Buying a ceiling fan part one: matching the fan to your space

Buying a ceiling fan isn’t just a matter of picking out the design you like best; in fact, that part comes later. In order for ceiling fans to be most effective, it’s essential that you first select a fan to match your space. Before you even start to think about styles and finishes, though, you must determine how your space will be influencing your purchase decision.

Buying a ceiling fan part one: matching the fan to your space

Outdoors or indoors?

Although outdoor and indoor fans look the same, they’re actually built for different environments. Outdoor fans are designed to handle conditions like heat, wind and humidity, while most indoor fans would just rust if installed outside. Some indoor fans, however, are also designed for special conditions, such as humidity. If the fan is going to be installed in a room where there will be moisture, such as a bathroom, look for a UL-Damp rated fan. This rating means the blades will not warp.

Buying a ceiling fan part one: matching the fan to your space

Room size

In order for a ceiling fan to properly circulate air in a room, the blade span has to be large enough to handle the room’s size. Once you know where you’ll be installing the ceiling fan, the next step is to measure that space and determine the appropriate blade span to match.

Rooms up to 75 sq. ft. = 29 to 36-inch blade span
Rooms up to 175 sq. ft. = 42 to 48-inch blade span
Rooms up to 350 sq. ft. = 52 to 56-inch blade span
Rooms more than 350 sq. ft. = 60-inch or larger blade span

Ceiling height

It is best to hang up ceiling fans so the fan blades are about 8 feet above the floor. Most fans have more than one mounting option, which allows you to install yours at the proper height.

Buying a ceiling fan part one: matching the fan to your space

Flushmount: These fans have no extra attachments and are designed for low ceilings.
Downrod mount: If you have a ceiling that is higher than eight feet, use a downrod mount.
Angle mount: This type of mount should be used for angled or sloped ceilings.

Now that you’ve factored in space considerations, you can start to think about fun details like design and lighting! Stay tuned for our next article’s tips on buying a ceiling fan to match your preferences.

By Wendy Weinert

Why pineapples are popular in interior design

Have you ever asked yourself why pineapples are so popular in interior design? Sure it’s a delightful and fun design trend, but what makes this fruit so special?

Pineapple Medley, Set of Three #612962

Pineapple Medley, Set of Three #612962

Pineapples have been showing up in American interior design for years now and it’s not just because they add a cute design element to one’s home. The reason for this fruit being a popular decorating choice has a lot to do with history and goes way back to the time of Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus
Pineapples originated in South America, but once they were “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the fruit made its way to Europe and became an instant hit. By the 17th century, this sweet fruit made its way to America – and design enthusiasts are grateful that it did! What started out as a delicious piece of fruit eventually became a stylish symbol for hospitality in people’s homes.
In early America, colonists had to import pineapples from the Caribbean and this made the fruit a rare commodity. Those who were lucky – or wealthy enough – to get a pineapple would show it off and use it to adorn their dining table. Since this fruit was so hard to come by, people who were visiting saw a pineapple centerpiece as a compliment and a welcoming gesture. The popular fruit then became symbolic and was more than just a tasty treat. It became a sign of neighborliness and was used to show friendliness toward guests.

It didn’t take long before pineapples moved from the dining table and started showing up in one’s interior design. People would welcome guests into their home with pineapples featured in light fixtures, doors, shutters, bedposts and even wallpaper!

Ellington by Craftmade Pineapple Matte White 52 Inch Blade Span Outdoor Ceiling Fan And Blades #827446

Ellington by Craftmade Pineapple Matte White 52 Inch Blade Span Outdoor Ceiling Fan And Blades #827446

Antique Gold Pineapple Table Lamp #444211

Antique Gold Pineapple Table Lamp #444211

Castilian Trading Acanthus Leaves and Pineapple Six-Light Chandelier #475198

Castilian Trading Acanthus Leaves and Pineapple Six-Light Chandelier #475198

Whitehall Products Pewter Silver Pineapple Aluminum Welcome Mat #132922

Whitehall Products Pewter Silver Pineapple Aluminum Welcome Mat #132922

If you love the look of pineapple designs and want to incorporate some historic symbolism into your home’s interior design, show off your hospitality with a stylish pineapple lamp or throw pillow in the living room. Guests will be intrigued by your new décor and be impressed with your welcoming taste.

By Wendy Weinert

Adorn your home with chandeliers

An evening out is a fun opportunity to get dressed up and look your best. Before heading out the door, you might take a look in the mirror and notice something missing. Jewelry can be that “something extra” that completes an outfit and helps your beauty shine even more. What jewelry can do for a person’s appearance is what chandeliers can do for your interior design. Think of chandeliers as being the jewelry that helps your home shine.

Photo Credit: Craftmade Lighting

Photo Credit: Craftmade Lighting

Just like a big diamond ring or necklace, big chandeliers are dramatic and make a statement. To create an impressive dining room, hang an exquisite chandelier decorated with crystals right above the table. Every night, dinner with the family will feel like a special occasion. If you’re looking for something to stand out, but don’t feel an elegant chandelier really fits in with the room’s style, an unusual or unique looking fixture works just as well at grabbing people’s attention and will take a room’s look to the next level.


Photo Credit: Corbett Lighting

Not all jewelry shouts for attention and not all chandeliers are meant to look luxurious or grand. Chandeliers are now being used in other rooms besides the dining room or foyer, which has created the need for more modern and sometimes subtle designs. If you want a fixture that makes a room look complete, but still blends in with the rest of the décor, select a design that’s simple, yet interesting. The Hendrik Old Bronze Five-Light Chandelier creates an interesting design element, but won’t overpower a room and look out of place.


Photo Credit: Kichler Lighting

Hang up a chandelier to give your interior design the something extra that it needs to look its best.

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Ceiling Fans Vs. Air Conditioning: A Story of Energy-efficiency, Cost Savings and Style


As individuals in a society that is striving to move away from wasteful energy consumption and towards sustainable energy conservation and cost savings, we are always looking for ways to do our part.  Many of us have analyzed our household lighting, electronics, and appliance usage, and made adjustments to conserve energy and save money.  Similarly, it is to our benefit, and the benefit of society as a whole, that we take a close look at the cooling systems in our homes and determine if there are changes we can make to conserve energy and financial resources; more often than not, there are.


During warmer seasons of the year, we all want to maintain a cool, comfortable atmosphere in our homes.  For many of us, that means turning on the air conditioner, expending a significant amount of energy, and paying high costs to do so.  While air conditioning certainly has its place and makes for an appropriate cooling option at times, the benefits of ceiling fan usage either alone, or in conjunction with air conditioning, can offer many significant energy and cost saving advantages.  Consider that a ceiling fan by a manufacturer like Fanimation uses as few as 30 watts during operation, while a central air conditioning system can use upwards of 5,000 watts.  Additionally, ceiling fans when used properly regulate air circulation in a room.  Setting a fan to spin counter clockwise sends cooler air downward, making the room’s occupants feel up to four degrees cooler.  In warmer months, this means you can conserve energy and save money by turning up/off the thermostat on your air conditioning.  In cooler months, you can set the ceiling fan back to clockwise and still enjoy all of its air circulating benefits.


The use of ceiling fans is so effective at reducing energy consumption that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using them to reduce or eliminate the need to use air conditioning.  In an effort to motivate every American to reduce energy consumption by turning off their central air conditioning systems and relying solely on fans, Fanimation is initiating National Ceiling Fan Day (“NCFD”) on September 18, 2013.  Full participation would result in a savings of over three trillion kilowatts hours of energy consumption!  NCFD will go a long way towards raising awareness about how ceiling fans can fit into an overall energy and cost savings plan.

It comes as little surprise that Fanimation is taking the lead on raising awareness about ceiling fans.  Fanimation pushes the boundaries of ceiling fan technology and their fans offers some distinct advantages over conventional ceiling fans.  Fanimation offers a large selection of fans with DC motors, which generate more power/torque than conventional fans while consuming 70% of the power.  DC motor fans are also lighter, require less electrical energy, offer six speeds with reverse technology and are virtually silent, among numerous other benefits.  Many Fanimation ceiling fans also come with the prestigious ENERGY STAR rating, which the Department of Energy bestows upon the most energy efficient appliances and building products.  Fanimation’s Islander Collection ceiling fans boast the prestigious ENERGY STAR rating and DC motors, while offering a touch of the tropics via an eye-catching design narrative.  The Fanimation Zonix Wet Collection is also notable for its ENERGY STAR rating, as well as a modern, sophisticated style.

As you think of ways to conserve energy, reduce your costs, and add a touch of style to your home, consider the use of ceiling fans and all of the wonderful ways in which they will benefit your household.

Inspired lighting for children

For most parents, decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom is a joy. It’s a place to inject a bit of whimsy and fun vivid hues you may not consider for other areas of the house. Although you’ll likely put a lot of thought into the design concepts and themes behind your child’s room, many parents overlook lighting.


Lighting for children should blend both functionality and style. Rather than settle for a bland single bulb in a clear glass globe, use lighting to bring the room’s design to new heights. A striking light fixture is not only a great design opportunity to inspire little minds as they play pretend or fall into dreamland, but also can be the final touch that creates a perfect, polished look.

Here are a few children’s lighting trends that are sure to inspire:

Ceiling fans: Selecting a ceiling fan for your child’s room is probably driven by function, but today’s ceiling fans are far from boring. Made from numerous types of woods, metals or even fabric, and in just about any shape you can imagine, the blades of a ceiling fan reveal the fixture’s true design potential. From staggered ovals of various sizes in chrome to oil rubbed bronze blades that look like palm leaves, ceiling fan blade options are endless.Kids_Crystorama

Chandeliers: If you’re designing a nursery or a little girl’s room, you can’t go wrong with a crystal chandelier. The is the perfect example of elegance without going overboard. Think chandeliers aren’t for little boys? Modern designs that incorporate clean lines and cool-toned metals are ideal, like the Crystorama Lighting Group Solaris Olde Silver Three-Light Chandelier.

Transitional: Transitional style fixtures can be a good option for children’s spaces. Not only are transitional styles great for just about any color palette or theme you’ve selected, they offer great longevity. So when your little lad or lass isn’t’ so little, the piece can continue to be used, even when you update the room’s décor.


If you’re looking for a cool summer destination, why not take a spin to the Antique Fan Museum? Just a half-hour’s drive from Indianapolis, the Antique Fan Museum in Zionsville, Indiana, is a treasure trove featuring more than 450 antique ceiling and desk fans. It’s located at the headquarters of Fanimation, Inc., the premier ceiling and desk fan manufacturer renowned for original and reproduction fans. The museum’s collection represents more than 140 manufacturers dating back to the early 1800s, making it the perfect gathering place for decorative arts enthusiasts, gearheads and fan aficionados of all ages. Plus it’s the only museum of its kind that’s open to the public, which makes it a fun and unique experience.

Museum Grand Opening Videomuseum_entrance

Turnaround Time

The museum was first launched by the Antique Fan Collectors Association (AFCA) in 1997, displaying fans acquired by its members. In 2008, the AFCA moved the museum to its current location at the invitation of Fanimation founder and CEO, Tom Frampton. Since age 17, when he repaired his first vintage fan while employed by an antiques dealer, he’s been an avid fan collector. Through his extensive world travels, Tom has curated a captivating collection of antique fans, which are now on exhibit.

A Revolutionary Collection

At the Antique Fan Museum, you’ll discover every kind of fan imaginable. Some are true curiosities; others are works of incomparable ingenuity; and each is a link with the past. Check out designs ranging from ephemeral hand-held advertising fans featuring brands, movie stars and politicians to über-durable fans for railroad cars and battleships. Explore a variety of indoor ceiling, wall, desk and pedestal fans with hot air engines, fueled by steam, lamp oil and—break out your flask—alcohol. And be on the lookout for surprises, like early coin-operated fans used in hotels and one of the world’s oldest electric desk fans, circa the early 1890s.

Air Apparent

After you’ve toured the museum, linger in the lobby to learn about the history of Fanimation and to see fans inspired by Tom’s personal collection. These exquisite reproduction models unite authentic vintage styling with modern safety and control features to create fans that represent the ultimate in character, comfort and convenience.

Style You Can Bank On: The Fargo

Fargo Application

Back in the 1920s, bankers, brokers and lawyers needed fans that would help them stay cool without blowing away their stacks of cash, stock certificates and legal documents. The solution then was the Savory Airator. A desktop fan featuring horizontal blades in a gilt cage, the Airator created lateral air movement that left their papers unruffled. Re-envisioned by Tom as The Fargo, this safer and more efficient desktop fan offers three speed settings, creating maximum comfort while your communiqués stay put. Available in satin-nickel finish with chrome accents, oil-rubbed bronze with antique brass accents, and burgundy faux leather with brushed brass accents, the Fargo adds the perfect touch to home or office décor.

All That Jazz: The Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald Application

F. Scott Fitzgerald is often quoted as saying “There are no second acts in American lives.” But even The Great Gatsby author would have to agree that Tom and the team at Fanimation transformed the legendary Robbins & Myers Peacock fan, originally designed in 1933, into a thoroughly modern marvel. Uniting speakeasy styling with the latest technology and safety features, The Fitzgerald offers three speed settings, breezy oscillating motion and elegant satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze finishes. Equally at home on the wall and tabletop, The Fitzgerald is a versatile performer and powerful second act.

 Now You See It, Now You Don’t: The Air Shadow

Inspired by one of Tom’s favorite vintage ceiling fans, The Air Shadow is composed of four curved blades, combining a striking silhouette and a 43-inch sweep. When the Air Shadow isn’t in use, the blades retract, presenting a different yet equally compelling profile. A handy remote control operates the fan at three forward and reverse speeds, plus you can dim or brighten the light at the touch of a button.

Take another look and discover fans in both an old yet new light.

The Details

Fanimation Museum Brochure

The Antique Fan Museum
Address: 10983 Bennett Parkway, Zionville, IN 46077
Hours: Monday–Friday, 10 AM–4 PM, or by appointment at 317.733.4113.

Hot Summer Savings: Get the best deals on lighting you need now

Summer’s here and that means enjoying the outdoors, inviting friends over for summer parties and barbecues, and trying to stay cool as the temperatures climb. With all that in mind, it’s the ideal season to switch up your lighting – and Bellacor’s Hot Summer Savings Sale makes it easier to do it. Enjoy 15 percent off lighting fixtures that will make your home as ready for summer as you are.

summer event blog

Here are three lighting options that are sure to make summer living even easier:

ceiling fanFan fixtures: When it’s hot outside, one of two things will happen inside your home. It will either get hot right along with the outdoor temps, or your energy bills will go through the roof, thanks to cooling costs. Save yourself the sweltering and the hit to your wallet by adding lighting fixtures equipped with fans. They’ll help cool your space without the costly energy expenditures of air conditioning – plus, they can add some breezy summer style.

Pinecone_outdoorlightingLandscape lighting: As your gardens start to bloom, show off all the work your green thumbs have done. Carefully arranged landscape lighting will show off your finest plants and flowers, and can also help guide guests safely along outdoor pathways.

Outdoor room lighting2Light_OutdoorPost: Setting the scene is the most important part of summer entertaining. Get in on one of the hottest outdoor design trends – outdoor rooms – by adding decorative lighting and comfortable, chic (and weather-resistant) furniture. Lighting options can range from post lights to sconces, or, in enclosed spaces like a screened-in patio, even chandeliers.

With 15% savings on lighting across the Bellacor website, it’s even easier to make this summer a stylish one.