Holiday Organization

With the holidays coming ever closer, the key to staying sane is endless organization especially when it comes to all those extra house guests! Read on for some easy, innovative, organizing ideas that are so useful you will just have to share your new knowledge.  After all, it is the season of giving!


1) Easiest one of all (and one I am sure you already do) is make a list of all your events/ duties for the holidays. This can be stored in an app, on a calendar, or on good ‘ol lined paper.  The key is to have every task in one place and break them down into manageable steps, if necessary.

2) After you have made a list, look around the house and start organizing rooms that are a bit too clutter-friendly. Look into bookshelves or storage cubes that can easily organize those knick-knacks. Just doing this basic de-cluttering will clear your mind and start you off stress-free!

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3) A favorite! – Organize your bed sheets into sets and fold them inside the matching pillowcase. This way, you have sheets at the ready and don’t have to hunt for matching sets when Aunt Mildred surprises you at the door.

4) Pull out your winter clothes from storage and look at each item as you put it away. Are you really going to wear that sweater from the ugly sweater party last year? If not, toss it in a box for Goodwill.  Charitable organizations are always on the look out for warm clothing!

5) Use transparent storage bins for your holiday decorations. This is the easiest way to take stock of what you have already before you go buy another reindeer candle.

6) Store individual light strands in gallon sized plastic bags. This way each strand is separate and will not get tangled with the rest.

Make organization simple and easy for your family with just  a little bit of time and the purchase of just the right items for your space. After all, this is the season to spend time with your family and friends, not stress about clutter. The key is to get started today! The sooner you start organizing, the more seamless the holidays will be!

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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How décor can help make the first year of college successful

College is filled with new experiences. As a first year student, you will meet new friends, take on new responsibilities and move into a new space. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be an overwhelming time. A stress-free living environment will help other tasks seem more manageable. Dorm rooms often have limited space and can become cramped from too much clutter. Give your room personality and structure with the necessary items to make your first year a success.


Dorm Room Before
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Keep your dorm room neat and organized using a variety of storage solutions. With shower totes, freestanding or hanging organizers and drying hampers, you can make sure all of your personal belongings have a designated space, which will cut down on distracting clutter.


Alarm Clock

Start college off on the right foot with an alarm clock that will also keep you from oversleeping. Late nights come with the territory, whether you are cramming for a test or hanging out with friends.  With a reliable alarm clock, you can rest assured that you won’t miss your 8 a.m. class the next morning.


Likely, you will be occupying much of your time studying in your room. There will be late nights, and cramming for exams. If you don’t have the proper lighting, you will likely get headaches, and eye fatigue. Start the year strong with a light for your bed and for your desk that will give optimum illumination to your study and social efforts.

Task Chair

Sitting. It has to be comfortable in order for your mind to fully be focused on the study topic at hand. Get a chair with ample lumbar support and style that will make you want to stay in it for hours.


Every dorm room needs sitting furniture for watching TV or relaxing after class. Try the Loft wool loveseat. It is much more comfortable than a hard futon and will make watching movies more bearable.



The right bedding will make you feel more at home and help you get a good night’s sleep so you’re prepared to pay attention in class. Select a comforter that is cozy, but also matches your personality.


Many dorm rooms are a cold, hard floor – not the most optimum arrangement for a good study environment. Consider utilizing a large rug or several area rugs to provide a nice landing for your feet and an extra place to sprawl.

When you first step into your door room, it will likely be basic and plain. But with preparation, you can personalize it, organize it, and make it fully functional…the beginning to a fun and successful school year!


Dorm Room After
Photo Credit: Laurey W. Glenn from My Home Ideas