Turn your kitchen into a cafe with these 5 ideas

What makes your favorite coffee spot the best? Is it the delicious cappuccino? The friendly staff? Maybe. But I bet it also has a lot to do with the atmosphere. The “vibe” we feel when stepping into a buzzing cafe is often the reason why we go out to get our coffee, rather than just brewing our own less-expensive cup at home. So why not try creating a similar atmosphere in your kitchen? Here are some fun ways you can bring the cafe experience to your own home.

1. Decorate for warmth

Coffee shops tend to have a warm, cozy atmosphere. Bring some of that coziness to your kitchen by carefully choosing colors. Warm shades of red, orange and brown are great colors for a cafe-inspired kitchen.

2. Make it trendycafe pendants

Coffee shop interiors rarely follow a simple, “timeless” design. They are all about keeping up with the latest trends. Vintage artwork, a hung-up chalkboard, quirky pendants – these are all ideas you can use to give your kitchen a trendy vibe.

3. Try out new furniturebar stools

Install a wooden shelf and add stools for bar seating, or give your kitchen cafe some sophistication with a small dinette set. With the right seating, you can have friends over for coffee dates or simply enjoy your morning cup in true cafe style.

4. Consider flooring 

Picture the floor of your favorite cafe. More than likely, it isn’t your typical kitchen linoleum flooring. Try wooden floors or help create that trendy vibe by installing an edgier design. Checkerboard flooring is a great idea if you’re going vintage.

5. Invest in a new coffee maker

When going to coffee shops, we often like to treat ourselves to a more complicated and expensive drink than just regular old coffee. Consider getting a cappuccino maker or something similar that will allow you to brew up a tasty treat when you’re in the mood for something different.

There’s no reason to stop visiting your favorite cafe, but with these ideas, you can enjoy a similar coffee shop experience more frequently – and for less money.

By Wendy Weinert

5 Lessons you can learn from your cat

You might look to friends, blogs or professionals for advice when setting up a stylish and comfortable home, but what about your cat? Your furry friend is wiser than you know, and he can teach you a thing or two about interior design. For example, cats know to:

5 Lessons you can learn from your cat

1. Take pride in appearances

Your cat knows the importance of keeping his coat glossy, which is why he spends so much time licking his fur to keep it clean. Take pride in not only your own appearance, but your home’s as well. You’ll feel more confident welcoming guests into your home if it’s clean and thoughtfully put together.

5 Lessons you can learn from your cat

2. Take chances, but be aware of comfort zones

You’ve seen your cat take some pretty incredible leaps, but you’ve also seen him lie all day curled up on his favorite sofa. Cats aren’t afraid to take chances now and then, but they are also aware of their comfort zone and use that to stay content. When decorating your home, don’t be afraid to hang up a bold color if it makes you happy. At the same time, don’t feel like you have to always be edgy, when really you prefer a more relaxed style.

5 Lessons you can learn from your cat

3. Trust your instincts!

Your cat trusts his instincts, and you should, too! If you’re uncertain about that chandelier you’ve been looking at, don’t buy it. There are plenty of other designs to look at, and you’ll be less likely to regret your purchase if you go with your gut.

5 Lessons you can learn from your cat

4. Give yourself alone time

Your cat needs peace and quiet from time to time and so do you. Look for an area in your home that you can decorate to make yours. It could be the bedroom, a bathroom or even a little nook by the windowsill.

5 Lessons you can learn from your cat

5. Bask in sunshine

Cats love sitting by windows to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and humans enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight, too. Design your space so the windows let in as much light as possible. A dose of sunshine is sometimes the best medicine when stressed.

When it comes to interior design, let your cat be your guide. A few lessons from him can help you create the space of your dreams!

The pictures you see on this post all came from Bellacor’s Pinterest page.  Come and get inspired!

By Wendy Weinert

How to Revamp Your Kitchen For Under 100 bucks

Photo by Sitka Projects (Flickr)

I love remodeling from the ground up, and kitchens make the biggest impact on a home when done right. With new cabinets, granite counters, updated appliances, heated floors, and a tile backsplash, your kitchen will be what all the neighbors are jealously talking about. The only problem is the price tag. Ugh! I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t afford to do all of that! But don’t start sweating or crying angry tears — you can still update your kitchen with a little elbow grease and love. For only $100, you can revamp your kitchen in these ten ways.

Cover the Old With Freshly Painted Cabinets

Paint can do remarkable things, and with a gallon of primer and a gallon of paint, you can hide the old look to create new cabinets. It takes a lot of time, but when the project is complete, you will have yourself a brand-new kitchen.

Stain Cabinets a Darker, Richer Color

Stain is relatively inexpensive and goes a long way; you can buy it for as little as $10 a can. With one or two cans, you can stain lighter, out-of-date wood to create a striking, dark look.

Spice it Up With New Knobs

Many cabinets don’t come with knobs at all, and adding new knobs to a door can suddenly make your cabinets look brand new. It also makes them easier to open and keeps dirty hands directly off the cupboard doors.

Make a Bead Board Backsplash

If you love the cottage charm of the warm farmhouse look, you will adore a bead board backsplash. You can buy an entire sheet for $25 and easily cover 32 feet of backsplash area. Trim the edges with a small piece of molding.

Remove Cabinets and Add Shelves

Opening up a kitchen can be as easy as removing the cabinets from the wall. Add some simple shelves and your kitchen will not only look completely different, but it will feel new, too.

Add Glass to Cabinet Doors

I have seen it done before, and I am obsessed with it. With the right tools, you can cut out the fronts of the doors and have custom glass added inside. It not only brightens up a kitchen, but it adds dimension to a boring arrangement.

Splash Some Color on the Walls

If you are low on money and desperate for something new, grab your favorite paint color and add it to your wall. Whether it is blue, yellow, or mint green, paint is an easy and affordable way to freshen up a room with a new look.

Recycle an Old Door into Wooden Countertops

If your countertops are ugly, gross, and falling apart and your wallet is filled with single dollar bills, it is time to reach for an old wooden door. This project can give your kitchen a warm look that only wooden counters can provide. Take a solid, flat wood door and cut it, tracing the pattern of your old counters.

Sprinkle With Bright Décor

Sometimes remodeling is exhausting to even think about, let alone do. Take $100 and buy some new décor, plants, curtains, and rugs to add color and texture to your kitchen.

Hang a New Light Fixture

Light fixtures make a huge statement in a room, and adding a new one above the dining table can bring a touch of your personal style into the kitchen without making any drastic changes. Check out local donation centers to find old light fixtures that need nothing but a good spray-paint job. While you are there, look for other items to clean up and add to your kitchen. It can be fun and amazing to see what you can do with a few old but affordable things. In no time, your kitchen can have that new look you have been dying for.


By Wendy Weinert

Culinary pampering with blomus

Blomus’ elegant and functional stainless steel product line is bound to be a great fit for any modern kitchen and home.  Their practicality and wide range of products make them great gifts for friends and family over the holiday.
blomusThe days are starting to get colder and Autumn is knocking on the door. Nothing beats a plate of fresh-made pasta after a long day at work or a  quick run in the 63565_2rain. Fresh veggies, your choice of dressing, and fresh cheese on top are a must! The most suitable ones are hard cheeses such as Grana Parmegiano or Pecorino, ideally freshly grated to allow for the cheese to unfold its aroma. NAVETTA , blomus’ new cheese grater (NEW product coming soon to bellacor.com), is a not to be missed helper to grate the cheese and dose just the right amount. The stainless steel grater, held in a plastic surrounding, tops a high class polished stainless steel bowl, which holds the grated cheese. Its shape caters for comfortable handling and thanks to the flat bottom NAVETTA will stand firmly on the table. The freshly grated parmesan cheese falls into the bowl and can be poured over Pasta, Risottos or salads just like that without the need of any other utensil. The classy design makes NAVETTA a perfect gift for Pasta lovers and ambitious hobby cooks.

Meanwhile, try out Blomus’ Forma cheese cutter which is useful helper in the kitchen. The stainless steel cutter is elegantly simple and easy to use.

Froma Stainless Steel Cheese Cutter.  Bellacor #: 681346

Froma Stainless Steel Cheese Cutter


Salt and Pepper shakers are a favorite among Blomus kitchenware are must haves on any table setting.  For the spices to unfold all their Blomus MacchiatoBlomus Salt & Pepperaromas, they should be freshly ground for each dish. The grinding sets free the essential oils that give the dish the wanted spice. The new PEREA spice mill (another NEW item coming soon to bellacor.com) helps getting just the right amount of spices needed. Can’t wait for the product to come to our site? Then the Macchiato salt and pepper set by Blomus can help give any dish the right spice and is a must have. Their modern design make them a perfect addition to the your kitchenware.

For dinner with friends or a dinner for two, a good glass of wine has to come with it. To enjoy the wine’s full taste the right storage is essential. Red wines should be stored horizontally to keep the cork moist. If the cork dries out it may not perfectly seal the bottle and air may get into the bottle ,ruining the wine. The new VINEDO wine rack holds eight bottles in horizontal storage, so you can stock up for the cold autumn evenings. Plastic shelves hold two bottles per layer and are pre-shaped so the bottle fits in firmly. The chrome plated wire framework fits in any kitchen or dining room elegantly yet discreet. VINEDO can also be used for other bottles and beverages.

63569_1Finally let’s consider the entrance areas.  They are often difficult areas to outfit. On one hand the area has to offer sufficient storage space for keys, coats, and jackets, but on the other hand it needs to look welcoming and inviting as it is the first impression any visitor gets of your home.  Use Blomus’ brushed stainless steel key box to store your keys.  It is very practical and doesn’t take up much of your decor space.

Blomus Brushed Stainless Steel Key Box

Blomus Brushed Stainless Steel Key Box

Make sure to check out the new style coming soon to bellacor.com! The VELIO stainless steel key box holds all the keys you have. The door of the key box, a glass magnet board which comes in shiny black or white, gives VELIO an exclusive design. 6 small magnets make it possible to stick postcards, shipping lists or photographs to the glass door. An elegant end to looking for the keys – comes either shiny black or white.

65366_VELIO_Schluesselk_offen 65367_VELIO_Schluesselk_Deko




Bar Stools: Styles Galore!

Let’s face it — the kitchen can be a hard room to decorate. Unlike the living room or the bedroom, you can’t just hang up photos and decorative items everywhere. You need space to eat and prepare food! Luckily for you, bar stools have become commonplace in the kitchen, and they come in a variety of styles, materials and colors. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring excitement to your kitchen’s design!

elk lighting picture

Photo Credit: Elk Lighting

You’re probably used to matching chairs with the tables they sit with. After all, many chairs come with the table and are designed to look similar. With bar stools, however, you can have some fun and make the stools stand out!



If your kitchen is modern, take the design one step further with bar stools. In modern designs, monochromatic colors are typical, but they are paired with bold colors to keep the look interesting. You can instantly make the room pop with a bright red or orange bar stool. Or, if you already have enough color, select a stool with an unusual design like the Viva Brown Bar Stool. The bar stools will instantly become the main attraction in your kitchen.

                                        Photo Credit: Woodinville Architects & Designers eric gedney | ARCHITECT


Give your country kitchen some more of that rustic charm with wooden bar stools. If you feel that wooden chairs are too uncomfortable, get one that has an upholstered print. You can also avoid having wooden stools altogether and choose materials like wicker or leather, which are much more comfortable. Just be sure that the leather is more of a burnt red or brown, not black or white.

Photo Credit: Houzz

Photo Credit: Yvonne McFadden LLC, Interior Design, Houzz


An industrial kitchen is an easy look to pull off, because it is a room already filled with appliances! Too add more style to your industrialized kitchen, choose stools that are made of metal, gray or black in color and are designed with stark, straight lines. Grays and blacks might sound boring, but they’ll give your kitchen a very sharp look.

 What style of kitchen do you have? No matter what the style, there’s a bar stool to match!

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Choosing the right bar stool for your kitchen

Bar stools, as you can probably guess from their name, were created to be used in bars — and that’s exactly how they were always used. But not anymore! Now that people are installing higher kitchen countertops, the barstools have also moved into the kitchen and it looks like are there to stay.


Photo Credit: Urbanelectricco.com

The bar stool, countertop combo is a great way for families to enjoy casual meals and socialize. Plus, with the array of styles to choose from, you can take the opportunity to bring some excitement into your kitchen! Finding a barstool for your kitchen, however, isn’t just a matter of selecting the first set of stools that you find. To find the perfect stools for your kitchen, you first need to consider size, space and style.


Melrose Maple Barstools, Bellacor #: 830498


When it comes to bar stools, the right height is crucial. Choose a bar stool that is too low and family members won’t be able to rest their elbows comfortably on the kitchen counter. Choose a stool that’s too high, on the other hand, and then guests won’t be able to fit their knees underneath. The perfect ratio for most people to sit comfortably is to have your bar stools be 10 to 12 inches lower than the countertop. So if your kitchen countertop is 42 inches high, then find bar stools that are about 30 to 32 inches in height.


We get that you want everyone in your family to have a place to sit. However, if you have to sacrifice comfortable seating, then it just isn’t worth it. Have you ever tried to enjoy a meal, but were sitting so close to someone you could hardly lift your arms? It doesn’t make for a very pleasant dining experience. A general rule of thumb is to leave two feet of space between each stool.


Bar stools have evolved and some now even have arm rests and chair-backs. Of course, you can always stick with the regular bar stool look if you want. The shape of the bar stools depend mostly on your personal preference. There are no right or wrong stool designs; you just have to make it work with the style of your kitchen and make sure it matches the comfort level you desire.









Go give your kitchen a whole new look with stylish set of bar stools now!