5 guest-bedroom essentials to create a comfortable space for company

You may not run a hotel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide a comfortable space for visitors to enjoy. These five guest-bedroom essentials will ensure that your space is ready for company at any time of the year.

5 guest-bedroom essentials to create a comfortable space for company

1. A lamp

You’ve mastered the art of finding your bed in the dark, but your visitors are stumbling in an unfamiliar space. Help them out by placing a lamp next to the bed. A lamp is also nice for guests who like to read before falling asleep.

5 guest-bedroom essentials to create a comfortable space for company

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2. Blackout curtains

If you want to give your guests the opportunity to sleep in, you’ll need blackout curtains to keep the room dark in the morning. When visitors are spending time in the room during the day, they can simply open the curtains and enjoy the sunshine.

5 guest-bedroom essentials to create a comfortable space for company

3. A bedside table

Bedside tables are convenient to have in any bedroom, but are especially nice for guests. With a bedside table, visitors can keep a glass of water, their glasses, a book or any other item they want within reach. You can even use the bedside table to offer magazines or popular books that you think the visitors might enjoy.

5 guest-bedroom essentials to create a comfortable space for company

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4. A rug

If you have squeaky floors, guests might feel uncomfortable walking around in the morning. Cover your hardwood floor with a stylish rug to soften the noise and add visual appeal to your space. A rug is also a great way to cozy up your space, making it more comforting to guests.

5 guest-bedroom essentials to create a comfortable space for company

5. Extra bedding and pillows

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sleeping. Some people like to sleep with five pillows, while others are content with just one. Some might get hot during the night whereas others are always cold. Provide extra bedding and pillows for your guests so they can sleep in whatever style they find most comfortable. It might be useful to have a storage chest nearby where guests can place any unwanted bedding.

Does your guest bedroom have these five essential items? Before new guests arrive, update your guestroom to create a comfortable and welcoming space.

By Wendy Weinert

5 things to make your bedroom feel more grown-up

You pay bills, work a full-time job, worry about your credit score. Isn’t being an adult fun? While there are many boring aspects of being an adult, there are also some perks – like sprucing up your bedroom to match your grown-up lifestyle! Before you get started, here are five items every grown-up bedroom should have:

bed, nightstand, and drawers

1. Quality bed: When buying new furniture for the bedroom, it is wise to invest in quality pieces that last. You don’t want to have to keep redecorating year after year. If you can’t afford to purchase all new furniture, start with bigger items like a new bed. A good mattress and comfortable bedding can greatly impact how well you sleep each night.

bed and nightstand with lamp

2. Nightstand: A nightstand is one of those furniture items that isn’t always necessary, but makes your life a whole lot easier. With a nightstand, you can keep your book, lamp and glass of water conveniently at arm’s reach so you don’t have to keep getting out of bed at night.

Photo credit: Warmed by Love

Photo credit: Warmed by Love

3. Stylish light fixture: Not only do you want your grown-up room to be well-organized, but it should be stylish too! Get rid of the standard light-and-fan combo and install a decorative pendant or chandelier. A stunning light fixture is a great way to add style without crowding your space.


Photo credit: Suburban Spunk

4. Mirror: A full-length mirror in the bedroom will save you from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the future. Just do a quick appearance check before work each morning and you’re good to go!

Bellacor Number: 491491

Bellacor Number: 491491

5. Closet organizers: Once you’ve reached the “adult” stage in your life, your wardrobe tends to change and your closet suddenly becomes filled with nice tops, suits and lots and lots of shoes. Keep your closet organized with nice space-saving hangers and a hanging shoe organizer. Your morning routine will be much easier when your closet is organized.

Life can get pretty hectic as an adult. Make life a little easier by turning your bedroom into a stylish, organized space fit for a grown-up.

By Wendy Weinert

Washing your bedding. Why you should be doing it more often

Bellacor #193169

Bellacor #193169

A person wears a shirt once and immediately throws it in the dirty clothes pile after changing into pajamas. That same person sleeps in her/his bed every night, but yet finds it unnecessary to wash the bedding more than once a month. Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. Many people go weeks or even months without washing their sheets and blankets. The problem with not washing your bedding, however, is that it is becoming much more dirty than you realize.

Champ-Cay Lifestyle_004-cropped

When you’re sleeping, your body sheds dead skin cells. And do you know what bug likes dead skin cells? Dust mites. These tiny, microscopic bugs feed off dead skin cells, and so the more cells you leave behind, the more dust mites there will be in your bed. Having dust mites in your bed is not only something to shudder at, but they can also cause you to get an allergy. If you wake up one day with red eyes and realize you’ve been sneezing a lot more often than usual, there is a good chance that you have dust mites in your bed.
Dust Mite Life Cycle

Dust Mite Life Cycle

Dust mites aren’t the only reason to be concerned. If you do not wash your bedding often enough, oils, saliva, crumbs and sweat will seep into your sheets and blankets. Eventually, bacteria will form and you may end up with a weakened immune system. Sleep is supposed to be a time of recuperation, but if your sheets are dirty, sleep could actually be the reason why you’re getting sick.

Bedbug Matrress Cover

Bedbug Mattress Cover

So how often should you wash your bedding? Well, definitely not just once or twice a month. Washing your sheets once a week is the best way to keep your bedding as clean as possible, but two weeks is also acceptable. When washing your bedding, be sure to include your sheets, blankets or quilts, pillowcases, and bed covers. If you don’t already have a bed cover, you may want to consider getting one. Since mattresses aren’t exactly easy to wash, you can use a bed cover to protect and keep your mattress clean.

You spend about a third of your day in bed. Don’t you want it to be clean? Get in the practice of washing your sheets weekly or bi-weekly and enjoy cleaner, healthier sleep.

Using Leather in Your Home


Homehills wingback black bonded leather king bed

Back in the day – way before you and I were born – leather was mostly used to cover books, not to decorate one’s home. As you know, however, the use of leather has come a long way. Not only do homeowners incorporate leather into their interior design, but now there are a variety of styles and colors of leather to choose from!

If you love the look and feel of leather, add some of this gorgeous material into your own home with these ideas:


Leather seating has become a common design choice for many homeowners … and it is not hard to see why! The leather material wears well, which means you can keep your favorite sofa around for years. Leave the sofa bare for a sleek, modern look. Or, add some style with a couple of fun accent pillows and a comfy throw blanket.

paint butler loft lizard embossed leather console table


Although leather is most commonly used to make couches and chairs, there are other unique uses for the material as well. For example, leather can be used to cover a tabletop like your coffee table or maybe an end table. If you choose to go this route, be sure to always use coasters and dust the tabletop weekly to keep the leather in great condition.

Sarreid woven learther magazine basket =

Woven items

Almost any piece of furniture could feature a woven leather design. This pattern is great for adding more visual interest and will help make an attractive piece of furniture even more appealing. You can find a woven leather pattern on the back of a dining room chair. There are even woven baskets made out of leather that resemble the look of wicker, without the uncomfortable and rough feeling.

Uttermost Leonzio Round mirror

Framed clocks or mirrors

Most of the clocks or mirrors you see today are framed using wooden, metal or plastic materials. They don’t have to be though! Leather can also be used to frame different décor items. The leather material will help these smaller items stand out in a room full of décor and furnishings.

How will you decorate with leather in your home? Browse through our many leather goods to get inspired!


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Choosing the Right Window Treatments

Selecting window treatments for your home seems easy enough. After all, anything that covers your window will do, right? Wrong! Every room in your house is different, with unique needs and the opportunity for its own style. The window treatments you choose, therefore, need to match the functionality and design of the room. When selecting window treatments, there are several things you should consider:


Everyone likes their privacy, and certain rooms require more of it than others. You probably already know which rooms of the house you prefer private, such as the bathroom or your bedroom. In the bathroom, try using cellular shades. Cellular shades offer privacy but also let in natural light so you can still look your best in the morning.

In areas like the living room, privacy may be of little concern. This opens the door to other possibilities, such as pretty sheer curtains or stylish valances.

Photo Credit: Serena & Lily

Photo Credit: Serena & Lily


The amount of natural light let into a room largely depends on the window treatment. To make a room feel light and airy, such as the kitchen or living room, use sheer fabrics to cover the windows. Sheer materials are great for letting light in, but also keeping the sun from feeling too harsh.


Ellery Homestyles Room Darkening Window Curtain

In the bedroom, you might consider using a thick curtain to cover your windows. That way, you can completely block out the sun in the morning and let the natural light flood in during the day. If you want more flexibility and control over how much light is let in, try using shutters or blinds.



Window treatments can blend in with a room or stand out and take the room’s style to the next level. Style considerations include the actual window treatment (curtains vs. shades, etc.), the material, color and design.

The style of the window treatment should match the overall design of the room. Rich colors and materials like velvet look great in elegant rooms. Sheer, lacy fabrics give off a vintage or romantic feel, while simple cotton materials look casual. To create an earthy and natural look, install bamboo shades or shades made in organic colors.


To select the right window treatments for your home, remember to consider the privacy, light and style needs of each room.

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Create a cozy room with a throw

Winter’s approaching which means it’s time to bundle up and get cozy! Even if you live in an area where snow storms are unheard of, warming up your interior design is a great way to combat the dropping temperatures and feel snug in your home.

Photo Credit: Home Bunch

Photo Credit: Home Bunch


Creating a cozy environment doesn’t require you to spring for a new set of furniture. All you have to do is accessorize what you already have with a throw or two! Unlike the regular blankets you cover up in at night, a throw blanket is generally smaller and is meant to be used as décor. Of course, you can still use a throw (if it’s large enough) to cuddle up while watching a movie or whenever you need that extra layer of warmth.


Try using a throw in one of these three rooms:

1792R109-P-Living room

The living room is where people most often use throw blankets — it’s a place where family members like to relax and get comfortable. Drape a throw over one of your couches or chairs for added visual appeal and comfort. How you choose to fold and drape the throw blanket depend on its size and design, as well as the couch. Some have patterns that you’ll want to feature while others can be used to add a pop of color.

Throw blankets don’t have to be placed on the couch. If your wall is a little bare, hang up a decorative throw as if it were a piece of artwork. Throws that have a fringed edge are especially good for this purpose.



Your bed already has a comforter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it with a throw! If your bedspread is white or just lacking a fun design, fold a throw and hang it across the end of the bed. This simple addition will give your bedspread a whole new look.


Dining room

Yes, you can use a throw even in the dining room! Simply switch out your table cloth for a throw made in warm colors to create a cozy dinner environment. Keep in mind that the blanket will eventually get stained so don’t use a throw that you want to have forever.

Photo Credit: Midwest Living

Photo Credit: Midwest Living

Get comfortable and cozy this winter and add a throw blanket to your décor!


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Take a peek inside Mindy Kaling’s home and get inspired

It’s not hard to imagine why so many people look to Mindy Kaling for style ideas. Kaling, the creator and star of the popular network television show, The Mindy Project, is always seen wearing fabulous outfits on her show and in real life that match her bold and girly personality.  And now, her many fans can also be inspired by her home’s interior design, thanks to ELLE Décor. Kaling gave ELLE décor, and the rest of the world, a peek into her home via Instagram and based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s colorful, fun and even a bit nontraditional—a combination that is quintessentially Mindy. Take a leaf out of Mindy’s style book and incorporate these design ideas into your own home:

Mix patterns
Most style trends suggest that one bold pattern is enough—any more and you might have a disaster. Mindy knows, however, that you can mix designs and still create a great looking room. In both her dining and bedroom, Mindy decorates with two loud patterns that are very different from each other, but she does it well. Add some fun into your décor and try using more than one pattern in the living room.


Photo Credit: ElleDecor.com

Don’t be afraid of color
No one could ever say that Mindy’s home lacks color—and if they did, it would most definitely be a lie. In every room that she has shown so far, there is an array of colors, mostly girly colors, used to help give off an eclectic and cozy look. While you don’t necessarily have to go girly, you can easily incorporate your favorite colors into your bedroom or any room of the house.


Photo Credit: ElleDecor.com

Tie it together
Even Mindy knows her limits. While she uses a variety of colors and likes to mix patterns, Kaling knows how to tie the look together. For example, in her dining room, the upholstered chairs come in two very different designs, but they have the exact same color palate to give them a feeling of togetherness.  And in the bedroom, Kaling has a brightly colored bedspread, but opts for a neutral colored rug. When decorating your rooms, make sure you aren’t just throwing things together without giving the design some thought.


Photo Credit: ElleDecor.com

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Mirrors are perfect in the bedroom

Decorating the bedroom can be tricky. While you want your room to have style, it also needs to feel open and not cluttered. The bedroom is your sanctuary and should be a place where you can relax and get a good night’s rest; too much stuff might just make you feel stressed. Mirrors can be the perfect addition to your bedroom because, if attached to the wall, they save space. Plus, mirrors serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, allowing you to get as much use out of your décor as possible, even giving your room additional light or the illusion of more space. Try adding these types of mirrors in your bedroom:


Mirrors that make your room appear larger
If you feel your bedroom is too small, or just want the room to appear larger (and who doesn’t?), try hanging up some mirrors to add light and give the illusion of depth. You can group smaller mirrors together and make a collage of various shapes and sizes. Novica has a collection of small, decorative mirrors that can create a unique look in the bedroom. Or, you can use one large mirror instead. When you hang up mirrors, try placing them near windows so they reflect as much natural light as possible.

NOVICA Sunbeams Mohena Mirror #494918

NOVICA Sunbeams Mohena Mirror #494918

Floor-length mirrors for a better view
Have you ever had to stand on a chair to try and get a glimpse of your full outfit in the bathroom mirror? A floor-length mirror will put an end to this morning ritual and you will finally be able to get a good look at yourself before walking out the door. Plus, a full-size mirror that stands on the floor or hangs on the wall will add some height to your room. If you want to save some space or you don’t have much room on your wall, consider attaching the mirror to the door of your bedroom.

PhoenixStanding Mirror

Vanity mirrors for hair and makeup
If your family is filled with bathroom hogs, you might consider hanging up a mirror so that you can do your hair and VanityMirrormakeup in the bedroom. If a lighted mirror doesn’t fit in well with your décor, purchase a regular mirror and place it near a window. You will want as much natural light as possible so that you can see clearly when applying makeup.

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Decorate your bedroom with wallpaper

Wallpaper 1970Back in the 1960s and ‘70s, wallpaper was huge. The trend began to take over, covering the walls of every room in the house and by the late ‘90s, it was overused and everyone was sick of it. People started to paint their walls instead and wallpaper was considered dated. Because paint can only offer so much, however, wallpaper is now making a comeback, allowing you to add even more creativity to your bedroom design.

Wallpaper is not only back, but the variety of paper available today is better than it was in the past. Wallpaper can be made out of numerous materials, yorkwallpaperglasseven recycled automobile glass. Plus, there is an enormous selection of patterns and textures that can transform a room and create instant style.

When friends and family members walk into your bedroom, you want them to be amazed, impressed and maybe even a little bit jealous. Wallpaper is a great way to design a unique look. If you wish to cover all four walls with the same wallpaper, choose a simple pattern that will add just the right amount of visual appeal. One great advantage of using wallpaper instead of paint is that even the smallest pattern or design can add texture to a room that most paint cannot.


If you’re in love with many of the bolder wallpaper designs, just use it on one wall instead. Creating a feature wall is a trend that’s very in right now and is an easy way to add impact and incorporate bigger, colorful or geometric patterns in the bedroom. Don’t forget – you can also apply wallpaper to furniture and other home decor items that will give your room a look that is 100% custom!

ASH 735 Zebra

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Four bedroom styles you will love

Looking to redecorate the bedroom? Before you begin, take some time to determine the style you want to create and get inspired with these bedroom ideas:

An elegant bedroom can be done in a variety of ways, but one important thing to remember is that it should never be cluttered or overwhelmed by colors. To create an elegant looking bedroom, less is more. Decorate using white or ivory as the base color and then add an accent color to make the room pop. While you don’t want to crowd the room with too much furniture, the pieces you choose, such as the bed, should wow and ooze the right amount of luxury.


Romantic Vintage
This style is all about looking pretty and soft. To create this vintage style, incorporate light shades of pinks and blues as well as white and cream colors into the bedroom’s design. Never use furniture that has stark lines better suited in a contemporary room. Instead, find bedframes and mirrors with round edges. Fabrics such as lace and taffeta and floral patterns are perfect in a vintage-style bedroom.

A.R.T Furniture coming soon to Bellacor!

A.R.T Furniture coming soon to Bellacor!

A stark contrast from a vintage looking bedroom, the modern style is filled with sleek designs and straight, clean lines. While modern is simplistic, it is never boring.  Colors best suited to a modern bedroom are blacks and whites, but you can add some visual excitement with a brightly colored chair or desk.

sonex Willow bed

If you want something simple and relaxed, you might consider creating a cottage style bedroom, which is comfortable and easy-going. To create this look, use wooden furniture and colors like reds and yellows, or earthy colors like green. The bedroom should feel sunny, so let the natural light fill your room! Patterns can vary, but if you’re not sure what would look best, floral or lined patterns would fit in well with this bedroom style.


Whatever you decide is your style, to be happy with it, make sure you understand your style, use, and budget. From there – it is pure shopping bliss!

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