Throw the Perfect BBQ With These 5 Tips

Everyone loves a good barbecue, and this summer you can be the one who brings family and friends together to enjoy delicious food, good company and sunshine. Just follow these five tips and throw a BBQ guests will remember fondly for years.

Throw the Perfect BBQ With These 5 Tips

1. Create a theme

BBQs are common in the summer, but you can make yours stand out by creating a theme. Turn your barbecue into a luau or set up a Wild Wild West theme. You can even have guests dress up for the event!

Throw the Perfect BBQ With These 5 Tips

2. Decorate your space to match the occasion

When you decide on a theme, decorate your patio or outdoor space with accessories to match. For example, if you’re hosting a luau, add bright colors with tablecloths, outdoor lights and furniture cushions. To create a western theme, use red or blue plaid napkins, hang up a “Wanted” poster on the tree and stick with wooden furniture for a rustic feel.

3. Set the mood with music

Every party needs a little music! Try this summer playlist from Spotify while the party is going on. Just be sure to keep the volume low so that guests can converse without trouble.

4. Prepare a first-aid kit

Kids love BBQs because they get to run around and be active. This, however, can sometimes lead to cuts and bruises. Be prepared for an accidental fall or a burn from the grill by keeping a first-aid kit handy. It should be filled with essentials like triple antibiotic ointment and band-aids.

Throw the Perfect BBQ With These 5 Tips

5. End with the perfect party gift

As guests leave your party, send them off the right way by handing out thoughtful gifts. A great party favor to consider would be a stylish recipe box filled with the recipes you used for the barbecue!

Are you ready to host the best barbecue to date? Incorporate some of these useful tips at your next event and guests are sure to have a great time!

By Wendy Weinert