Get Inspired by The Great Gatsby with Mercury Glass Lamps

The most recent film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beloved novel The Great Gatsby was spectacular in visual appeal. The director knew how to capture the glitz and glam of the 1920s and even if you didn’t like the movie, you had to appreciate the sparkling costumes and splendid décor that in today’s world might feel out of place and over-the-top. While trends have evolved and less is generally more, you can still achieve vintage glam without overwhelming; just incorporate mercury glass light fixtures into your home décor. The distinctive pieces are sure to bring excitement to any room.


Photo by Warner Bros.

Mercury glass does not actually contain mercury and is instead coated with a silvery finish. It was first created and popular in the 1800s and wasArteriorsHomeMercuryGlassLamp commonly used to beautify a room. Although mercury glass had faded in popularity for a while, it is on the rise and enjoying a comeback. Bring this sparkling trend into your own home with the Walter distressed Mercury glass lamp. The combination of modern design and antique silver allows the lamp to blend in well with your contemporary décor and still adds a hint of vintage charm. The shimmer and shine of the mercury glass can be the perfect addition to any room lacking in allure.

Sparkling flapper costumes and lavish home décor aren’t common themes in today’s style trends. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t still house a hint of the grandeur and excitement. Mercury glass is the perfect solution to creating a glamorous look that still fits in well with today’s modern room designs even if you don’t want to go all out with the entire theme and style of that era.


Check out new exclusive designs from Schonbek at Bellacor

Chandeliers are works of art that can bring a sense of grandeur and beauty to any room. One of the most important factors in choosing a chandelier is quality, which is why we at Bellacor are excited about our new partnership with Schonbek, which will make their collection available to you on the Bellacor website.


Since its beginning in 1870, Schonbek has specialized in the creation of custom chandeliers and has continued to influence the lighting industry with over 200 patents. Inattentiveness, quality and authenticity are the hallmarks of every chandelier that is designed and created by Schonbek, and Bellacor now makes it easier to access these exceptional fixtures.


Along with the many brands and styles of light fixtures already featured on the Bellacor website, you can now access the exclusive designs of Schonbek. With the addition of more unique and attractive fixtures, Bellacor has an even stronger lighting section, giving you more to choose from. Although known best for its chandeliers, Schonbek also offers pendant fixtures, wall sconces, lamps and ceiling-mount fixtures. Whatever your taste, you can be sure you’ll find a design that matches your style.Amytis_by_Schonbek_AM5506-22RAY_WBG_Photo¬_Swarovski_Lighting_Ltd

Foremost Crystal chandelier brands – Schonbek, a subdivision of Swarovski Group

With the addition of Schonbek, a brand known for its heritage of premium quality and hand craftsmanship, Bellacor will strengthen its lighting selection, service, and value to support its overall vision of being the leading, trusted, expert online retailer of lighting & home furnishings. Like Bellacor, Schonbek is committed to helping customers beautify their environment by providing incredible product selection, service, expertise.
Since 1870, Schonbek has been synonymous with authentic crystal chandeliers of the highest heirloom quality. Each creation is a radiant masterpiece of elegance and opulence, designed to illuminate generation to come.

For more than 140 years, the Schonbek name has carried with it a reputation as a change maker in lighting, revolutionizing the industry. To date, Schonbek is responsible for more than 200 patents.


True to the Schonbek’s heritage of handcraftsmanship, each premium chandelier is delicately hand worked in the service of Schonbek_Handcrafted_Smallbeauty. The result is pieces of exceptional grandeur that are appreciated by traditionalists and modernists alike.  A made-to-order brand, each authentic masterpiece shines with its own special character in more than 50,000 combinations of finishes, crystal types and styles.

Schonbek is manufactured exclusively at its global headquarters in Plattsburgh, NY, U.S.A., drawing inspiration from its rich European heritage and longstanding tradition of chandelier making. Schonbek is a member of the Swarovski Group.

Meet Humphrey: Fresh design in a classic shape

JulyAugust Elle Decor

Recently featured in the July/August issue of Elle Décor magazine, Hudson Valley Lighting’s Humphrey collection brings an air of warmth and distinction to any interior. For nearly 30 years, under the vision and guidance of its founder, David Littman, Hudson Valley Lighting has been using high-grade materials and superior manufacturing techniques like heavy casting and hand-rubbed finishes to produce exquisitely crafted, heirloom-quality pieces. As their name implies, the design studio is headquartered in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley, where they find endless sources of creative inspiration – from the glamour of nearby Manhattan to the architectural legacy of Colonial settlers, from the industrial grit of the 1800s riverside factories to the beauty of the unspoiled wilderness at their doorstep. With Hudson Valley, David Littman is continuing a family tradition started in the 1940s by his grandfather’s forays into commercial fluorescent lighting.

Humphrey Ad

With pieces like their Humphrey lighting fixtures, Hudson Valley falls squarely in the residential realm. Landing stylistically somewhere between traditional and modern design, Humphrey is a transitional piece that works exceeding well with a wide variety of interior design styles in the dining room, bedroom, front hall or even a game room. Available in a choice of metal finishes, including aged brass, old bronze and polished nickel, Humphrey is distinguished by its unique and distinctively shaped shade. Made from a soft off-white fabric that provides warm, diffused light, the shade has an intricate, yet fresh, shape that is decorative with being too fussy or complicated. Combining the warmth of traditional decorative lighting fixtures with the clean feel of a modern and minimal silhouette, Humphrey is also available in a number of other shapes and sizes to suit your needs, including a double-shade version and a ceiling hugging style. Humphrey – and many other remarkable Hudson Valley Lighting fixtures – are available to order at

“Industrial Chic” Design Trend

By Brian Lintner for

One of the latest trends in interior design is the shift towards a transitional “Industrial Chic” look. With the “Industrial Chic” trend, iconic modern silhouettes are juxtaposed with the dry, scraped and weathered finishes popularized by the “La Maison” traditional trend, producing what could be called “Shabby Modern”.  Finding its roots in the “La Maison” trend, which uses traditional elements in weathered finishes and incorporates pieces of exaggerated scale, “Industrial Chic” incorporates many of the same finishes as those seen in the French inspired design, which is a long-standing trend in Europe and now made popular in the United States by retailers such as Restoration Hardware.

 “La Maison” Traditional Trend Inspired “Industrial Chic” Design and Finishesbedroom pendant

Although “Industrial Chic” design uses many of the same key finishes and materials as the “La Maison” trend, “Industrial Chic” design incorporates Industrial “Found Objects” and institution-scaled accessories are a big part of the look. With “Industrial Chic” design, you can use industrial shapes and finishes to create the on-trend look in almost any transitional space. Great examples of chic fixtures include light fixtures that feature clean drum shades as well as over-sized pendant lights. The drum shape in itself is an industrial shape. You can soften the look by using linen and burlap fabrics which are common to the trend. In 2013, Sea Gull Lighting introduced several drum shaped, fabric semi-flush and pendant fixtures, including pieces from the Stirling collection shown below.  Stirling, with its chic style and eclectic twist brings clean, modern lines to a traditional soul. White linen drum shades in combination with brushed nickel finish is eye-catching and inviting.Pendant

The Brayden Collection, by Sea Gull Lighting, is another drum shape option available in a darker finish. The Brayden’s elegantly simple fabric drum shade is highlighted by a fun design element with an industrial flair. At the crown of the fixture, three thick, metal rods hook to the center structure, adding an unexpected twist to this classic silhouette. An acrylic diffuser, held in place with a metal finial, finishes off the look.Dining Room Pendant

In an industrial setting, lights are typically meant for a specific task. For example, pendant lights are used as task lighting when working on a manufactured product.  Although the concept of pendant lighting in a kitchen setting is not new, the Kitchen1over-sized pendants using industrial materials over an island are an easy way to create an “Industrial Chic” feel in the kitchen.  Inspired by industrial lighting, the hard-working, large-scale pendants in Sea Gull Lighting’s Pratt Street Collection put light where you need it, while making a significant design statement. Pratt Street is offered in a choice of Prismatic Glass or Machine-Shaped Metal styles. Fully enclosed, a prismatic diffuser spreads light output evenly and alleviates glare.

As we look forward to the new product introductions slated for 2014, many lighting manufacturers will continue to add industrial style light fixtures to their collections that include bare-bulb light fixtures, fixtures with wire cage and other innovative designs that will include the key elements of the “Industrial Chic” trend. Stay tuned to get a first glimpse into Sea Gull Lighting’s new industrial style chandeliers and pendants set for release in late fall 2013.

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Beyond the basic bulb: One of the quickest ways to reinvent your lighting

When it comes to changing your look, little things mean a lot, and one of the quickest fixes you can make is to change the bulbs in your lighting fixtures. Think a bulb is too basic an element to make a real stylistic difference? Think again. Bulbs can change brightness and the tone of your room’s light, but they can also be a focal point in their own right. Consider these changes you can make by simply switching your bulbs:


Photo Credit: Bulbrite

Add warmth or cool things off: When it comes to the kind of light they emit, bulbs can vary widely. To add a warming feeling to your room, switch to a soft white bulb, or even an amber bulb. To give a room an airier, more invigorating look, select bright white. You’ll find variations in tone in incandescent, fluorescent and LED bulbs.

Modernize a chandelier: Update the look of any chandelier by plucking off its shades. While shades themselves can do a lot to alter the look of the fixture, putting the bulbs on display is a bold approach that’s well suited to urban chic interior styles. As designer Philip Gorrivan said, “Experiment with different light bulbs in your sconces and chandeliers. Instead of the traditional flame tip, try using clear Edison bulbs. Ditch the shades for a more modern look.”

Shift your shape: Bulbs go way beyond the classic rounded top versions. Flames (either embossed or with a candle-like wispy end) and faceted bulbs make a more pronounced statement. Edison bulbs, which themselves come in a range of shapes – from long and slender to short and round – are currently on the interior design hot list.


Dark room? Top tips for choosing a light fixture

Lighting is such a simple concept, yet there are so many considerations – it’s enough to drive even the savviest interior designer batty. If you are updating your home’s lighting, you might feel a little overwhelmed when choosing fixtures. Find your perfect lighting option – and a little bit of Zen – with these top tips for choosing a fixture.


Photo Credit: pin/414823815647632268/

1. Blend aesthetic features

Just as accessories tie together your favorite outfits, lighting fixtures are the jewelry that ties together the overarching design aesthetic of a space. Make sure color, style and detailing are all aligned with the main theme of the room.

2. Consider scale and proportion

The size of the room should be a main consideration when selecting the size and type of fixture for the space. Too big and it will be overwhelming; too small and the fixture won’t ever get noticed. To get a good general idea of appropriate fixture size, start by adding the length and width of a room. Take that sum and replace feet with inches. A 10-by-20-foot room has a sum of 30 feet, which means a fixture of about 30 inches would be appropriate for the space.


3. Decide on the light’s purpose

You may think this is a silly question – of course the purpose of a lighting fixture is to provide light. But it’s important to dig deeper. Is the purpose of your fixture to provide overhead light while dining, task lighting in the bathroom, or accent lighting around your favorite painting? This will dictate the features and type of fixture you should select. A sconce will function much differently than a chandelier or a recessed lighting fixture.

4. Consider timeless materials

When shopping for a light fixture, consider the material and how well it blends with the interior design. If you know you’ll be using this light fixture for many years to come, choose a material that is timeless so that in five years, it doesn’t date the space. If you want to play with trends, update shades and glass globes, and keep the fixture classically appealing.

How to capture the trend of the moment: Exposed bulb light fixtures


A lot of trends are just flashes in the pan, but the new tendency toward light fixtures with exposed bulbs looks like one with real staying power. Instead of hiding behind an opaque shade, exposed bulb fixtures put the simple, sculptural form of the bulb on display as the main point of interest.exposedbulb_1There is a surprising variety of options for homeowners who fall under the spell of the look. Pendant lights are one of the most widely available forms, but within that category, you’ll find everything from fixtures that are essentially just a socket and a cord to bulbs that sit inside a clear glass shade that adds extra interest while also exposing the form of the bulb.


Sconces, flush-mount ceiling fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps round out the selection. Metal finishes on the fixtures range from the subtly classic look of oil-rubbed bronze to brighter tones like silver and copper.Flush mount exposed bulb

So, is this trend right for your home? There are a few things to consider before you say yes or no. First, do you like an industrial look? While exposed bulbs are hot-hot-hot in the design world, this style, which hearkens back to factories and schoolhouses in the days of yore, might not be your cup of tea. Keep in mind that you may need to buy specialized bulbs for the fixtures to avoid overly bright light output.

If your home already has a traditional feel, this can be a great way to update its style and breathe some new life and light into it. It works extraordinarily well in urban-chic spaces, but is also very well suited for modern organic styles, and even Craftsman-inspired rooms.


“Sconce It Up!”

By Corey Damen Jenkins for

In your mind’s eye, picture a woman getting ready for a formal evening dinner. She wants to make a great first impression on her peers and opts for the classic “black dress”. She makes this choice due to the dress’ versatility; she knows it can be jazzed up or dialed down depending on her accessories. Yes, the right choice of shoes, clutch and—of course, jewelry—can take this simple garment to the realm of the wow.

Little Black Dress

As an interior designer, I believe that wall sconces are like jewelry— for the house. They can make even the blandest rooms more appealing. With careful planning sconces can perform as sculptures or works of art. Today, there is an almost mind-blowing assortment of them available on the market, in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some are understated, while others are over-the-top. There are some sconces that look amazing with silk or glass shades, while others are most stunning with their light-bulbs exposed. And while reproductions are great, antique sconces add instant culture and start conversations.

I encourage my clients to avoid skimping on lighting–even when working with a limited budget. Like jazzing up that simple black dress, an inexpensive sconce can make a room look very posh and high-end. While sconces can be chosen to compliment a particular “period” design style, you can also have a lot of fun with them! For example, I like juxtaposing weird, abstract sconces against more serious, traditional architecture.  The end result is something whimsical, edgy and unexpected.

decorating with sconces

Photo credit:

Sadly, some home-builders don’t give much thought—if any—to wall lighting while planning new construction. Instead they build these big spaces with naked walls devoid of character which later leaves homeowners scratching their heads on what to do to “fill the space”.  As a result, many are overwhelmed and either leave these walls bare, or try filling them up with under-scaled artwork. And this is particularly tragic because sconces are not only awesome alternatives to hung artwork, but they also improve a room’s functionality by providing more ambient light.

Of course, consulting your interior designer and electrician is essential for determining the proper scale, feasibility and installation of wall lighting, but such professional input is well worth it. Embrace the versatile nature of sconces and use these accessories as jewelry for your home!

Corey Damen’s Top 10 Sconces:

1) Dessau Home Antique Gold Wheat Candle Sconce


 2) Currey & Company French Gold Leaf Boudoir Wall Sconce


3) Hudson Valley Cheshire Four-Light Antique Nickel Sconce

Sconce #3

4) Corbett Graffiti Silver Leaf and Polished Stainless 2-Light Wall Sconce

Sconce #4

 5) Crystorama Brentwood Polished Gold Two-Light Wall Sconce with Swarovski Elements Crystals


 6) Hudson Valley Jefferson Old Bronze Three-Light Wall Sconce


7) Currey & Company Bel Esprit Antiquity Gold Right Wall Sconce


8) Currey & Company Zara Two-Light Plug-In Wall Sconce


 9) Corbett Harlow Tranquility Silver Leaf with Polished Stainless Accents 2 and 4-Light Wall Sconce


10) Corbett Femme Fatale Small One-Light Silver Leaf Sconce


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Red, LIGHT and Blue

Explore Hinkley Lighting’s elegant outdoor lantern collections and make your exterior sparkle.


Since 1922, Cleveland-based/family-owned Hinkley Lighting has been celebrated for their classic, timeless outdoor lanterns. To give your property some punch and achieve a star-spangled salute to style, shop these outdoor lanterns from Hinkley’s Heritage Collection that pay tribute to America’s past with authentic designs and nostalgic touches:


6 Hinkley Hints for creating an all-American outdoor living area:

  1. Go for a look that is pulled together yet casual by using a bright color palette and fun patterns.
  2. Use a combination of interesting fabrics and textures, including tufting and contrast piping, for a crisp touch.
  3. Comfort is key so invest in cozy upholstered outdoor furniture that encourages relaxation.
  4. Ensure the space is well-lit with Hinkley’s coordinating lanterns and landscape lighting so family and friends can continue to enjoy even after the sun goes down.
  5. Place touches of wood and metal to add rustic elegance.
  6. Whimsical accessories in stripes and chevron encourage a subtle patriotic theme without going overboard.