How to choose the Correct Size for a Coffee Table


Have you ever stepped into a friend’s living room, instantly felt something missing and then noticed there was no coffee table? Coffee tables are often the finishing touch to a living room and can tie all of your décor together for a complete look. While deciding on a table isn’t rocket science, the wide selection of tables offered can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Simplify the process and find the perfect coffee table for your living room with these considerations:

Size and Shape

Take a look at the amount of open space in your living room. Does the room seem really bare or is there limited space? Round tables are perfect for smaller spaces as they allow people to easily maneuver around the area. A rectangular table will fill an empty room and keep it from looking unfinished. Both the coffee table’s height and length should be measured to confirm that the table will fit in its intended location, and remember to be mindful of scale. Here is a pretty good rule of thumb when measuring for a coffee table:
1) keep your coffee table approximately the same height to slightly lower than your sofa cushions.
2) Keep it within two-thirds the length of the couch.
3) Keep your own needs in mind. If you are taller and will be resting your feet on it, go for a higher table. Or if you plan to sit on the floor beside it on occasion, go for one that is lower than the suggested height of the couch might suggest.
Here comes the fun part! Browsing the many different table designs available can be an enjoyable process as it gives you a chance to play interior designer. While selecting a table based on its design is mostly a taste preference, you also want it to fit in well with the overall look of your living room. If you are starting fresh, decide on a style before looking at tables.
What do you intend to use the coffee table for? Some people need their table to be highly functional, while others just want it based on aesthetic appearance. Not all coffee tables are designed to actually hold coffee, so if you intend to place drinks on the table, make sure it isn’t too wobbly. If your coffee table is merely a visual attraction, then you have a chance to think outside the box and experiment. Get creative with different designs and materials that can offer a distinct look.

As summer draws to a close, bring the outdoors in

As much as we might not want to admit it, summer’s on its way out. As the temperatures drop, take the opportunity to appreciate fall’s unique beauty. From the brightly colored leaves to the hardy plants that continue to bloom, nature still offers up plenty of décor inspiration. All you need to do is bring it indoors!


Photo Credit: Mary Crawford Design

Nights on the patio will eventually get chillier, so consider moving your outdoor furniture onto your three-season porch or even your living room for a bit of extra protection from the elements.  If you have removable cushions, switch them out with new ones in warm tones that complement the earthier color palette of autumn.Inside your home, there are even more ways to celebrate the new season. Twigs and branches add a rustic touch when arranged in glass vases, and fall flowers and foliage, like chrysanthemums and ornamental kale, also deliver rich dashes of color.Fall is the perfect time to snuggle up, so make sure your home takes on a cozy atmosphere. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, bring in some pretty logs to store on the hearth (birch is always attractive and cedar is aromatic). Whether your fireplace is gas or wood-burning, using a light fixture with a ceiling fan will help evenly distribute the warmth that’s created. For a final touch, place soft throws in natural materials (like alpaca wool or dense cotton) on couches and chairs, along with plush pillows.
Mohawk all year

In no time, your home will look beautifully autumnal – you won’t even miss summer!

Parents: What chair is best for a newborn’s nursery?

When it comes to preparing the nursery for the arrival of a new baby, a good chair is an absolute must. But if you’ve hit a design wall or are simply not satisfied with the options you’ve found at local stores, it’s time to dig deeper and tap into top nursery decorating trends. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a beautiful chair that’s perfect for baby…

First, although a rocker isn’t a necessity, parents and caregivers often prefer one because it’s a comfortable way to lull baby to sleep. The gentle back and forth motion mimics what the infant felt in the womb, and a comfortable rocking chair is great for nursing and calming baby in the wee hours of the morning.Rocker

Glider rockers provide a smooth motion and are easy to use, but often people are less than thrilled with their appearance. Try customizing your glider with pillows and shams to help tie it to the overall nursery theme you’ve selected. If you’re still unimpressed, consider plush reclining chairs that also have the ability to glide and rock.

The Pulaski Furniture Sutton Grey Swivel Glider Recliner is a great example. Its soft, clean lines add a modern touch to any nursery. The padded backs, arms and sides set this recliner apart – providing a luxurious level of comfort. The ingenious design allows the chair to recline or glide, so you can nuzzle with your little darling as long as you’d like.


Remember, when selecting a nursery chair, you’re not stuck with traditional pastel fabrics. Current trends in nursery décor feature sophisticated color choices like black, burgundy or nudes. The Pulaski Glider plays perfectly to the grey trend, and can complement a little boy’s or girl’s room impeccably. Whatever fabric you select for your chair, make sure it’s durable and easy to clean.

Finding a nursery chair with these characteristics ensures you’ll get exactly what you need for cuddling with baby, but you’ll also have a quality piece of furniture with style potential long after your little angel grows up.

The Design Doctor

By Corey Damen Jenkins for

In my humble opinion, Interior Designers are a lot like doctors: people come to them with ailing homes that need to be operated on. Some people get designers involved early, such as during the construction of a new home. But sadly, there are a lot of people out there who would rather wait until their home is in cardiac arrest before calling up a designer.

While DIY continues to be “all the rage” the truth is many folks make pretty expensive mistakes when they try their hand at decorating and design. In the end, what should be an enjoyable experience becomes a source of frustration. So what are five tell-tale “symptoms” that a person should accept a house call from The Design Doctor?

Photo Credit: Corey Damen Jenkins

Photo Credit & Interior Design by: Corey Damen Jenkins

Symptom #1: The “Play-Doh” Complex: You have good ideas but you are indecisive, unsure of yourself and become like putty in the hands of a hungry, diabolical salesperson. Folks like this end up with rooms full of hodge-podged messes.

Antidote: Like doctors making house calls, Interior Designers work with you IN YOUR HOME, not from a department store’s sales floor, so they can integrate your personal style with any space or house dilemma you may have. In other words, they care about the outcome and will work with you diligently to give you confidence as you make purchases.

Symptom #2: The “Ostrich” Complex: You are overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the process. You admit the house needs a facelift but you have no idea where to get started! Colors, patterns, scale…just thinking about these things gives you vertigo!  So you’d rather just bury your head in the sand and procrastinate.10

Antidote: A design professional will rescue you from the quick sand, and help you face the music! They have been skillfully trained to tackle all of those overwhelming challenges and can take a lot of stress off your shoulders in the process. They are also aware of cost-effective ways that can even make previous mistakes look like they were planned!

Symptom #3: The “Bottom Line” Complex: Okay, so maybe a lot of us suffer from this complex. You know the house needs to be updated–perhaps in stages over a period of months or even years–but you are naturally concerned about how much it will cost. “Budget” is your middle name…and maybe your last name too.

Antidote: An interior designer can prioritize things that need to be done, create a cost-study for you and generate a time-line. They are also well-versed in what the market has to offer in terms of cost savings–but without compromising style or beauty.

11Symptom #4: The “Doubting Debby” Complex: You are leery of making any changes because you’re afraid that they will turn out looking ugly. And then your friends will laugh at you.

Antidote: An interior designer has many specialties, not the least of which is the art of creating great looking spaces. Besides, no interior designer worth their salt will allow their work to be equated with the word “ugly”! Nothing can be possibly worse for a designer than a poor referral–it can be the kiss of death in business–so you can best believe that he or she is going to take pride in their work. They will be dedicated to making you look good as a client.

Symptom #5: The “Running Hampster” Complex: You. Are. Too. Busy. Your home desperately needs a makeover, but you are entirely too swamped with life/work/kids or lack the energy and interest to do it right now.

Antidote: Many Designers have great project management skills. They are well-equipped to negotiate and coordinate the efforts of vendors and contractors. This means you can delegate as much or as little to them to manage in your behalf and they will keep you updated on the progress.


Photo Credit: Delight By Design

Let’s admit it and be honest with ourselves. You suffer from at least one of these maladies, right? If so, why not hire a professional that you can delegate this “problem child” to raise? I say use your energy and time for things that you really enjoy. Or if you do happen to love the art of decorating, imagine how much more enjoyable it would be to have a design coach collaborating with you, helping you to avoid making costly mistakes!

So if your house is on life-support, an interior designer may be just the “cure” needed to resuscitate it back to life. Why not call one up for an interview today?

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Beautiful bedrooms begin with bedding

Bedding_LushDecorIt’s the very first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before falling asleep: your bedding. Interior designers know the bedding you choose can instantly set the mood and tone for the bedroom, and it should be one of the first things you consider when decorating.

Linger a little longer by creating a luxe environment with plush pieces that beckon you to hit the snooze button. Start by selecting a stylish comforter in a beautiful color or pattern. Ivory, for example, is a perfect color for bedding because it projects a clean, upscale look that stands the test of time. The Lush Decor Lucia Four Piece Ivory Comforter Queen Set is a good example. The gorgeous comforter provides an air of opulence with rich swags of fabric and unique tufts stitched to resemble white roses. The matching bed skirt and pillow shams tie the luxurious look together.

Remember, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so under that gorgeous comforter you’ll want to invest in some quality linens. Bed linens come in a variety of materials, with cotton being one of the most popular because it is soft, durable and breathes well.

When shopping for sheets, most people look at thread count. Thread count is typically in the 200-range, while more expensive sheets range from 250 to 500. But thread count is only one consideration – when shopping for cotton sheets, look for Pima or Egyptian cotton varieties, which are made from a high-end, silky thread. Keep in mind, something like bamboo or silk sheets may be a better fit for your particular sleep needs.Blanket-Thinsolate

Many people choose to rotate their bedding, not only due to changes in weather, but also to match their personal tastes. Your airy ivory comforter may be ideal for warmer months, but that colored blanket with extra warmth built-in is the perfect swap-out to add a splash of verve during winter . You’re sure to look forward to bedtime each and every day.


Choosing a sofa that reflects your style

You might think that a sofa is nothing more than a basic living room staple. But a sofa is much more than a place to sit – this key piece of furniture can define a room and even speak volumes about your personal sense of style. That’s why it pays to choose carefully when shopping for the model that will grace your room.

Before you start your search, ask yourself some core questions about your own style. Are you the type who is always entertaining? Or do you love to lounge with family? Do you gravitate toward sleek styles or seek out the comfort of traditional looks? Both your habits and your tastes should dictate what kind of sofa you choose.


  • If you’re always entertaining: When you constantly have a houseful of guests, whether it’s your book club friends or your teenager’s group of buddies, you need a larger sofa to accommodate those extra bodies. A sectional lets you add more space to ensure that there is room for everyone.Sofa2
  • If you like to lounge with family: A sofa that lets you stretch out and let go of the cares of the day should be your pick. A sofa with a chaise gives you the option to sit, snuggle or put your feet up.
  • If you gravitate toward modern art and sleek styles: A streamlined sofa with simple styling and eye-catching material (like leather) is the way to go. Keep in mind that comfort and contemporary design really can go hand-in-hand these days, so there’s no need to compromise your aesthetics to get a comfy couch.
  • If you love history and traditional glamor: Opt for a sofa that bridges the gap between the styles of yesterday and today. The Bauhaus USA Lafayette sofa is a perfect example – it features traditional styling like a camelback silhouette and a tufted back, but in updated, clean lines that bring it into the modern era.

Sofa styles are virtually endless, so while it might take a while to find the style that’s perfectly “you,” have no fear – your ideal sofa is out there.


Flower power: Freshen up your home with on-trend florals

On the runway, at the mall and in the home, florals are one of the hottest trends of the moment. But these aren’t your grandma’s chintzes. From oversize patterns to mini prints, today’s floral flourishes are thoroughly modern, with varying degrees of femininity that can make them fit into any home (don’t fear the flowers, guys!).

FlowerPower-collage1. Devale Accent Cabinet #793476
2. Birds & Flowers Accent chair #754062
3. Eurofase Pratolina Pendant #844242
4. Flowing Leaves & Flowers Mirror #802693
5. Flower Pattern Pillow #671598

Adding simple touches here and there, through décor, accessories and lighting, will let you make the most of the trend without going overboard. Consider these ideas for updating your spaces:

Light fixtures: Look for chandeliers and pendant lights that subtly incorporate a floral feeling. The Crystorama Lighting Group Cypress Wet White Pendant has a classic globe shape, but rather than a plain glass globe, the shade is designed to look like closely bundled roses. Because it’s done in crisp, classic white, the effect is textural, modern and chic.

Crystorama flower pendants

Furniture: Larger pieces featuring floral motifs make a bold statement. Case goods, like cabinets and chests, with floral carving or detailing can bring the trend into a variety of spaces, from the dining room to a bedroom. Botanical fabrics on chairs and couches capture the trend but allow you to adjust the effect to your taste – go with big, bright prints for a bolder effect, or an intricate pattern like toile for something more subtle.

Accents: Just like clothing, home accessories give you a chance to try out a trend without over-committing. Home décor accents let you dabble in the floral trend with little touches that can be added and removed whenever you feel the impulse. Try throw pillows with blooming botanical patterns or a jewel-tone mirror embellished with floral motifs – they’ll freshen up any room in seconds.

Bamboo – A Luxurious and Healthy Fiber

With so many fiber choices out there, how do you choose which one is best for you? Do you struggle with allergies? Is your skin sensitive? Are you concerned about bacteria that some fibers hold? Then bamboo might be the fiber of choice for you.BedVoyageDuvetCover

Sharon Stuart, CEO & Founder of BedVoyage, released the following information about bamboo fiber production process:

“The process of talking a stalk of any kind of tree (Bamboo, birch, Eucalyptus, etc) and turning it into a fiber that can be spun into a textile is called Rayon or Viscose. there is a solvent used in breaking down the stalk into a pulp that can then be spun. this process is commonly called Rayon.

It can seem that when a product is called Rayon, that the connotation is that it is now a synthetic fiber,  but that is not the case. It is the process of taking a natural product and turning it into a fiver that can be woven.

BedVoyage bamboo linens are made from 100% bamboo, unlike many other bamboo companies which blend their bamboo with cotton. we have chosen to use the highest quality bamboo, the highest thread count and not to blend it with any other fiber.

We are required by the FTC to label our products as a Bamboo Viscose or Bamboo Rayon so that the consumer is aware of the process of how bamboo is created.

This is a definition of the making of our Eco-luxury 100% bamboo linens.”

A Naturopathic Physician, Amy Fasig, N.D. also provides some insight into bamboo as a linen. This is what she has to say about it:

“As a Naturopathic Physician, I see a lot of patients with multiple chemical sensitives or skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is important for them to limit their exposure to dust mites, bleach, disinfectants, and other common environmental allergens. Bed Voyage sheets provide an easy and practical way to do so at home and especially while traveling. They are one more toll health-conscious parents can use to protect their children from exposure to irritants when on vacation. Also, I know my menopausal patients will find the coolness of the bamboo helpful for their night sweats!”

Multiple products available from sheets, to towels. Find out more here: Bellacor-BedVoyage

Furniture is a New Star in our September Anniversary Sale

For 12 years, Bellacor has provided a one stop online shopping experience for home decor, lighting and accessories. Although, this year is different, as we have a new website and an expanded and improved furniture category.

And in a time honored tradition, Bellacor is celebrating its annual September Anniversary Sale. With $3,000 in planned giveaways, and a 15% discount on a vast selection of products, this limited time opportunity demands the attention of anyone even considering a purchase for his or her home.

In years past our savvy customers always watch for great deals on lighting and decor, but a new trend is growing. Furniture shoppers have flocked to our site over the past two months looking for great deals for every room. So we decided to include almost 20,000 pieces of furniture in our Anniversary Sale this year. With so much furniture on sale you can easily find a great deal in every room including; Bedroom, Bathroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Entryway, Game Room, Bar, Entertainment Room, Patio, Home Office and more.

Bellacor still offers an ever growing list of lighting and décor for any area in or out of the house. And our selection of products can grace every space in the home with a Midas touch of high style, function and quality. Now, more than any other time of the year, it can be done for amazingly reduced prices.

This opportunity offers some of the best deals of the year and will end soon. If you have been considering a purchase, to improve your home, but have been hesitating, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. If a home furnishings purchase was not in your near future plans, Bellacor’s massive annual September Anniversary Sale may be enough to make you change your mind.

Hunting for that Perfect Accent Piece

What do you do with that small space next to a chair, that hole on your entryway wall, where can you toss my mail and keys?  For over 50 years, Cooper Classics has been providing solutions to those decorating challenges.  With a variety of accent tables, mirrors, clocks and shelves you too can solve your design dilemmas.  What is your style? 



Old World


Simply Elegant


Classic Lines


 Fresh & Modern




All of Cooper Classics items are now on sale.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Hot Summer Savings Event Giveaways, you could win a $500 Product Giveaway by Cooper Classics. See our events page for details.