Make a grand statement with chandeliers in the bedroom

When people picture chandeliers, they are generally placed in large, formal rooms such as a dining room or grand entry way. This design standby will begin to change as the newest style trends allow more unique lighting options in the bedroom – including chandeliers. Rather than a standard ceiling fan, people desire more dramatic and decorative light fixtures, and chandeliers are the perfect solution.


With the variety of styles, you can incorporate a chandelier into any room’s décor, whether it is traditional, modern or shabby chic. Just be sure that the style of the chandelier complements the style of the bedroom.

Chandeliers not only provide beauty and intimate lighting, they also save space! Every room should have a focal point, but smaller rooms can limit your options. Chandeliers create instant impact, and because they are hanging from the ceiling, they won’t take over the room, which means even the smallest of rooms can enjoy some excitement.
Crystorama flower pendant bedroom
A chandelier can be installed several different areas of your bedroom; whether it is in the middle of the room, over the bed, or on the side of the room, the chandelier will make a statement. To keep the chandelier from turning into a nuisance, hang it high enough so that everyone in your house can walk underneath without bumping their heads.
Chandeliers add glamour and beauty to any room. Take advantage of the new trend and install a chandelier in your bedroom!

Check out new exclusive designs from Schonbek at Bellacor

Chandeliers are works of art that can bring a sense of grandeur and beauty to any room. One of the most important factors in choosing a chandelier is quality, which is why we at Bellacor are excited about our new partnership with Schonbek, which will make their collection available to you on the Bellacor website.


Since its beginning in 1870, Schonbek has specialized in the creation of custom chandeliers and has continued to influence the lighting industry with over 200 patents. Inattentiveness, quality and authenticity are the hallmarks of every chandelier that is designed and created by Schonbek, and Bellacor now makes it easier to access these exceptional fixtures.


Along with the many brands and styles of light fixtures already featured on the Bellacor website, you can now access the exclusive designs of Schonbek. With the addition of more unique and attractive fixtures, Bellacor has an even stronger lighting section, giving you more to choose from. Although known best for its chandeliers, Schonbek also offers pendant fixtures, wall sconces, lamps and ceiling-mount fixtures. Whatever your taste, you can be sure you’ll find a design that matches your style.Amytis_by_Schonbek_AM5506-22RAY_WBG_Photo¬_Swarovski_Lighting_Ltd

Impact lighting in any room

Lighting can play a significant role in home decor. While you may use lighting to highlight other room decorations, you can just as easily use statement light fixtures to add impact to a room. The key to impact lighting isn’t just selecting a large fixture that is sure to get everyone’s attention; it’s how well you can incorporate a piece into a room. Find the right statement light fixture for every room by keeping these considerations in mind:

Size of room
If you’re working with a smaller space such as a bedroom, it’s important not to use a light fixture that feels overwhelming. It wouldn’t make sense to install a huge chandelier in a tiny room. Instead, try using a smaller fixture that stands out with its unique design or shape. Try using one of Fine Art Lamps’ Chandeliers for your dining room.


Style of room
The light fixture you choose should fit in well with the room’s décor. If you’re going for elegance, you don’t want to install a light fixture that screams quirky and fun. Before deciding on a fixture, make sure you know what style to look for.

Eclectic Living Room by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Niki Papadopoulos

Purpose of lighting
Light fixtures need to be both decorative and functional. Depending on the room, you need them for task lighting or to create a specific atmosphere. In bathrooms, you need lighting to help you get ready in the morning, so bathroom lighting needs to be functional. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t also use lighting to create impact. Try using some beautiflly inspired bath fixtures from George Kovaks to add some flair in your bathroom.GeorgeKovakBathroom

Foremost Crystal chandelier brands – Schonbek, a subdivision of Swarovski Group

With the addition of Schonbek, a brand known for its heritage of premium quality and hand craftsmanship, Bellacor will strengthen its lighting selection, service, and value to support its overall vision of being the leading, trusted, expert online retailer of lighting & home furnishings. Like Bellacor, Schonbek is committed to helping customers beautify their environment by providing incredible product selection, service, expertise.
Since 1870, Schonbek has been synonymous with authentic crystal chandeliers of the highest heirloom quality. Each creation is a radiant masterpiece of elegance and opulence, designed to illuminate generation to come.

For more than 140 years, the Schonbek name has carried with it a reputation as a change maker in lighting, revolutionizing the industry. To date, Schonbek is responsible for more than 200 patents.


True to the Schonbek’s heritage of handcraftsmanship, each premium chandelier is delicately hand worked in the service of Schonbek_Handcrafted_Smallbeauty. The result is pieces of exceptional grandeur that are appreciated by traditionalists and modernists alike.  A made-to-order brand, each authentic masterpiece shines with its own special character in more than 50,000 combinations of finishes, crystal types and styles.

Schonbek is manufactured exclusively at its global headquarters in Plattsburgh, NY, U.S.A., drawing inspiration from its rich European heritage and longstanding tradition of chandelier making. Schonbek is a member of the Swarovski Group.

Seven Ideas to Create a Focal Point Using Light

Each room in your house should have a focal point, a feature that immediately captures the eyes. Some rooms come with a ready-made focal point such as a fireplace or picture window, while others need you to create one. Make sure every room in your home has a noticeable focal point with these seven design ideas:


Photo Credit: Patti Johnson Interiors Design Blog

1. Hang a chandelier in rooms with no focal point.

Focal_Point_ChandelierA large and elegant chandelier is an easy way to create focus in a dining or a living room. Plus, it will add excitement to the room and give it a sophisticated look.


Find this Turquoise and Jade Four-Light Hedy Chandelier at

2. Incorporate accent lighting to feature particular objects.

Sometimes the designated focal point is less obvious and needs help standing out. A little lighting can highlight an architectural element or a group of paintings on a wall you want to feature.

3. Take advantage of large windows.

Window walls can add instant drama to a room, so it’s best to keep them uncovered when you can. People will be instantly drawn to the natural light, especially if the windows offer a nice view. When the sunlight becomes too harsh during the day, cover it up with stylish, bold curtains to maintain the focal point.

4. Complete the look with unique light fixtures.

A focal point may need that something extra to make it look complete. Light fixtures are a great way to add character without being overwhelming.

5. Select a lighted mirror for your bathroom.

If you spend each morning getting ready in your bathroom, you want to make sure you have decent lighting. Mount a lighted mirror on the wall and you will have a well-lit room as well as a focal point.

6. Think about Bright Furniture.

Often times, when selecting furniture and decor for rooms, you may tend to shy away from a bright piece of furniture. However, it provides a great focal point for your eye to grab and rest on when entering a room. Consider adding this to your interior design repertoire.


Photo Credit: Patti Johnson Interiors Design Blog

7. Use Large mirrors.

Large mirrors, not only will command attention, but will give the appearance of doubling the size of your room. The more unique and beautiful – whether in color, shape, or size, the more attention will be given.


Photo Credit: Patti Johnson Interiors Design Blog

Inspired lighting for children

For most parents, decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom is a joy. It’s a place to inject a bit of whimsy and fun vivid hues you may not consider for other areas of the house. Although you’ll likely put a lot of thought into the design concepts and themes behind your child’s room, many parents overlook lighting.


Lighting for children should blend both functionality and style. Rather than settle for a bland single bulb in a clear glass globe, use lighting to bring the room’s design to new heights. A striking light fixture is not only a great design opportunity to inspire little minds as they play pretend or fall into dreamland, but also can be the final touch that creates a perfect, polished look.

Here are a few children’s lighting trends that are sure to inspire:

Ceiling fans: Selecting a ceiling fan for your child’s room is probably driven by function, but today’s ceiling fans are far from boring. Made from numerous types of woods, metals or even fabric, and in just about any shape you can imagine, the blades of a ceiling fan reveal the fixture’s true design potential. From staggered ovals of various sizes in chrome to oil rubbed bronze blades that look like palm leaves, ceiling fan blade options are endless.Kids_Crystorama

Chandeliers: If you’re designing a nursery or a little girl’s room, you can’t go wrong with a crystal chandelier. The is the perfect example of elegance without going overboard. Think chandeliers aren’t for little boys? Modern designs that incorporate clean lines and cool-toned metals are ideal, like the Crystorama Lighting Group Solaris Olde Silver Three-Light Chandelier.

Transitional: Transitional style fixtures can be a good option for children’s spaces. Not only are transitional styles great for just about any color palette or theme you’ve selected, they offer great longevity. So when your little lad or lass isn’t’ so little, the piece can continue to be used, even when you update the room’s décor.

As Featured in Veranda: Troy Lighting brings grace and elegance with the Delacroix collection


A lighting industry leader since the 1960s, Troy Lighting’s fixtures demonstrate their passion for quality, design, value and service. A stunning example is their Delacroix collection, which was featured in the July/August issue of Veranda magazine. Delacroix combines an old world style and aesthetic with cutting edge technology and artisan craftsmanship. This transitional piece can work well in any interior, from modern to traditional, and would look great in an entryway, kitchen or dining room – not to mention myriad contract applications.

Made from hand-worked iron, it also features the warmth of aged wood beading and hand-carved accents, as well as distressed gold leaf, giving it a luxurious, yet restrained feel. The French bronze finish confers a sense of classic European elegance. The Delacroix collection includes multiple pendant sizes and shapes to fit a variety of rooms and uses, all while maintaining its distinctive style.

Delacroix Room

Troy Lighting’s dedication to unique design, superlative service and exquisite craftsmanship – all at a reasonable price – has allowed them to become an industry leader in its 50-year existence. They create both indoor and outdoor fixtures that are unlike anything else in the marketplace.

Some of Troy Lighting’s outdoor pieces have been spotted in stylish living rooms and dining rooms. Hand-forged iron, hand-applied finishes and hand-blown glass are just a few of their signature materials, which, combined in both new and classic ways, have come to establish the Troy Lighting style and brand. They take great pride in their design, engineering and inspection standards. It’s through this brilliant combination of product and service that they’ve thrived in the marketplace for half a century. Explore their whole collection, including pendants, sconces, indoor and outdoor fixtures and bathroom and kitchen lighting, all available at Bellacor.

Inspirational lighting and how it transforms a space

If there’s one décor element in a home where a dramatic effect is welcome, it would have to be lighting. The fixtures you select for your interior space can set the tone for the entire house. A functional focal point like a stunning chandelier can be inspirational and help you define a style for your home that is perfectly ‘you.’ Hence the term “inspirational lighting.”

Whether sleek and modern, elegant and ornate, or rugged and rustic, chandeliers are available in numerous sizes and virtually unlimited styles. Narrowing down your options to just one favorite might be your hardest décor decision yet. But find one you love, and it won’t only beautify the space, but it will inspire the theme and help you select other complementary décor.

One striking chandelier that reflects many of today’s top décor trends is the Corbett Tranquility Silver Poetry Twelve Light Pendant. This chandelier was recently featured on the front cover of Westchester Home magazine. It’s truly a great example of a chandelier that makes an inspirational statement.Corbett Poetry Tranquility Silver Nine Light Pendant

The exquisite burst design of this Corbett chandelier embraces the cluster trend that is featured in just about any home décor magazine on shelves these days. The fixture also incorporates the precious metals trend, featuring iron with a silver finish of polished chrome. Finally, it captures the movement of designers toward selecting hand-crafted decorative pieces, known for their top quality and attention to detail.

These trends come together to create the cover-worthy look, but the chandelier can also be inspirational for other decorative elements. Wall color, textiles, accessories and more can all be tied to the chandelier’s appearance, sure to create a breathtaking room that will leave guests speechless.

Picture-Perfect Lighting: As Featured in Elle Décor

Have you ever dreamt of making your entryway, dining room or bedroom look like it belongs in a magazine? Check out the May and June 2013 issues of Elle Décor. They feature two of our most exciting lights, and they’re now available to order for your home! Check out the magazine covers on our facebook page.

The  Big Bang pendant from Corbett Lighting, featured in the May issue, is designed for maximum impact. A constellation of multi-color cut glass jewels illuminated by a smoked diffuser, this contemporary luminaire is a complemented by a silver leaf finish and polished stainless accents for allover sparkle and shine. Renowned for superb fixtures hand-crafted from highly stylized materials, Big Bang embodies Corbett Lighting’s reputation for unmistakable statement lighting.

Siteshot_Big BangElle Décor also featured the Mason twelve-lamp chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting in their June issue, which mixes traditional and contemporary design cues to unforgettable effect. Mason features two tiers of spokes reminiscent of carriage wheels, classic plumb-bob construction and minimalist cylindrical diffusers, uniting diverse eras and forms to create a memorable focal point for your room. Impeccable aged brass or polished nickel finishes put the final touch on Hudson Valley Lighting’s signature style.


Discover Big Bang, Mason and a wealth of other picture-perfect lights from Corbett Lighting and Hudson Valley Lighting at

Start seeing style: 3 things will make your closet lighting better

The daily closet search can be a challenge. In the early morning hours before work, rifling through your closet without benefit of an effective light fixture is nearly impossible – and that can slow you down just when you’re trying to rush out the door. Spare yourself the squinting and update your closet lighting – you can even use the opportunity to turn a walk-in closet into a luxurious personal dressing room.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

When it’s time to update your closet lighting, keep these three ideas in mind:

Adjustable light: You might think that closet lighting should only have one setting: ultra-bright. While that seems logical, in practice, being able to raise and lower the light level is a surprisingly useful amenity. When your eyes are still adjusting to light in the morning, the ability to dim – and gradually raise – the light levels makes it easier to see comfortably.

Filling the space: If your current light fixture doesn’t reach some parts of your closet, it’s likely that those are the places where unworn and forgotten items gather. A well-lit closet space will ensure that you’re making the best use of the space and all its contents. Adding track lighting is a quick way to solve the problem – simply direct the lights to the corners that need extra illumination. For a more in-depth project, recessed lighting in strategic locations will eliminate those “unseen” areas.

Adding style: Everyone dreams of having a celebrity-style closet like Oprah’s famous walk-in wonderland. But you don’t need to have a billionaire’s budget to bring a little style to your closet. Adding a mini chandelier instantly transforms the space. Make that your centerpiece and then add a large mirror or two and some closet organization solutions (matching shoe boxes, dividers, shelving, etc.) to transform your closet into a beautiful dressing room.