Enjoy a more peaceful home with these 7 tips

I recently shared an article on farmhouse style and how its simple characteristics can make a home feel very peaceful. The farmhouse style isn’t for everyone, though, and you don’t have to enjoy country living to create a relaxing and quiet home. No matter what your preferred decorating style is, you can design a more peaceful environment with these quick tips.

1. If bright colors are energizing and oftentimes too stimulating, try decorating with muted colors instead. A softer shade of your favorite color can help you to feel more relaxed. (If you’re trying to decide on a color, blue is well-known for its calming effects!)

Blue walls are calming

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2. To keep your overhead lighting from feeling too bright, install a dimmer switch that will soften the lighting. At night, you can add even more ambience by lighting a few candles.

3. I know cleaning doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, but keeping your floors and surfaces clear will help to reduce stress. At the end of the day or right away in the morning, set aside 10 minutes or so to tidy up each room so you can enjoy a clean home for the rest of the day.

4. If your home is lacking in decor, try bringing in some fresh flowers and plants. The natural scents will help you feel calm and some plants can even purify your home’s air.

Fresh Flowers

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5. I think most people would agree with me when I say that nature is very peaceful. Along with decorating with plants, you can bring the outdoors inside with natural materials like jute or wicker.

6. A simple decorating scheme is refreshing. Be careful not to add too many complicated patterns in one room or overcrowd your space with decorative accessories.

7. Are the loud neighbors or annoying traffic patterns causing you to feel stressed? Tune them out with soft music or consider buying a decorative water fountain.

Indoor Fountain

Whether your home is modern or traditional, you can enjoy a more peaceful environment. Try incorporating a few of these tips in your house and see how they work for you!

By Wendy Weinert

Bring personality to your dining room by mixing and matching chairs


Mismatched dining chairs

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Who says your dining chairs have to match? While it’s perfectly okay to purchase a dining table and chairs as a set, you could be missing an opportunity to create a unique look for your space. Mixing and matching chairs allows you to add some fun and personality to your dining room, which is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of space to decorate.

Keep in mind as you mix chairs that there still needs to be a unifying element tying them together. Here are four unifying characteristics to consider:


Even if every chair around your table consists of a different design, the overall look will still appear put together and intentional if they all feature the same color. It may be difficult to find chairs that all have the exact same shade, but you can always paint them if the chairs aren’t upholstered.

Mismatched blue dining chairs

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Just like with color, you can place different chairs in the dining room that are made up of the same material, such as wood, to create a unique, cohesive look. You don’t even have to use just chairs. Consider placing a bench on one or more sides of the table and let guests be impressed by your creativity.

Mismatched wood dining chairs

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If you prefer upholstered chairs, look for different chairs that feature the same pattern. For example, if you like stripes, you can surround your table with chairs that all have the same striped pattern. Or you can mix striped chairs with chairs that have no pattern at all to keep the look from appearing too busy overall.

Mismatched upholstered chairs featuring the same pattern

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Every decorating style consists of unique elements, so use those elements to mix and match your dining chairs. For a traditional dining room, you can use the style’s characteristics – such as detailed carvings and dark wood tones – to find unity among your chairs. If you have a modern dining room, seek out chairs that are simple and sleek.

Modern mismatched chairs

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If your dining room is lacking the excitement you would like, have some fun mixing and matching dining chairs to create visual interest. With a quirky setup, you’ll never have to worry about your style being bland or predictable!

By Wendy Weinert


What your home says about you

What your home says about you

You may not realize it, but your home says a lot about who you are as a person. So, does your home reflect the true you? When family, friends or neighbors stop by for a visit, here are just a few of the things they might learn about you simply by walking through your home:

What your home says about you


Do you love to travel? Is music your biggest passion? Share your interests through your home’s decorations and accessories. Display as decor the souvenirs you’ve acquired on your different trips. If your large music collection is stuffed in storage boxes, set up a shelves where you can feature it instead. Meaningful decor will not only display your passions with others, but it will also help you design a home that allows you to feel happy in your surroundings.

What your home says about you


Take some time to think about your personal values and the things in life most important to you. If you value your relationships with family and friends, consider displaying pictures or handmade gifts to highlight those relationships. Values like leading a simple lifestyle can also be shown by designing an open, uncluttered space.

What your home says about you


Some people can’t stand clutter while others feel a little clutter here and there is actually more comfortable. Guests will typically pick up on the level of organization you prefer based on your home’s decorating style. For example, the eclectic style would come off as much more laidback than an ultra-sleek modern environment.

What your home says about you


The colors, patterns, textures and styles you choose can say a lot about your personality. If you consider yourself a bold, adventurous person, you might share that with others by choosing brighter colors and louder designs. If you are someone who likes to be practical, you might prefer to design a space that has a more timeless look.

Consider what others might learn about you by touring your home and determine whether it paints an accurate picture. A home that reflects who you are as a person is a space where you will feel more comfortable living.

By Wendy Weinert


Gold, Silver or Bronze: Choosing the Right Color For Your Bathroom

Photo credit: JJT Trading

Photo credit: JJT Trading

Whether your bathroom is traditional, modern, or eclectic, finding the right color fixtures that match the overall style of your remodel can be a daunting process. Today’s fixtures are available in a variety of different metals, finishes, and price ranges, but are dominated by three main colors: gold, silver, and bronze. While each have their own advantages and disadvantages, matching your fixtures to a room’s lighting, budget, and theme will ensure that your bathroom will reflect your taste level and personality.


Gold-colored fixtures, particularly polished and satin brass, have seen a rise in popularity over the past several years and help give a bathroom a romantic, vintage look. Brass fixtures are generally more expensive than other finishes, and matching gold-colored fixtures to other metals can be more challenging than with silver or bronze-colored finishes. On the other hand, brass is easy to find, easy to clean, and extremely durable—brass fixtures catch the eye and can act as the “wow factor” in your bathroom—classy and bold, without being overly showy. Brass and other gold-colored finishes look best in bathrooms that use lots of porcelain, white marble, and warm lighting.

Photo credit: Homedit

Photo credit: Homedit


Timeless, clean looking, and available in a variety of finishes—silver fixtures polish up nicely and look great under a variety of lighting conditions. Silver-colored finishes such as polished or brushed nickel, chrome, and stainless steel offer the most variety of these medal-themed metals and go well with basically any style bathroom whether it be contemporary, modern, traditional, or eclectic. Silver-colored finishes tend to go very well together, and a mixture of matte and glossy finishes (chrome faucets with brushed nickel lighting fixtures, for example) allows you to highlight certain elements of a room while blending others. While generally the most affordable of the three metal finishes, glossy finishes like chrome can be susceptible to water spots and fingerprints and have to be cleaned often—something to keep in mind before purchasing.

Photo Credit: Amba

Photo Credit: Amba


Rustic, classic, and elegant, bronze-colored fixtures have always been loved for their bold, warm look. At home in a traditional, Tuscan, or Mediterranean setting, finishes like copper and brushed or oil-rubbed bronze are great at adding an old-world feel to any bathroom. Best matched with more intricate lighting that features scrollwork, French, or classic styling, bronze fixtures are durable, easily matched with existing pieces, and will naturally color with age, developing a rich, unmistakable patina. Some bronze finishes, like copper, require a bit more maintenance than others but have natural antimicrobial properties (most germs eventually die after contact with copper surfaces) and will actually “heal” scratches over time—after a short period, blemishes on copper blend and disappear as the fixture’s patina darkens.


Remember to take some time to consider factors like lighting, style, and the practical use the room will see—if you have kids in the house, finishes like chrome may smudge too easily; if you are on a budget, stainless steel is a great option; if you’re going for a bright, eye-catching look, consider polished brass or another gold-colored fixture, but for a more relaxed, rustic approach look to bronze. No matter which color fixtures you choose, knowing about the pros and cons of each can help you make a smart, informed decision that will leave your new bathroom looking medal-worthy.

Looking to add an addition to your home? Here are some things to consider first…


Photo credit: ArtcraftLighting

Photo credit: Artcraft Lighting

It’s a new year, and for many homeowners, that means it is time to start thinking of ways to revamp their home! Some might change up their interior design by purchasing new décor and painting their walls a different color. Other homeowners will decide to remodel a room and furnish it with all new items. And some people – maybe even you – will choose to expand their home and add an addition.
Expanding one’s home is a big project that should not be rushed. You want to be satisfied with the results! If you’re looking to get one step closer to your dream home by adding a new room, be sure to carefully consider these things first:

1. Location
Whether you’re adding a bathroom, a bedroom or a living room, the location is usually the most important factor that you will want to consider. You want to make sure that the room’s location makes sense with the rest of the home. For example, would you want the master bedroom right next to the living room or would you rather have it tucked away? These are things you’ll have to decide.
2. Windows
Do you want the room to be well-lit or are you going for a soft, more romantic glow? If you’re trying to create a light and airy room, you will definitely want some larger windows. If, on the other hand, you don’t want a lot of sunlight, opt for smaller windows and install dimmer switches so you have more control over the brightness levels in the room.
3. Ceiling Height
If you love low-hanging chandeliers or pendants, you want to be sure your ceiling is high enough they don’t hang too low; especially if you have taller people living in your home. You don’t want to hang up a light fixture and force family members to duck every time they walk underneath it!

Photo Credit: Artcraft Lighting

Photo Credit: Artcraft Lighting

4. The Overall Style
Many homeowners don’t consider the style they want for a room until they’ve reached the decorating process. However, architectural elements can also have a huge impact on a room’s overall theme. Establish the style you want right away at the beginning of the process so every decision you make reflects that theme.

A home addition is an exciting project, but also a lot of work. Take the time to carefully plan out the addition and the hard work will pay off big time!

A year in review: looking back on 2013

2013 year in review 2

Are you ready for the new year? This one sure seems to have flown by! Now that January is only days away, let’s take a moment to look back on this past year before we start looking ahead. 2013 was full of a lot activity! Some of the top stories include were Oamacare, the tragedy of the Boston marathon bombing, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian expecting a baby, and the royal birth of Kate and Prince William, to the newest addition to the iPhone family, and the viral videos of Grumpy cat.

The year 2013 featured many new interior design trends – some that are here to stay and others that will probably be outdated in just a couple of years. Bellacor would like to share with you some of our customer’s top picks. Who knows? Looking back may just inspire you to spruce up your interior design moving forward into the new year!

Top interior design trends overall

golden branch mirror.bellacor

golden branch mirror.bellacor (Photo credit: coco+kelley)

Remember our article on Cameron Diaz’s New York apartment? Well, the use of brass was a dominant theme in Cameron’s interior

design as well as being pretty big trend in nation wide. Other trends that were big in 2013, and look like are here to stay next year as well, include the use of bright paint colors, artwork for your whole home, adding texture and decorating with stripes. Is it time to give your home a fresh look? Consider incorporating one or more of these fun design fads into your interior design.

Top products at Bellacor
If you want to change up your interior design for the New Year, get inspired by Bellacor’s customers and their favorite products from 2013! Many of Bellacor’s top products on Bellacor.com or that were pinned by customers this year were light fixtures. Follow the trend and switch out a dull light fixture for a new chandelier or hanging pendants. If you’re looking to change up the look in your bathroom, customers were particularly impressed with our selection of three-light bath fixtures.

Light fixtures are definitely are a customers top pick! Check these out (click on the images and it will take you to the product page to learn more):

bath fixtureMurray Feiss BathroomTroy Pendant



Other Popular Items for 2013
Other popular items for the year 2013 included comforter sets and duvet cover sets. If you’re comforter is a little worse for wear, transform the look of your bedroom and start the New Year with a stylish new bedspread! A simple change like a new comforter or a duvet cover can work wonders to change the look of a room.

duvet coverDon’t forget about your accent furniture that can be used in multiple rooms throughout your house – as well a great cake plate! You, our customers have voted!

Coat rack


What were your favorite design trends or Bellacor products of 2013? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Share your Personality with a Clock!

Decorating your home is an excellent way to display your personality and add “you” into your interior design. While every color, piece of furniture and accessory you choose reflects your style to some degree, there are certain items that can capture the essence of you better than others. One of those items is a crucial piece of décor that often gets overlooked — your clock.

A clock can do more than just tell time and take up space. It can be functional and still show a part of your personality! Here are different character traits you might have, and clocks that match:

Bold and adventurous

Infinity Instruments The Midas Wall ClockDo you consider yourself an adventurous spirit? Than be daring and find a clock that is bold like yourself. You can choose a clock that features a bright, loud color like red or orange. Another cool idea is to hang up a clock that has no numbers at all! There are many clocks that only have hands and structural shapes like lines and circles to represent numbers. They may be harder to read, but they will certainly liven up your living space!

Unique and one-of-a-kind

Control Brands Copper New Haven Melting Shelf Sitter Clock

If you pride yourself on being one-of-a-kind, find a clock that looks like no other! The Melting Shelf Sitter Clock from Control Brands is a perfect example of an unusual clock. The unique “melting” design and beautiful bronze finish will attract the attention of guests and keep them staring.

No-nonsense and straightforward

27-Inch Wooden Wall Clock with Black Frame and Roman Numerals

Just because you like your décor to be simple, doesn’t mean that it can’t also be stylish! A simplistic style looks great in modern homes and a no-nonsense clock will present a sharp look. Try to find clocks that feature a minimalistic design and only one to two colors.

Silly and fun

Control Brands Multi-Colored Novelty Bath Wall ClockYou’re never too old for a little silliness! If you make fun a priority in your life, add it into your interior design as well. A novelty clock is a great way to show off some of your personality or interests. You can also look for a colorful timepiece that is in the shape of an animal or any object you prefer.

Take some time and think about which traits you want to display in your home. Whatever your personality, there is a clock to match. Make sure you check out all the different styles of decorative clocks that Bellacor offers!


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