rehab his career. Last year he was working with the Amish. We’ll be honest and say we didn’t catch that one. The Amish connection seemed a little bit of a stretch. But Ice fixing up South Florida mansions, yes not far from “A1A Beach Front Avenue” is just too rich. Rob Van Winkle, that’s Ice’s real name in case you didn’t know, is a fairly likable fella. He’s clearly comfortable in front of the camera. The show isn’t bad. He may never sell 15 million albums again, but he can make your den look as Cool as Ice.

Vanilla Ice Project

  1. Property Brothers - Jonathan and Drew Scott and Flip and Flop – Tarek and Christina El Moussa

Sometimes we feel like the network should just rename itself Scott Brothers and Friends. These guys are on about 20 hours of the day. They even got a second show, Property Brothers at Home, in which they bro’d out their home in Las Vegas. But let’s get back to their main event. We like this show because it’s the ultimate bait and switch – and it gets people every time. “Look at this beautiful home. It has everything you could possibly want. Oh sorry, you can’t come close to affording that. But let us fix up a room or two for you.” Only two people as charming and affable as Drew and Scott could get away with this kind of trickery. Sometimes their constant teasing of each other wears thing, but the brotherly bond is undeniable, they do some pretty great home improvements and they seem to care more about their clients than most hosts.

Property Brothers Images via HGTV.com

Property Brothers Images via HGTV.com

On Flip or Flop, we see two realtors trying to make their way in the cold cruel world of housing flipping. Now that the housing market has, uh, flipped and is on a major upswing, the premise doesn’t quite work as well, but this couple’s FliporFlopdynamic makes the show very watchable. Christina always wants to get the nicest and best materials for the renovation. If it was up to Tarek, the house would be taped together and the walls would be made of cardboard. Christina usually wins these battles. Tarek exacts his revenge when it comes time to put the house back on the market. He always shoots high, while she wants to come in low. He seems to come out ahead and they usually get their price.

  1. House Hunters (HGTV)

This show has been on forever and it’s such a juggernaut that it’s split off in other directions with House Hunters International and House Hunters Renovation. It’s influenced shows such as Beachfront Bargain Hunt and scores of other in-the-market marvels. Since we started watching this show several years ago, we’ve read there are several tell-tale signs as to what house the couple will end up picking. But we enjoy seeing the different home styles and enjoy the little slices of the community the show takes great pains to show. We can visit Chapel Hill, Fort Collins, Nashville and many other far-flung locales without leaving the couch. We could do a list like this is 20 years and House Hunters will still be on it. Now if they’d just bring back Trading Spaces.

House Hunters in Green Bay, WI

  1. Rehab Addict – Nicole Curtis (DIY and HGTV)

OK, her show has filmed in an around the Twin Cities area, where Bellacor is based, so we might be a little biased. We felt her pain when the pipes burst in her home during the last frigid winter. We recognize some of those old homes and streets she works on. Still, the draw of Curtis is she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and her show gives us an unvarnished view of a difficult process. Many of these shows make DIY look easy. If you’ve tried it yourself, you know it’s often anything but easy. Rehab Addict shows us that easy isn’t what she’s looking for. She wants it to be a difficult job, because that’s a challenge and the reward is that much greater – even if the reward isn’t always monetary.

Rehab Addict via HGTV.com

Rehab Addict via HGTV.com

Rehab Addict is gentrification done right. It’s preservation moving forward. The show is a crossover sensation, airing on both networks. Check your local listings. Rehab Addict is our pick for the top show of the year.

By Doug Kaid – A magician of words. Follow him @dougkaid.

Visit the Bellacor Toy Store for Holiday Gifts

If you’ve spent any time at Bellacor.com, you know we’re a great source for lighting and home furnishings. That’s what we do best, and that’s what we know you’re looking for when you visit. But did you know Bellacor offers a wide variety of toys, dolls and games? Hmm, we wonder when you might be in the market for some of those kinds of things. Yep, just in time for the holiday gifting season, here are 5 top picks from our toy store.

KidKraft Fire Station Kids Play Set

A lot of kids have a dollhouse, but how many have their very own firehouse? Boys and girls are going to love this fire station, which includes a helipad on the roof and garage doors that open and close. The set also has 10 pieces of furniture and 2 flexible firefighters, who are built to bend to your kids’ will. Oh, and we almost forgot the helicopter and fire truck that come along with this station. Those would make great gifts all by themselves. Maybe you could keep the firehouse for yourself?

KidKraft Fire Station Kids Play Set

KidKraft Fire Station Kids Play Set


Woodstock Percussion Woodstock Kids Guitar

You already know that your child rocks. But now they can rock for real with their very first guitar.With its high-gloss, natural wood finish, this just like a full-size guitar, only sized down for smaller hands. It’s great for taking lessons and it comes with a songbook by renowned folk musician Happy Traum (includes information on changing strings and tuning). It also comes with a guitar pick and an extra set of strings. They’ll be making beautiful music before you know it. We think this is how Mozart got his start.

Woodstock Percussion Kids Guitar

Woodstock Percussion Kids Guitar


KidKraft Kids Holiday Puzzle Set

This four-puzzle set celebrates positive play habits with a variety of shapes and themes that keep the fun fresh. Chanukah is just around the corner, and this would be a great gift for a younger child during that time. In fact, one the puzzles is Chanukah themed, while the others honor Shabbat, Passover and Rosh Hashanah respectively. Children ages 3 and up can play with this solidly built puzzle set.

KidKraft Kids Holiday Puzzle Set

KidKraft Kids Holiday Puzzle Set


Wesco Green Plastic Wescomobile

Molded from a single piece of plastic, this sturdy little scooter can stand up to the day-to-day strain your child will surely put it through. This little vehicle is built for kids ages 2-4. The solid rubber tires won’t scuff your floors. Best of all, the seat stays where it is so you child won’t be slipping and sliding as he or she glides across the floor. It’s time for your baby’s first car and this is the safest ride around. By holding onto the two handles and moving their legs, children can cruise for hours.

Wesco Green Plastic Wescomobile

Wesco Green Plastic Wescomobile


Guidecraft Natural See and Store Dress-Up Center

Every kid loves to play dress up. We encourage this kind of thing because it encourages imagination and feeds their dreams. Some want to be princesses. Some want to be firemen. When they play dress up, they can be all of these, any of these things. This unit features three storage compartments on one side for toys, shoes and dramatic play items; a deep bottom with sides; a sturdy wood dowel for hanging clothes and costumes; and an acrylic mirror for dramatic play. It’s the ideal addition to your children’s play area. Store old uniforms or Halloween costumes and let the kids have a blast.

Guidecraft Natural See and Store Dress-Up Center

Guidecraft Natural See and Store Dress-Up Center


OK, we cheated a bit. Here are two more cool items that aren’t exactly toys, but you and your child would love to have either of these in their room.

Roommates Decor Toy Story 3 Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Did you hear they’re making a Toy Story 4? Well, get your kid prepped for the next movie by decorating their rooms with these stick-on decals of their favorite characters. They will love decorating with Woody, Buzz and their gang of joyful toys. Parents will love that these RoomMates decals are easy to apply, remove and reposition. And if you move, they can go with you. They are totally reusable. Bellacor has a good selection of Toy Story decals. This set has 33 decals in all, and some even glow in the dark! Reach for the sky, and add these to you holiday gift list today.

Roommates Decor Toy Story 3 Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Roommates Decor Toy Story 3 Peel and Stick Wall Decals


Guidecraft Moon and Stars Toy Box

Now that you’ve add a bunch of new toys to you kids’ collection this holiday season, maybe it’s time to find a new place to put them all. You’re just paying off those gifts, the last thing you need is a hospital bill after tripping over a wayward toy. Bellacor has a huge selection of toy boxes, celebrating superheroes, sports and more. But this toy box would work great if you have a boy and a girl. It’s nice to look at, but not too girly or boyish. You don’t need two toy boxes. Toss everything in here and let the kids sort it out later.

Guidecraft Moon and Stars Toy Box

Guidecraft Moon and Stars Toy Box


A quick guide to sofa styles

I recently discovered that the terms “sofa” and “couch,” according to their original definitions, actually described two different pieces of furniture. Although very interesting, knowing the difference between a sofa and couch might not help you when buying furniture, as most people now use the two words interchangeably. What’s important to know instead are sofa styles. Here’s a quick guide that will help you when shopping online.

Camel back: These sofas have a “humped” back, which makes them easy to recognize. Camel-back sofas are usually found in traditional or contemporary homes due to their curved lines.

Inverted camel back

Lawson-style: If your top priority is comfort, a Lawson-style sofa might be your best choice. These sofas are unique because the back cushions are not attached to the frame.

Lawson Style Sofa

Chesterfield: Chesterfield sofas have a sophisticated style due to their tufted design and rolled arms. You’ll find them better suited for more formal environments, such as traditional homes.

Chesterfield Sofa

English: Also known as the “club sofa,” the English sofa has low, rolled arms that are hardly noticeable, which makes it great for casual homes.


Mid-century modern: If you’ve ever watched Mad Men, you’ve seen a Mid-century modern sofa. These sofas feature clean lines and simple forms.

Mid-century modern sofa

Settee: A settee looks more like a wide chair than it does a sofa. Although not the most comfortable choice, settees are beautifully elegant and fit in great with antique-style rooms.Settee


Chaise lounge: Go glam with a chaise lounge. These sofas either have one arm or none at all, and they are designed to allow people to relax and recline in style.

Chaise Lounge

Loveseat: Built just for two, a loveseat is a great choice for those who have small spaces or just need additional seating. Loveseats can come in various sofa styles, but are made smaller.


Sleeper sofa: If you don’t have a guest room but have company over often, a sleeper sofa might be worth considering. These sofas can be pulled out into a bed whenever you have overnight guests.


Sectional: Sectionals come in either L-shaped or U-shaped forms, and they are designed to provide you with more seating. They come in separate pieces, allowing you to rearrange based on your living room’s layout.


By Wendy Weinert

Pet-friendly decorating tips for a home you and your furry friend will love

Parents are always aware of their young one’s safety and comfort, and they also consider their kid’s messy habits before picking out new furniture and decor. The same strategy can be applied to pets, too, and I know many of you think of them as family, too. By remembering your furry friend when decorating, you can design a home that is comfortable for both of you and still be able to enjoy a stylish space. These pet-friendly decorating tips will help get you started.

1. Opt for rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpet

Carpet traps bad odors and hair, making it hard to keep it clean. Rugs, on the other hand, are easier to clean and much less expensive to replace. Natural-fiber rugs like sisal are affordable and more durable than synthetic materials.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Photo credit: Bryn Alexandra

2. Set up a space just for them

I know pets aren’t people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy having space to themselves. Everyone in the home has a bedroom, so set up a small area in a room of your choice where a dog or cat can go to eat, sleep and play.

Pet's Area

Photo credit: Room Service – Decorating 101

3. Choose comfortable and stylish bedding

Animals love their naps. Give your pets the comfort they deserve with a plush bed made just for them. With so many options available today, you won’t have any trouble finding a bed that is both comfortable and stylish to match your home’s decor.

Dog bed

Photo credit: Etsy

4. Match upholstery to your pet’s fur color

Your puppy is cute, but he sheds a lot. The next time you’re searching for a new sofa or chair, try matching the upholstery to his fur color. It won’t solve the shedding problem, but it might help hide some of the hair so it isn’t too visible to guests.

5. Choose plants carefully

Certain plants are poisonous to animals, so make sure the plants you bring inside won’t hurt your pet. Learn which plants are toxic to animals here.

Your pet is family — there’s no question about it. Follow these pet-friendly decorating tips to offer your family a comfortable and safe place to live.

By Wendy Weinert

Sofas, couches, davenports – What’s the difference?

I’m sure many of you grew up like I did thinking that sofas, couches and davenports were all the same thing. I’ve always thought they were synonyms you could use interchangeably and that certain regions in the U.S. preferred one word over the other, much like soda vs. pop. You can imagine my surprise, though, when I discovered that the words sofa, couch and davenport in fact have three separate meanings.


Fainting couch

Photo credit: South Shore Decorating Blog

Although invented prior to this time, couches became very popular in the Victorian era when they were referred to as a “fainting couch.” Couches during the Victorian period were usually armless and most often used by women wearing corsets who needed a resting place to catch their breath.


Emerald Home Furnishings Grey Carleton Nail Head Sofa Sofa is said to have come from the Arabic term “suffah.” Originally, the word was used to describe a bench with arms and cushions. It was designed just for sitting, while the couch was created for both sitting and lying.



Photo credit: Spanish Hills

The word davenport actually describes a specific type of sofa, made by the manufacturing company A. H. Davenport and Company. Davenports were similar to futons, as they could be converted into a bed. Today it’s hard to tell the difference between a couch, sofa and davenport. While doing research, I came across numerous definitions and opinions that often contradicted each other. For example, some agree that sofas are more formal than couches and are mostly used for special occasions. Others say size matters and that sofas are typically larger than couches. The word davenport is often used to describe any sleeper-sofa, regardless of the manufacturing company. Additionally, many have decided that their former definitions no longer hold true and the three terms can be used interchangeably. What about you? Do you use the words couch, sofa and davenport to describe different pieces of furniture, or do you use one word over the others due to your upbringing? Tell us your story! By Wendy Weinert

Decorating for an open floor plan

Open Floor Plan

Photo credit: Sublime Decor

Homeowners have made open floor plans a popular layout style, and depending on your space, you may find it a suitable design choice for your home as well. Instead of separating each room with walls, open floor plans combine rooms such as the kitchen, dining room and living room into one large open area. I find open floor plans very appealing in smaller homes, and the layout works well for those with more square footage as well. It’s a refreshing feeling to walk into a home with an open-floor layout. With fewer walls and longer sightlines, the style is soothing and instantly creates a less cluttered appearance.

If you decide on an open layout for your own home, or if you are at least considering the option, strategize how you plan to furnish and decorate before you start tearing down walls. Decorating with an open floor plan isn’t the same process as if you were setting up each room individually. With no dividing walls, you have to find a way to create distinct spaces that still fit under one cohesive style.

Defining distinct spaces

Open floor plan

Photo credit: Freshome

To design an open floor plan that works, use furniture and accessories to create distinct rooms within the large area. Although there are no walls separating each room, there should still be individual focal points for each room, such as a pendant over the dining table or the entertainment center in the living room.

Another trick you can try is to divide the rooms not with walls, but with furniture. A large shelving unit can help you create clearly defined spaces, without losing the benefits of an open floor plan.

Creating a unified look

Unified look in an open floor plan

Photo credit: Pinterest

Creating separate rooms that also look cohesive can be a challenge. Tie the rooms together by decorating each space in the same style and color palette. If you’re decorating the kitchen to be mid-century modern for example, search for furniture and accessories that fit into that style as well. Even though each room will have very different purposes and furniture, they will look unified.

With furniture in the right place and a specific style carrying the overall look, you can create an open floor plan that not only works, but amazes.

By Wendy Weinert


The tiny house movement: what it is and why it’s so popular

Tiny house

Photo credit: Hooked on Houses

Lately I’ve been hearing or reading a lot about “tiny houses” (also called “small houses”). It has made me curious, so I wanted to take the time to learn more about what these tiny houses are and why so many people are talking about them.

It seems that a tiny house is exactly what its name implies. Several sources define a tiny house as being less than 1,000 square feet, but that’s generous considering many who build or buy one choose to go as small as 400 square feet or less. Although the new trend is in no way taking over, the small house movement is growing in popularity; many Americans are now choosing to downsize or start their life in these tiny homes.

Floor plans of a tiny house

251 sq. ft. of living space
Photo credit: Hooked on Houses

The question is, “Why?” Why are people choosing to live their lives in such small spaces? Well, there are many reasons, but the biggest ones are because of financial concerns, environmental impact and the desire for freedom. Tiny homes are a much more affordable and sustainable living solution, and many people use them to travel. They are, after all, a much more comfortable way of moving from place to place than an RV.

Although I’m not ready to pack up my home and move into a tiny house just yet, I think there is a lot of good in the movement. It’s an adjustment for sure, but many creative architects and designers have managed to make their small houses feel open and even spacious. It’s all about choosing your furniture and accessories carefully. A futon, for example, can be a great substitute for a couch or sofa in one of these tiny houses, as they are typically smaller and serve a dual purpose. When decorating, look for accessories that make an impact so you can still enjoy style with less decor.

Kichler small ceiling fan

Perfect ceiling fan for a small space


What are your thoughts on the tiny house movement? Do you think you could live in such a limited space? Write a comment and let us know!

By Wendy Weinert


The Perfect Gift for Your Next Party

Summer brings lots of pool parties, birthday parties and family events. If you are the one hosting, the right décor and design is often top of mind, leaving the gifts to figure out later. This year, give a gift that is one-of-a-kind. If you are in a rush or can’t find the perfect gift, we have a few suggestions for you!

Consider Wall Decor

Wall décor is not only for adults but is a great gift for kids as well! No matter what your style is, wall decals from RoomMates make decorating easy and fun! Featuring your favorite licensed art like Minnie and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Winnie the Pooh and Disney Pixar Cars, kids can bring their walls to life with their favorite characters and designs. (Wall decals by RoomMates also offer a wide selection of wall quotes, trees & branches and floral décor for adults). The best part is these wall decals are peel and stick. No sticky residue gets left on your walls! Plus, temporary decorating is great for kids since their favorite characters change so frequently!

Wall decor makes a nice gift if attending a child’s birthday party that has theme! The Frozen line is especially popular and is a special gift to give at a Frozen themed birthday party. What little girl wouldn’t want to open up her very own giant Elsa and hang her right up on her bedroom wall?

RoomMates Gift idea- Elsa

And one of our favorite reasons to give wall décor as a gift, it pairs well with bedroom themes. If the child’s bedroom décor is based on Mickey Mouse, giving a giant decal of Mickey or Mickey and his friends, just adds to the collection. Plus, after the décor is hung, it makes a nice bold statement on the wall.

RoomMates Gift idea- Mickey cropped

Personalized Wall Art

A cool spin on wall decals, give a custom wall decal for a gift that is really memorable. RoomMates custom wall decals offer the ability to personalize your own wall sticker. Use one of their premade templates and add your name or phrase. A great gift for any child, there is nothing that brings a room to life than a personalized peel and stick decal that says “Sasha’s Room.”  Like the wall décor line, customizable wall art is also removable and reusable!

RoomMates Gift idea- Personalized

Children receive so many toys. Consider a gift that is out of the box and fun! Remember wall décor is child friendly! We particularly like this kind of gift because of the application process! It is nice for the child to decorate together with an adult and be amazed by the peel and stick of the decal on the wall as they move it from wall to wall.

Consider something out of the box the next time you give a gift!


Jessica Toutsis

About Jessica Toutsis

Jessica Toutsis is the Digital Marketing Manager for Roommatesdecor.com is passionate about blogging, all things Web, and of course wall decals! Her expertise lies around content development, as well as SEO and social media and she frequently writes about home decor, re-purposing and home organization. To read more of Jessica’s blog posts, follow the RoomMates blog and add Jessica on Google+