Mom Cave

With the Super Bowl on our minds, you are probably seeing a lot of talk about how to build a better man cave. In fact, we did one in this very space last week. But in the interest of equal opportunity escapism, we knew it was time to think outside the cave to a more beautiful, more elegant place. We’re talking about a spot more notable for heart and its art than the size of the big screen on the wall. Enter the Mom Cave. That’s right, a little nook where pretty is appreciated. Tell your man to cave down the street with his buddies.

Here are a few simple pieces to help you put together your Mom Cave:


Women and men are equal and all, but there are differences. Men love their big recliners with a drink holder built-in the arm rest and a remote control compartment within arm’s reach. For years women have fought the good fight against the traditional recliner, which they see as an eye-sore of the highest order. They see recliners as a place where elegance goes to die, along with an entire bag of chips.

While a recliner might be comfortable, women know there are seating options that look stylish and feel comfy all at the same time. Somebody has to keep an eye on style. It’s why your wedding wasn’t held at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. Still, we’re pretty sure with a little time on Pinterest, you could make that look good too. We digress. Think about a chaise lounge sofa. It’s the perfect spot to entertain multiple friends or to simply curl up into a ball in the corner when no one’s around.


You’re probably also going to need a table and a chair. Perhaps a desk set, or maybe something more customized to your tastes. This is where you’ll do your scrapbooking, where you’ll spread out your idea boards, or plot the family vacation down to the minute. But you’ll also have to make sure there is room left over to place your wine glass. More on that later.

To add a dash, or more than a dash, of color, consider an ottoman or a pouf. An ottoman is great for stretching your legs and storing your supplies, but it can also serve as extra seating in a pinch. Poufs are fun to look at, and even more fun to say. Pouf. Pouf. Pouf. See what we mean?



Yes, this is a broad topic, but women do love to accessorize. This is where we’ll categorize your wall art, throws, accent pillows and rugs.

And by art, we don’t mean a giant poster of Aaron Rodgers. But hey, it’s your lounge. Whatever you’re in to. We really mean pretty pictures, in beautiful frames that tell the story of you or inspire you. Art can be emotional, inspiration, evocative. You want all that in your lounge. Because the term lounge is a bit of a misnomer. You’re not much for lounging anyway. You’re about getting stuff done, and even when you’re “resting” you’re mind is never truly at rest.

Throws and pillows are soft, fluffy and colorful. They’re both nice to look at nice and to cuddle up next to. Another difference between men and women: While men like to stretch out in their chair or on the couch, women can often be found all wound up in a pillows and throws, using only a fraction of the sofa or chair, no matter how much surface area it has.

The last thing a lady wants to do when they unfurl from their blanket and pillow fort is to step down on a cold, hard floor. That’s where the accent or throw rugs come in. They tie the room together and add texture and style to any space. They’re so soft, ladies might be tempted to add them to their pillow and throw fort. Alas, those rugs are made for walkin’, and that’s just what you’ll do.


Closets and shelves

When a lady says she wants a lounge, what she’s really telling you is she wants her very own dressing room – with the red M&Ms picked out by hand and with a never-ending supply of Fiji Water on hand. But in the absence of those luxuries, you’ll settle for a closets and shelves everywhere. You can’t have enough places to hang things and enough shoe cubbies.

Of course, you’d love to have these conveniences built into your home, but some of us must settle for less. There are kids to think of, husbands to support. A wholesale remodel is probably not in the cards (playing card is another fine use for your table by the way). Instead, you may have to buy shelving units cubbies, garment racks and wardrobes. In fact, maybe you can forget about the wall art. Just line these babies up and down the walls of the room. Your clothes and shoes are art. Show ‘em off.

Wine Fridge

Last but not least. You must account for booze storage, or to sound more lady-like, your wine refrigerator. We’re not saying you need a drink, but the option is always nice. From cabernets to pinot noirs, some wines are better chilled. The other alcohol you can stow in the ottoman. Because let’s face it, a glass of wine in your hand is the very best accessory.

Your Mom Cave is going to draw raves. Now all it needs is you. So carve our a little time for yourself and enjoy your special space. This time away will make you a better mom, a more loving partner, and it might just save your sanity.

6 essentials for craft room creativity

Craft room

Having an entire room or area dedicated to crafts might seem unnecessary to some, but those people probably aren’t spending their afternoons or evenings working on Pinterest DIY projects. Crafting can get messy and often requires using many supplies that, when put away, occupy a lot of space. Consider setting up a craft space in your home and keep these essentials in mind when putting it together.

Surface space
Large crafting table

Photo credit: Everything Etsy

Almost every project you take on will require a table for surface space. Make sure the table you choose is large enough to accommodate you and your project – a small side table isn’t going to cut it.

Storage space
Craft room storage

Photo credit: 44th Street Fabric

Like I said before, crafting can get messy. You can make the process a little more organized, however, by keeping the supplies you don’t need for a certain project stored away. Storage space will also ensure that your craft room will be tidy when it’s not in use. Shelves, drawers and boxes can all come in handy.

Wall art as craft room inspiration

Photo credit: Blog de decoração Perfeita Ordem

A creative environment is important. After all, this is a craft room! Hang up artwork that inspires you and will help you get in touch with your inner artist. A little creative touch can be just what you need to produce your best work.


Music can also help boost your creative mood. Create a playlist with music that helps you feel most inspired, whether it’s jazz, pop, rock or classical music. Not only will you feel more creative, but music also makes crafting more fun!

Great lighting

Any work space, whether it’s a craft room or a home office, requires excellent lighting. Along with general overhead lighting, try wall sconces, a pendant or a lamp next to your table for task lighting.

A comfortable chair
Comfortable craft chair

Photo credit: Pinterest

You might not be sitting down for eight hours like you do at work, but it’s still important that your craft chair is comfortable. Look for chairs with padded seats and a supportive frame so you can craft without feeling sore.

There are many ways to create a craft room. As long as you have a table surface, storage space, a comfy seat and some inspiration, you can easily get in touch with your creative side and get to work!

By Wendy Weinert


Enjoy a more peaceful home with these 7 tips

I recently shared an article on farmhouse style and how its simple characteristics can make a home feel very peaceful. The farmhouse style isn’t for everyone, though, and you don’t have to enjoy country living to create a relaxing and quiet home. No matter what your preferred decorating style is, you can design a more peaceful environment with these quick tips.

1. If bright colors are energizing and oftentimes too stimulating, try decorating with muted colors instead. A softer shade of your favorite color can help you to feel more relaxed. (If you’re trying to decide on a color, blue is well-known for its calming effects!)

Blue walls are calming

Photo credit: Pinterest

2. To keep your overhead lighting from feeling too bright, install a dimmer switch that will soften the lighting. At night, you can add even more ambience by lighting a few candles.

3. I know cleaning doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, but keeping your floors and surfaces clear will help to reduce stress. At the end of the day or right away in the morning, set aside 10 minutes or so to tidy up each room so you can enjoy a clean home for the rest of the day.

4. If your home is lacking in decor, try bringing in some fresh flowers and plants. The natural scents will help you feel calm and some plants can even purify your home’s air.

Fresh Flowers

Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens

5. I think most people would agree with me when I say that nature is very peaceful. Along with decorating with plants, you can bring the outdoors inside with natural materials like jute or wicker.

6. A simple decorating scheme is refreshing. Be careful not to add too many complicated patterns in one room or overcrowd your space with decorative accessories.

7. Are the loud neighbors or annoying traffic patterns causing you to feel stressed? Tune them out with soft music or consider buying a decorative water fountain.

Indoor Fountain

Whether your home is modern or traditional, you can enjoy a more peaceful environment. Try incorporating a few of these tips in your house and see how they work for you!

By Wendy Weinert

Decorating for an open floor plan

Open Floor Plan

Photo credit: Sublime Decor

Homeowners have made open floor plans a popular layout style, and depending on your space, you may find it a suitable design choice for your home as well. Instead of separating each room with walls, open floor plans combine rooms such as the kitchen, dining room and living room into one large open area. I find open floor plans very appealing in smaller homes, and the layout works well for those with more square footage as well. It’s a refreshing feeling to walk into a home with an open-floor layout. With fewer walls and longer sightlines, the style is soothing and instantly creates a less cluttered appearance.

If you decide on an open layout for your own home, or if you are at least considering the option, strategize how you plan to furnish and decorate before you start tearing down walls. Decorating with an open floor plan isn’t the same process as if you were setting up each room individually. With no dividing walls, you have to find a way to create distinct spaces that still fit under one cohesive style.

Defining distinct spaces

Open floor plan

Photo credit: Freshome

To design an open floor plan that works, use furniture and accessories to create distinct rooms within the large area. Although there are no walls separating each room, there should still be individual focal points for each room, such as a pendant over the dining table or the entertainment center in the living room.

Another trick you can try is to divide the rooms not with walls, but with furniture. A large shelving unit can help you create clearly defined spaces, without losing the benefits of an open floor plan.

Creating a unified look

Unified look in an open floor plan

Photo credit: Pinterest

Creating separate rooms that also look cohesive can be a challenge. Tie the rooms together by decorating each space in the same style and color palette. If you’re decorating the kitchen to be mid-century modern for example, search for furniture and accessories that fit into that style as well. Even though each room will have very different purposes and furniture, they will look unified.

With furniture in the right place and a specific style carrying the overall look, you can create an open floor plan that not only works, but amazes.

By Wendy Weinert


Women who have made an impact on interior design

As a woman within the interior design industry, I love being able to look up to strong and leading female designers. Last week I compiled a list of inspiring female interior designers who are currently influencing and making changes to the industry. Now I want to share with you all women who are no longer living. The work done by these women has made a substantial impact on the interior design industry. Without these women, the industry wouldn’t be what it is today.

1. Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper

Photograph from the archives of Dorothy Draper & Co.

Those who like a bold style should look to Dorothy Draper’s past work for inspiration. Dorothy never shied away from bright colors and large patterns, as she thought the vivid decorating style helped increase happiness and energy. Draper started her first business in 1925 and much of her work can still be seen today, in hotels and apartment lobbies.

2. Elsie de Wolfe

Elsie de Wolfe

Photograph from the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Often considered to have invented interior decorating as an occupation, Elsie de Wolfe is certainly a woman who has made a large impact on the industry. Her feminine designs were softer and brighter than the style many were used to at the time, and she was also well-known for making practicality a priority when decorating. De Wolfe first got into design in the early 1900s.

3. Frances Adler Elkins

Frances Adler Elkins

Photo credit: The New York Times

If you favor the eclectic style, you’ll love Frances Adler Elkins. An interior designer who’s popularity grew in the 1930s, Elkins was known for combining various styles and time periods in the same room, often mixing modern with vintage pieces.

4. Nancy Lancaster

Nancy Lancaster

Photo credit: The New York Times

Nancy Lancaster was a designer who first got her start in the 1920s. Through her work with the design company Colefax & Fowler, Lancaster is often credited for creating the “English country-house look,” which featured an elegant and comfortable style that people still love today.

5. Sister Parish

Sister Parish

Sister Parish co-founded Parish-Hadley in 1962 and the company lasted until 1999. Influenced by Nancy Lancaster, Parish expanded on the “English country house” look to create her own, named the American country style. Although Parish-Hadley is no longer in existence, Sister Parish Design, started by Parish’s family, aims to bring back her influential style.

Who are some of your favorite female interior designers? Send a comment and let us know!

By Wendy Weinert

Bring personality to your dining room by mixing and matching chairs


Mismatched dining chairs

Photo credit: Pinterest


Who says your dining chairs have to match? While it’s perfectly okay to purchase a dining table and chairs as a set, you could be missing an opportunity to create a unique look for your space. Mixing and matching chairs allows you to add some fun and personality to your dining room, which is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of space to decorate.

Keep in mind as you mix chairs that there still needs to be a unifying element tying them together. Here are four unifying characteristics to consider:


Even if every chair around your table consists of a different design, the overall look will still appear put together and intentional if they all feature the same color. It may be difficult to find chairs that all have the exact same shade, but you can always paint them if the chairs aren’t upholstered.

Mismatched blue dining chairs

Photo credit: Pinterest


Just like with color, you can place different chairs in the dining room that are made up of the same material, such as wood, to create a unique, cohesive look. You don’t even have to use just chairs. Consider placing a bench on one or more sides of the table and let guests be impressed by your creativity.

Mismatched wood dining chairs

Photo credit: Pinterest


If you prefer upholstered chairs, look for different chairs that feature the same pattern. For example, if you like stripes, you can surround your table with chairs that all have the same striped pattern. Or you can mix striped chairs with chairs that have no pattern at all to keep the look from appearing too busy overall.

Mismatched upholstered chairs featuring the same pattern

Photo credit: Pinterest


Every decorating style consists of unique elements, so use those elements to mix and match your dining chairs. For a traditional dining room, you can use the style’s characteristics – such as detailed carvings and dark wood tones – to find unity among your chairs. If you have a modern dining room, seek out chairs that are simple and sleek.

Modern mismatched chairs

Photo credit: Pinterest

If your dining room is lacking the excitement you would like, have some fun mixing and matching dining chairs to create visual interest. With a quirky setup, you’ll never have to worry about your style being bland or predictable!

By Wendy Weinert


5 home Feng Shui tips to create positive energy

5 Feng Shui elements

Photo credit: Free People blog

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has made its way into Western interior design. When using Feng Shui, the goal is to design a home that aligns with who you are as a person. It is also a way to ensure a space allows your energy (or “chi”) to remain positive and constant. And who doesn’t want that?

You don’t have to be a Feng Shui expert to apply some of its principles in the home. I’ve gathered five easy tips that even beginners can use!

1. Get rid of the clutter

We’re all guilty of creating clutter now and then – I know I am. Living in a cluttered home can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. An easy way to keep the junk from piling up is to do a quick de-clutter session once a week.

Decluttered Living room

2. Ensure quality lighting

Dim lighting can drain our energy, so make sure each room has the right amount of light. For me, the best source of light is natural light. Installing various light sources is necessary, of course, so you can have light  during evenings or in rooms without big windows.

Natural light is the best source of light

Photo credit: Home Adore

3. Keep electronics out of the bedroom

This is hard, I know, but quality sleep and relaxation is essential for creating good energy. Not only does a TV or computer in the room tempt you to stay up later than planned, but electronics can also diminish your quality of sleep.

Keep electronics out of the bedroom4. Let nature in

Nature is soothing and the five elements of Feng Shui (wood, earth, fire, water and metal) have a lot to do with the outdoors. Wooden furniture pieces, plants and an indoor water fountain are all great ways to add nature to your home.

Bring nature inside

5. Choose colors carefully

In Feng Shui, colors are important. For example, if I want a room to be relaxing, I could use the color blue to create a sense of calm. Here is a useful guide I found for choosing colors in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Color

Photo credit: Know Feng Shui

After applying some of these basic Feng Shui techniques, you might start to notice a change in how you feel at home. Feng Shui can help you feel happier, relaxed and more energized.

By Wendy Weinert


Add a hint of glam to your space with these simple decorating ideas

Add a hint of glam to your space with these simple decorating ideas

You might not be a celebrity or have the money to buy your own yacht, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lead a glamorous lifestyle. Glam is making a comeback in interior decorating, mimicking the style of old Hollywood and giving everyone the chance to feel like movie stars. Although this time around, the trend of adding shimmer and shine to one’s home is in no way over the top. Add a hint of glam to your space and live in luxury every day with these five practical decorating ideas.

Add a hint of glam to your space

Photo credit: Mix and Chic

1. Decorate with dramatic colors

Colors that evoke a feeling of glamour are often dramatic. Deep purples, blues and reds are all colors that can be used to decorate a luxurious space, but you can also depend on neutrals such as black or deep grey.

Add a hint of glam to your space

Photo credit: This is Glamorous

2. Find rich fabrics

The combination of the right colors and fabrics is an easy way to incorporate glamour into your space. When selecting furniture, find pieces that feature dramatic colors and materials like suede or velvet. These soft fabrics look rich and feel incredible.

Add a hint of glam to your space

3. Place a chandelier in an unexpected place

People expect to see chandeliers in rooms like the dining room or the foyer. When you hang a chandelier in an untraditional space like the bathroom or bedroom, you’ll surprise guests and create a glamorous look for your space.

Add a hint of glam to your space with these simple decorating ideas

4. Lounge on a chaise

A chaise lounge is a sophisticated alternative to the typical sofa or chair and will make your living room seem far from ordinary. On a Saturday afternoon, you’ll feel like an old movie star relaxing on your elegant chaise.

5. Incorporate metallic tones

Metals like silver, gold or brass are perfect for glamorous spaces. You can choose one metal to incorporate throughout the room, or add a modern twist by mixing metals instead.

You might never be Hollywood’s next leading actress or actor, but you can still live a glamorous life. These simple solutions are easy to incorporate into modern homes and will help you create a luxurious space that is also practical.

By Wendy Weinert