Prepare your home for back to school with these 5 ideas

School’s almost in session! Now’s the time to start preparing your home for another busy year. Here are five ways you can organize and set up your home for back-to-school success.

1. Create a homework nook

Click on the picture to see how this desk flips open.

A dedicated study area can help your student stay focused at home, but you don’t have to turn an entire room into a homework station. I’ve found that an unused hallway space or room corner can be the perfect spot. Be sure to provide essentials like task lighting, counter space and a comfortable chair.

2. Seek out smarter storage solutionsdoor organizer

Trying to streamline your morning routine? Start with organization. A hanging shoe organizer in the closet, a storage bench in the mudroom and additional shelves in the bathroom can improve efficiency and help you and your kids easily find personal items in the morning.

3. Rethink bedroom designsblue bedroom

Quality sleep is essential for studying and feeling energized. Consider whether your kids’ bedrooms are designed to promote healthy sleep. An uncomfortable mattress, electronics in the bedroom and even the wrong color palette can reduce sleep quality. According to a study published in the Daily Mail, blue and yellow are the best colors for sleep, while purple is the worst.

4. Have a designated spot for your keys

I can’t count the number of times I have been late because of a lost set of keys. To prevent this from happening to you, pick a designated spot for your keys, such as a hook on the wall.

5. Create a centralized calendarcalendar dry erase

With so many activities, events, doctor appointments and social engagements going on during the school year, you’re going to need a system to keep all of the schedules straight. Hang a centralized calendar in the kitchen, one that has big enough squares so you can write down several reminders for the same day.

School will be here before you know it. Start off the year right with a few organizational and design changes in your home.

By Wendy Weinert

5 things to make your bedroom feel more grown-up

You pay bills, work a full-time job, worry about your credit score. Isn’t being an adult fun? While there are many boring aspects of being an adult, there are also some perks – like sprucing up your bedroom to match your grown-up lifestyle! Before you get started, here are five items every grown-up bedroom should have:

bed, nightstand, and drawers

1. Quality bed: When buying new furniture for the bedroom, it is wise to invest in quality pieces that last. You don’t want to have to keep redecorating year after year. If you can’t afford to purchase all new furniture, start with bigger items like a new bed. A good mattress and comfortable bedding can greatly impact how well you sleep each night.

bed and nightstand with lamp

2. Nightstand: A nightstand is one of those furniture items that isn’t always necessary, but makes your life a whole lot easier. With a nightstand, you can keep your book, lamp and glass of water conveniently at arm’s reach so you don’t have to keep getting out of bed at night.

Photo credit: Warmed by Love

Photo credit: Warmed by Love

3. Stylish light fixture: Not only do you want your grown-up room to be well-organized, but it should be stylish too! Get rid of the standard light-and-fan combo and install a decorative pendant or chandelier. A stunning light fixture is a great way to add style without crowding your space.


Photo credit: Suburban Spunk

4. Mirror: A full-length mirror in the bedroom will save you from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the future. Just do a quick appearance check before work each morning and you’re good to go!

Bellacor Number: 491491

Bellacor Number: 491491

5. Closet organizers: Once you’ve reached the “adult” stage in your life, your wardrobe tends to change and your closet suddenly becomes filled with nice tops, suits and lots and lots of shoes. Keep your closet organized with nice space-saving hangers and a hanging shoe organizer. Your morning routine will be much easier when your closet is organized.

Life can get pretty hectic as an adult. Make life a little easier by turning your bedroom into a stylish, organized space fit for a grown-up.

By Wendy Weinert

Holiday Organization

With the holidays coming ever closer, the key to staying sane is endless organization especially when it comes to all those extra house guests! Read on for some easy, innovative, organizing ideas that are so useful you will just have to share your new knowledge.  After all, it is the season of giving!


1) Easiest one of all (and one I am sure you already do) is make a list of all your events/ duties for the holidays. This can be stored in an app, on a calendar, or on good ‘ol lined paper.  The key is to have every task in one place and break them down into manageable steps, if necessary.

2) After you have made a list, look around the house and start organizing rooms that are a bit too clutter-friendly. Look into bookshelves or storage cubes that can easily organize those knick-knacks. Just doing this basic de-cluttering will clear your mind and start you off stress-free!

customer application

3) A favorite! – Organize your bed sheets into sets and fold them inside the matching pillowcase. This way, you have sheets at the ready and don’t have to hunt for matching sets when Aunt Mildred surprises you at the door.

4) Pull out your winter clothes from storage and look at each item as you put it away. Are you really going to wear that sweater from the ugly sweater party last year? If not, toss it in a box for Goodwill.  Charitable organizations are always on the look out for warm clothing!

5) Use transparent storage bins for your holiday decorations. This is the easiest way to take stock of what you have already before you go buy another reindeer candle.

6) Store individual light strands in gallon sized plastic bags. This way each strand is separate and will not get tangled with the rest.

Make organization simple and easy for your family with just  a little bit of time and the purchase of just the right items for your space. After all, this is the season to spend time with your family and friends, not stress about clutter. The key is to get started today! The sooner you start organizing, the more seamless the holidays will be!

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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Start seeing style: 3 things will make your closet lighting better

The daily closet search can be a challenge. In the early morning hours before work, rifling through your closet without benefit of an effective light fixture is nearly impossible – and that can slow you down just when you’re trying to rush out the door. Spare yourself the squinting and update your closet lighting – you can even use the opportunity to turn a walk-in closet into a luxurious personal dressing room.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

When it’s time to update your closet lighting, keep these three ideas in mind:

Adjustable light: You might think that closet lighting should only have one setting: ultra-bright. While that seems logical, in practice, being able to raise and lower the light level is a surprisingly useful amenity. When your eyes are still adjusting to light in the morning, the ability to dim – and gradually raise – the light levels makes it easier to see comfortably.

Filling the space: If your current light fixture doesn’t reach some parts of your closet, it’s likely that those are the places where unworn and forgotten items gather. A well-lit closet space will ensure that you’re making the best use of the space and all its contents. Adding track lighting is a quick way to solve the problem – simply direct the lights to the corners that need extra illumination. For a more in-depth project, recessed lighting in strategic locations will eliminate those “unseen” areas.

Adding style: Everyone dreams of having a celebrity-style closet like Oprah’s famous walk-in wonderland. But you don’t need to have a billionaire’s budget to bring a little style to your closet. Adding a mini chandelier instantly transforms the space. Make that your centerpiece and then add a large mirror or two and some closet organization solutions (matching shoe boxes, dividers, shelving, etc.) to transform your closet into a beautiful dressing room.