Interior designers Steven & Chris have teamed up with Artcraft Lighting

steven_and_chris_hd__programIf you’ve followed the careers of interior designers Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman and are familiar with their work, you know that they’ve got impeccable taste. Currently hosting the show “Steven and Chris,” the two designers are well-known in their industry and have their own line of furniture, textiles, decorative accessories and area rugs, as well as a lighting collection with Artcraft Lighting.

When Steven and Chris partnered with Artcraft Lighting, they sought to create a collection that is classic, yet modern—a look that bodes well in many contemporary homes. While Steven and Chris use their talents to create design ideas for the collection, the Artcraft team makes sure each light fixture turns out with amazing quality.

In a video featured on Artcraft Lighting’s website, Steven and Chris sat down to talk about their work with the company and how they get inspired for design ideas. During this time, they also discuss some of the newer lighting trends mentioned below; try including them in your own interior design.

Gold is making its way back into the design world and becoming a popular choice for light fixtures. Installing a golden pendant is a great way to bring elegance and warmth into a room. You can also select a fixture that incorporates different metals for a bolder and unique look – like this Sushi bar in Montreal.
SushiBar in MontrealAnother common lighting trend is hanging chandeliers in nontraditional spaces. Steven and Chris state that these dramatic fixtures can be used in any room, even the bathroom, as long as they are the appropriate size and style. If you’re tired of your bedroom look, try hanging a chandelier and see how it instantly transforms. Of course, this principle could be applied to any area of your house, such as a kitchen, bathroom, or even mudroom. Give it a try – you will be amazed!

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Take a peek inside Mindy Kaling’s home and get inspired

It’s not hard to imagine why so many people look to Mindy Kaling for style ideas. Kaling, the creator and star of the popular network television show, The Mindy Project, is always seen wearing fabulous outfits on her show and in real life that match her bold and girly personality.  And now, her many fans can also be inspired by her home’s interior design, thanks to ELLE Décor. Kaling gave ELLE décor, and the rest of the world, a peek into her home via Instagram and based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s colorful, fun and even a bit nontraditional—a combination that is quintessentially Mindy. Take a leaf out of Mindy’s style book and incorporate these design ideas into your own home:

Mix patterns
Most style trends suggest that one bold pattern is enough—any more and you might have a disaster. Mindy knows, however, that you can mix designs and still create a great looking room. In both her dining and bedroom, Mindy decorates with two loud patterns that are very different from each other, but she does it well. Add some fun into your décor and try using more than one pattern in the living room.


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Don’t be afraid of color
No one could ever say that Mindy’s home lacks color—and if they did, it would most definitely be a lie. In every room that she has shown so far, there is an array of colors, mostly girly colors, used to help give off an eclectic and cozy look. While you don’t necessarily have to go girly, you can easily incorporate your favorite colors into your bedroom or any room of the house.


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Tie it together
Even Mindy knows her limits. While she uses a variety of colors and likes to mix patterns, Kaling knows how to tie the look together. For example, in her dining room, the upholstered chairs come in two very different designs, but they have the exact same color palate to give them a feeling of togetherness.  And in the bedroom, Kaling has a brightly colored bedspread, but opts for a neutral colored rug. When decorating your rooms, make sure you aren’t just throwing things together without giving the design some thought.


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