Looking Forward to 2014

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A new year is upon us once again and you know what that means! It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, new hair styles and, of course, an updated interior design! To get your home ready for the new year, you don’t have to completely remodel each room of your home – just incorporate some of the new great products or 2014 trends into your home’s interior design to revamp the look. Here are some ideas to get you started:

2014 interior design trends
You don’t have to redo your interior design every year just to try and keep up with the new trends. This year, simply pick one or two of the trends you like best and that you believe will stick around for more than just a year. Here are some of our favorite trends that will be characterizing 2014:

Mixing materials
This year isn’t about choosing one material – it’s about variety. You can mix and match different materials like gold and silver metals as well as materials like stone, glass, concrete and wood. To get a more textured look in the living room or bedroom, try decorating with a selection of different fabrics. Mixing materials is a great way to create some interest in a room and give it personality.

Photo Credit: Darius Interior Design Blog

Photo Credit: Darius Interior Design Blog

Decorating with the color purple
Out with the old, in with the new. 2013 color of the year was emerald green, which made the brass trend, and pops of color really take center stage. Replacing last year’s emerald color is Purple but not just any old shade of purple either – it is an orchid. This year is for the PANTONE 17-5641. “Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.  Try incorporating some purple into your home with accent décor like throw pillows, throws, artwork or table lamps.2014 color of the year

Here are a few items that you might want to integrate into your space keeping this color trend in mind:

HomeHills Purple Velvet Vanity Stool

HomeHills Purple Velvet Vanity Stool


Dimond Alva Purple & Black Nickel Floor Lamp


Lush Decor Jewel Six Piece Purple Comforter Set Full Juvy

Lush Decor Jewel Six Piece Purple Comforter Set Full Juvy


Choosing one-of-a-kind pieces
No one wants their home to be ordinary. To add some uniqueness to your interior design, look for one-of-a-kind pieces that will leave your guests impressed and wondering where you shop!

basket Light

A new year is a time for change. Give your interior design an updated look by adding some new products or new trends into your home!

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“Couture & Décor”: How Fashion & Interior Design Will Change Lifestyles In 2014

In your mind’s eye, imagine a highway winding through the natural countryside. On this highway are two automobiles—both made in Detroit of course—driving in two separate lanes, but in the same direction. Occasionally, one car speeds ahead of the other, but eventually the other vehicle always catches up. And while neither car merges into the others lane completely, sometimes their tires casually cross the dotted line. In the end, however, both cars arrive at the same destination, together and on time.

Similarly, Fashion and Interior Design are much like those two cars on the same highway. They transport how people style themselves from point A to point B in the future. And although they are in the aforementioned  “separate lanes”, there is a very thin line between them since both find creative strength from similar inspirations. Why? Because they share the same goal: helping consumers arrive at a gorgeous destination.fashion-sketches

For example, the same couture fabrics and color themes that are seen on models on the runway during Fashion Week in Paris are also being used by high end interior designers across the world to outfit furniture, window treatments and even wall colors. From texture to fit to color, the parallels of fashion and interiors are simply amazing.

For the next few moments we will explore three different ways that Interior Décor will be influenced by couture fashion in 2014. The three trends we’re going to examine are as follows: 1.) Color Fusion 2.) Patterns & Wall Décor and 3.) Mixing Metals

Color Fusion: What will be the color trends for 2014 in interior design?

Tangerine: We saw tangerine trending in fashion in 2011, but it didn’t quite catch on as strongly with interior design as forecasters anticipated. Since it has been incubating in the public’s consciousness for some time now, expect it to return with a vengeance next year. Tangerine is a very versatile color. While it’s not a neutral, it does “play well” with others. Pair it with citrus, black, crème, chocolate or gray to give your living space the feel of a jet-setting experience.

Corey Damen Jenkins1-Tangerine

Jewel Tones: Inspired by fashion, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green will also continue their dominance in interior design and decoration next year. These cooler colors are stunning as velvets on large furnishings like sofas and chairs or as silks and linens for window treatments.

Patterns & Wall Décor: How will Fashion influence Interior Design regarding patterns and wall décor next year?

Plaid will continue to be a popular go-to pattern in homes. Whether it’s featured on fabrics by Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, or other masters, rich color combinations in plaids of varying scales will dominate in many interiors in 2014. Because plaids can be both masculine and feminine in their execution expect many different interpretations of their usage.

Another big trend next year will be using wallpaper in versatile ways. For some time, wallpaper wasn’t in vogue, but that attitude has changed drastically with the arrival of amazing selections inspired by couture fashion. Look for ground-breaking choices that feature textures like bling, wood veneers and unusual artwork as found in stunning new collections from Fornasetti for Cole & Son. And don’t forget to consider your ceiling as option for coverage!

wallpaper by fornasetti

Mixing Metals: A third area Fashion will influence Interior Design in 2014 involves mixing metals.

For many years it was considered a faux pas to mix silver and gold accessories in interior decorating. But that is no longer the case. Just as fashion has broken the rules in terms of jewelry and fabric combinations, so too as Interior Design made it acceptable to mix and match different finishes.

So don’t be afraid to place a gold chandelier over a sofa with silver nail-heads. Or to hang artwork with varying frames in silver, bronze, gold, crystal and black together on one wall salon-style. Remember, that variety is the spice of life—and it’s also the mark of strong interior decorating.

Corey Damen Jenkins2-Mixing Metals

In conclusion, remember that fashion and interior design have been and forever will be in a symbiotic relationship. When you watch models strutting their stuff down the catwalk, imagine those same fashions, those patterns, those colors as inspiration for how you decorate your home. May we all watch 2014 with keen anticipation as interior design and fashion continue to take us down the high road of style!

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Make your home stylish with the color black!

When used effectively, black can be a powerful and striking color in interior design. While it’s a popular color choice in fashion – hence the “little black dress” – people tend to shy away from bringing black into their homes, afraid it will create an intimidating or somber look.

Artcraft Lighting

Artcraft Lighting

Yes, black can be intimidating or grim, but it doesn’t have to be! If you do it right, decorating with black will give your home a bold and captivating look. Bring a little bit of black into your own home with these ideas:


Accent black with bold colors

Want to make a statement? Try painting your walls a solid black color. Then, to keep the walls from looking too stark or aggressive, add bold colors to accent the walls and make the room pop. This will give your room a dramatic look, without being scary.

Abstract art on black wall

Photo Credit: Abigail Ahern

You can add eye-catching color in a variety of ways. Hang up abstract art and let the black wall serve as a nice backdrop. Look for colorful furniture, pillows and linens. Whatever you do, just make sure not everything in your room is black.

Decorate with black and white stripes

Photo Credit: SF Girlbybay

Photo Credit: SF Girlbybay

Clean lines and contrasting colors make black and white stripes visually striking and are more playful than just solid black.

Whether you prefer horizontal or vertical stripes, or like stripes to be wide rather than thin, you can be sure that they will instantly add impact to a room.

If you want to be extra daring, install black and white striped wallpaper! Just be sure that the remaining décor is subtle so that it doesn’t overwhelm the room and give your guests a headache.


Use black as an accent color

If you’re still afraid of too much black in your home, use it as an accent color. Instead of painting the walls a solid black color, find a neutral color to cover your walls and paint the trims and door black for a sharp, put-together look. Certain furniture pieces can also be black, like chairs, tables or even the staircase! A black accent is less intense, but still has that “wow” factor you want.


Stuck with a dull interior design? Create a dramatic look with help from the color black.

By Wendy Weinert