Ideas for using modern light fixtures in traditional spaces


Worried your style is becoming too predictable? Do the unexpected and transform your traditional space with a modern light fixture. When used appropriately, modern lights can kick your home’s traditional interior up a notch for a style that is truly unique. Here are three different ideas for making it work.

Ideas for using modern light fixtures in traditional spaces

Add a whimsical touch

Traditional spaces tend to have a serious appearance, but you can change all that with a modern light fixture. Choose a pendant or chandelier that is playful and fun to lighten the mood and help your room feel more relaxed. This will also help you hit that perfect sweet spot between formal and casual.


Repeat shapes and finishes

The easiest way to find a modern light fixture that will work in your traditional space is to find elements in the room and then repeat them. Identify the various finishes and shapes in a room and find a light fixture to match. If your room has brass accents, for example, then hang up a brass fixture to tie the look together.


Bring a room into the present

Sometimes a modern light fixture is the only way to keep a room from feeling outdated. If you live in an older home with lots of traditional detailing, help bring it into the present era with modern lighting that both complements your interior and updates the look, too. Be sure to match your fixture to existing elements in the room so it doesn’t look out of place.Ideas for using modern light fixtures in traditional spaces

Who says you have to go all modern or only traditional? Adding a modern light fixture in a traditional space allows you to combine the best characteristics of each style to achieve the exact look you want in your home.

By Wendy Weinert

The benefits of hanging a chandelier

Many homeowners, maybe including you, tend to think of chandeliers as being “too fancy” or over-the-top; light fixtures that wouldn’t fit in with their home’s style or design. Because of this notion, you probably have never even considered hanging up a chandelier in your home. If that’s the case, then it’s time to learn a little bit more about the benefits of hanging a chandelier and why you should consider one for your home. A chandelier:


Saves space

Decorating a room to look more appealing can be tricky if you’re working with limited space. If you hang up a chandelier, however, you can add style and visual appeal without making a room more cramped! Even really tiny spaces like walk-in closets can use a chandelier and you’ll still have all of the space you need for clothes and shoes.


Adds more impact

Whether the chandelier is modern, formal or casual, it is able to capture attention in a way that many other light fixtures can’t. Being the center of attention is no small feat, but chandeliers easily create a focal point in any room. Whether it is their unique design or soft, elegant glow, chandeliers bring a room to life and illuminate the rest of the room to look more appealing.


Can fit in with different styles and designs

Chandeliers have come a long way in design and function. While chandeliers in the past were just for formal areas like the dining room or grand foyer, they have now expanded into new territory. With so many different styles of chandeliers, you can hang one in any room of your home! All you have to do is match the style of chandelier with the style of your room.

Whether a room requires the traditional formal chandelier, a unique modern style or a casual fixture design, you can be sure to find the perfect chandelier to enhance and transform your space. If you’re stuck with the notion that chandeliers can only be fancy, it’s time to form a new opinion. Take advantage of the benefits newer chandeliers have to offer and install one – or more – in your home!


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The 3 reasons why you should try bedside pendant lighting now

NightstandNightstands and bedside tables are very much an expression of the person who uses them. They’re the last part of our homes we see before going to sleep and the first things we see when we wake up in the morning. Despite all the highly individual decorations that adorn the average nightstand, the lighting you’ll find atop them is often just that – average. Why not give BubblesNickelMiniPendantyour bedside some added style – and function – by changing up the same old lamp that’s crowding the table?

One of our favorite trends for bedside lighting is pendant lights. It’s showing up in top design magazines and blogs, but these are the top three reasons why we can’t get enough of the look:

1. Clutter-busting. Ever reach to hit snooze on your alarm clock and knock things over in an avalanche of books and knick-knacks? Not exactly the best way to wake up. Simply removing your bedside table lamp from the equation opens up a huge amount of extra space. It’s a quick and easy one-way ticket to a clean and serene bedside space.

2. A cohesive look. Mismatched his-and-hers lamps might add a touch of character, but if they’re not even remotely related from a style standpoint, it can leave your room looking slap-dash. Matching pendant lights on either side of your headboard give the room a balanced effect that makes a subtle – but definite – statement about your attention to detail.

3. Style choices galore. Love a bohemian look? Pick out pierced metal shades or shapely glass-and-wire globes. Seeking something clean and simple? Consider exposed bulb fixtures or minimalist shades in a range of metal tones (or even powder-coated paints). From the whimsical to the classical, there are virtually endless choices to please every style palate.

Inspirational lighting and how it transforms a space

If there’s one décor element in a home where a dramatic effect is welcome, it would have to be lighting. The fixtures you select for your interior space can set the tone for the entire house. A functional focal point like a stunning chandelier can be inspirational and help you define a style for your home that is perfectly ‘you.’ Hence the term “inspirational lighting.”

Whether sleek and modern, elegant and ornate, or rugged and rustic, chandeliers are available in numerous sizes and virtually unlimited styles. Narrowing down your options to just one favorite might be your hardest décor decision yet. But find one you love, and it won’t only beautify the space, but it will inspire the theme and help you select other complementary décor.

One striking chandelier that reflects many of today’s top décor trends is the Corbett Tranquility Silver Poetry Twelve Light Pendant. This chandelier was recently featured on the front cover of Westchester Home magazine. It’s truly a great example of a chandelier that makes an inspirational statement.Corbett Poetry Tranquility Silver Nine Light Pendant

The exquisite burst design of this Corbett chandelier embraces the cluster trend that is featured in just about any home décor magazine on shelves these days. The fixture also incorporates the precious metals trend, featuring iron with a silver finish of polished chrome. Finally, it captures the movement of designers toward selecting hand-crafted decorative pieces, known for their top quality and attention to detail.

These trends come together to create the cover-worthy look, but the chandelier can also be inspirational for other decorative elements. Wall color, textiles, accessories and more can all be tied to the chandelier’s appearance, sure to create a breathtaking room that will leave guests speechless.

Five must-have light fixtures for midcentury modern style

There was something stylish in the air in the late 1950s – from clothing to décor, clean lines and chic simplicity were in vogue. While plenty of other retro trends have come and gone, mid-century modern still looks good, even to our critical modern eyes.

For home interiors, mid-century modern is alive and well. Perhaps the best thing about the style is that it can be carried through an entire home without looking forced or too much like a theater set – it’s simply beautiful in its own right. From light fixtures to furniture, mid-century inspired pieces are readily available.

'50's RetroRoom

However, with all the choices available, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of the look. We’ve picked out five great mid-century modern light fixtures that will help you achieve the perfect look.

1. Control Brands AJ Red Desk Lamp: Perfect for the home office or clean-lined teak bedside table, this little lamp adds a pop of color in perfectly midcentury style.

2. Troy Sausalito Five-Light Drum Pendant: The warm silver-gold finish of this pendant fixture echoes that colors that were all the rage during the original midcentury style wave. It’s the ideal statement in a dining room.

3. Control Brands Nelson Medium Curve Pendant: George Nelson’s bubble lights played a big role in mid-century décor – and they still do today. The first Nelson lamps came out in 1950, but they’re still a hot item today. This pendant will give you the soft glow and sculptural look that defined Nelson’s lights.

4. Elk Lighting Modern Organics Bamboo Stem Two-Light Wall Sconce: This is a great example of a contemporary light informed by mid-century aesthetics. The sharp-edged rectangular shape is characteristic, but even more so is the organic feel of the natural bamboo. It calls back to the grass cloth that was hugely popular at the time for adding some color and texture to a room.

5. Sea Gull Lighting Large White Globe Pendant: This light is the ultimate in restraint, yet it still makes a huge style statement. Its spare aesthetics make it highly adaptable across styles, but it would look completely natural in a first-generation mid-century home. It looks great in living rooms, as a single light, or in multiples.

Pretty as a picture: Options for lighting up your art collection

A house with bare walls doesn’t have a whole lot of personality. Photos, paintings and other art objects tell a story about who you are, where you’ve been and what you value – they’re what make a home uniquely yours. But if they languish unseen in dark corners, your works of art can easily go unnoticed. Using the right lighting strategies, though, you can really make them shine.


Picture lighting: For framed works of art, whether it’s a portrait from your wedding day or an heirloom painting passed down through the generations, picture lighting is a top choice. The most common form is a bar-shaped fixture, mounted to the wall, which shines down on the picture. It’s the perfect choice for inviting visitors to really take a close look at the works of art on your walls, and for highlighting the intricate details in an image. Picture lighting is available in a range of styles, from sleek and contemporary, to elegant and traditional.


Track lighting: If you’re a collector building a gallery wall of art, track lighting is a versatile option that allows you to highlight numerous artworks with just one fixture. Track lighting can also be ideal for small spaces with art on multiple walls – simply angle the fixtures in different directions to cast light on key pieces.

Ledra_Matte_Chrome_RecessedRecessed lighting: The most unobtrusive lighting option, recessed lighting is also useful in drawing attention to art that thinks outside the frame, like sculptures, textiles or collectible objects. Built into the ceiling, recessed lights can be placed wherever you need them, and can shine straight down or at an angle, depending on whether you choose stationary or swiveling fixtures. As the Wall Street Journal, reported, what a great option for your recessed lighting needs.