Entertainment storage for dorms and living rooms

Multipurpose rooms such as a college dorms or home living rooms require media storage that organizes with style. Find the perfect solution to your storage needs and give order to a room in disarray.

College dorm rooms

WallMountedCDRackIf you’re a college freshman, dorm room is the space where you will watch movies, study for tests, hang out with friends and try to get a good night’s sleep. For a room that serves so many purposes, it can often be frustrating when there is so little space.

Entertainment storage is one way to keep your room from being cluttered and you from feeling overwhelmed. Try using a  wall mounted DVD or CD rack to keep your movies and music accessible or save space and purchase a TV stand that can also house your DVD player and video game console. The right amount of furniture can give your room personality without making the space seem overcrowded.

Living room

ConaxComponentBenchEvery piece of furniture in your living room needs to match the overall décor. Luckily, it is easy to find furniture that is both trendy and functional. Show off your organizational and design skills with stylish storage pieces. The Sonax Component bench looks great and can house multiple entertainment devices. An ottoman can be more than a comfortable foot rest. Select a storage ottoman that has room for game controllers, magazines or any items that need a designated home. If you Storage Ottomanwant an area to put pictures or plants, how about a media cabinet that also hides your movies, CDs, and books? With a little storage help, you can transform a crowded living room into a chic gathering space.

Ottomans: So Much More Than a Resting Place

1210_BS_SilverRoom 008

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Accent Table
Striped Table Lamp
Silver/floral shade Table Lamp

After a long day, there’s nothing better than sitting back and putting up your feet – and ottomans are the perfect piece of furniture for doing just that. But often, ottomans are an afterthought, seen more as an accessory than a necessity. Designers know, however, that ottomans are a key décor element that can pull a room together and give it some extra character in addition to providing that extra level of relaxation.

So, what can an ottoman do for your room?

  • Add style. Are you classic? Contemporary? Transitional? An ottoman can help to drive the style direction and feel of your room. With the plethora of options available, the ottoman can act as your center piece the brings everything together. As an added bonus, an ottoman can be style and function and may be a place for storage, extra seating, a place to rest your weary feet, or literally just a place to put your favorite magazines and accent decor.
  • Add texture. Ottomans are available in an almost endless variety of fabrics that add visual texture to a room. Leather, for instance, offers a subtle sheen and an organic, smooth texture. Cowhide ottomans cast light differently and have their own uniquely tactile character. Other fabric options like damask, velvet or even rush grass also provide visual interest.
  • Enhance color. Whether you want to harmonize with the existing color scheme of your room or add a burst of color, you can find an ottoman that suits your tastes. Neutral shades are the most adaptable options; earth tones generally pair nicely with other earth tones. For something bolder, an ottoman covered in handwoven kilim squares, which are one-of-a-kind, will offer a rainbow of rich colors, including reds, blues, browns and golden hues.
  • Balance the look of the room. Large rooms can suffer from an excess of negative space, leaving the room feeling “off” or just a little too empty. Ottomans, alone or in pairs or groupings can add that extra element that fills the space to balance the overall appearance of the room.