3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing light fixtures

With so many styles, designs and types of light fixtures to choose from, picking out the right one for your space is not always an obvious or easy choice. You can, however, improve your chances of finding lighting success by avoiding these three common mistakes:

3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing light fixtures

Mistake #1: Choosing a light fixture based on style over functionality

There are many beautiful and stylish light fixtures available that will improve your space’s appearance and enhance the overall look. Choosing a light fixture solely on its appearance, however, could leave you with less than optimal light output. The right fixture should be both stylish and functional, so consider your desired light output and keep it in mind when searching for a new light fixture.

3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing light fixtures

Mistake #2: Selecting a light fixture without considering ceiling height

It’s important that your family and guests can walk around your home comfortably without needing to duck to avoid hitting their head. Keep these rules of thumb in mind when choosing a ceiling light (these rules only apply when hanging light fixtures over walking spaces):

  • Ceilings below eight feet: If you have a low ceiling and are not planning to install the light over a table or counter, it’s best to choose a flush-mount light fixture so taller people can walk around safely.
  • Ceilings between eight and ten feet: If your ceiling is slightly higher, choose either a flush-mount light or a semi-flush lights, which typically hang just a foot away from the ceiling.
  • Ceilings over ten feet: For high ceilings, it is often best to install a pendant or chandelier to light up your space more effectively.

3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing light fixtures

Mistake #3: Relying too much on overhead lighting

Every room is different, but generally you’ll want to have a combination of task, accent and general ambient lighting to create a well-lit space. While you can install ceiling lights to provide the general overall lighting, be sure to also incorporate other types of light fixtures such as lamps or wall sconces.

Choosing a light fixture isn’t always easy, but avoiding these three mistakes will help you choose better lighting solutions so you can enjoy a home that is both stylish and functional.

By Wendy Weinert

Gold, Silver or Bronze: Choosing the Right Color For Your Bathroom

Photo credit: JJT Trading

Photo credit: JJT Trading

Whether your bathroom is traditional, modern, or eclectic, finding the right color fixtures that match the overall style of your remodel can be a daunting process. Today’s fixtures are available in a variety of different metals, finishes, and price ranges, but are dominated by three main colors: gold, silver, and bronze. While each have their own advantages and disadvantages, matching your fixtures to a room’s lighting, budget, and theme will ensure that your bathroom will reflect your taste level and personality.


Gold-colored fixtures, particularly polished and satin brass, have seen a rise in popularity over the past several years and help give a bathroom a romantic, vintage look. Brass fixtures are generally more expensive than other finishes, and matching gold-colored fixtures to other metals can be more challenging than with silver or bronze-colored finishes. On the other hand, brass is easy to find, easy to clean, and extremely durable—brass fixtures catch the eye and can act as the “wow factor” in your bathroom—classy and bold, without being overly showy. Brass and other gold-colored finishes look best in bathrooms that use lots of porcelain, white marble, and warm lighting.

Photo credit: Homedit

Photo credit: Homedit


Timeless, clean looking, and available in a variety of finishes—silver fixtures polish up nicely and look great under a variety of lighting conditions. Silver-colored finishes such as polished or brushed nickel, chrome, and stainless steel offer the most variety of these medal-themed metals and go well with basically any style bathroom whether it be contemporary, modern, traditional, or eclectic. Silver-colored finishes tend to go very well together, and a mixture of matte and glossy finishes (chrome faucets with brushed nickel lighting fixtures, for example) allows you to highlight certain elements of a room while blending others. While generally the most affordable of the three metal finishes, glossy finishes like chrome can be susceptible to water spots and fingerprints and have to be cleaned often—something to keep in mind before purchasing.

Photo Credit: Amba

Photo Credit: Amba


Rustic, classic, and elegant, bronze-colored fixtures have always been loved for their bold, warm look. At home in a traditional, Tuscan, or Mediterranean setting, finishes like copper and brushed or oil-rubbed bronze are great at adding an old-world feel to any bathroom. Best matched with more intricate lighting that features scrollwork, French, or classic styling, bronze fixtures are durable, easily matched with existing pieces, and will naturally color with age, developing a rich, unmistakable patina. Some bronze finishes, like copper, require a bit more maintenance than others but have natural antimicrobial properties (most germs eventually die after contact with copper surfaces) and will actually “heal” scratches over time—after a short period, blemishes on copper blend and disappear as the fixture’s patina darkens.


Remember to take some time to consider factors like lighting, style, and the practical use the room will see—if you have kids in the house, finishes like chrome may smudge too easily; if you are on a budget, stainless steel is a great option; if you’re going for a bright, eye-catching look, consider polished brass or another gold-colored fixture, but for a more relaxed, rustic approach look to bronze. No matter which color fixtures you choose, knowing about the pros and cons of each can help you make a smart, informed decision that will leave your new bathroom looking medal-worthy.

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality

Have you considered why you choose one color or style over another? Well, your personality might be to blame. As humans, we do it all the time – we make design choices that reflect our personality traits without even realizing it. And, hey, that’s OK. After all, we’re always looking for ways to express ourselves and not all of us can paint or write poems. So why not use your personality to your advantage? Even a smaller decision like a bathroom sink or faucet finish can be narrowed down by considering your character traits.

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality

Bellacor Number: 354899

Bold: polished brass finish, copper

You’re not afraid to stand out and be heard, so why not show off your daring side with a sink to match? A polished brass faucet or a copper sink both create a striking look that will make your sink instantly stand out and become the main attraction of any room.

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality


Easy going and low-maintenance: polished silver, white porcelain

When styling your home, you just want to find something that works and looks good without spending hours looking through different options. Polished silver and white porcelain are popular choices for low-maintenance home owners because they are durable, easy to clean and easy to match.

Choose a bathroom sink and faucet finish to match your personality

Bellacor Number: 630155

Very organized and dependable: vitreous china, black matte finish

To-do lists keep you sane and a clean room makes you feel calm. Your friends and family members might tease you for always being organized, but they’re secretly jealous that your home always looks so put-together. If you’re a bit of a clean-freak, then vitreous china sinks and black matte faucets make an excellent choice because they are easy to clean and do not show water spots or fingerprints.

Quiet and sometimes shy: brushed nickel finish

If you rarely make yourself the center of attention and would rather not fill your home with “statement pieces,” then you might consider using a brushed nickel faucet finish. These faucets will blend together well with your existing décor.

Choose a faucet or sink material that matches your personality or mix it up and surprise people. You might be quiet at large parties, but that doesn’t have to stop you from making bold design choices!

By Wendy Weinert

Choosing the right shower head for your bathroom

shower head


Taking a shower should be a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. So why do many people step out of their shower feeling unsatisfied? More than likely, it is because of their shower head. If you’re feeling frustrated with your shower experience, it may be time to ditch your old shower head and invest in a new one. Here are some of the more common types you might consider:


Bellacor Number: 701766

Standard mount shower heads – These shower heads come in various styles with different spray settings and features. If you like the standard mount style but aren’t fully satisfied with yours, you might just need to install a standard mount with features more to your liking.

ceiling mounted showerhead

Top-mount/ceiling-mount showerhead – Top-mount shower heads offer a unique shower experience that you may or may not like depending on your preference. These shower heads are mounted so that water falls directly from the ceiling rather than at an angle.

handheld shower head

Hand-held shower head – Do you have a bath/tub combo? Then you might like having a hand-held shower head. These shower heads detach from their holders so you can control where the water flow is directed while bathing or showering. People who prefer this style also like that the shower head can be used to clean their tub.

sliding shower head

Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Sliding bar shower head – This style of shower head is perfect if you have a family of varying heights. Because this shower head is attached to a vertical bar, you can move it higher or lower depending on how tall you are.

Vigo Shower Panel System with Round Rain Shower Head

Bellacor Number: 621790

Shower panel systems – If you like Jacuzzis, and have a decently sized shower area, then you will love a shower panel system. With a shower panel system, you can customize the water pressure exactly to your liking and enjoy massaging jets of water. Every shower will feel like a relaxing spa experience.

With the right shower head, you can wake up every morning excited to step into a relaxing, hot shower.

By Wendy Weinert

A year in review: looking back on 2013

2013 year in review 2

Are you ready for the new year? This one sure seems to have flown by! Now that January is only days away, let’s take a moment to look back on this past year before we start looking ahead. 2013 was full of a lot activity! Some of the top stories include were Oamacare, the tragedy of the Boston marathon bombing, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian expecting a baby, and the royal birth of Kate and Prince William, to the newest addition to the iPhone family, and the viral videos of Grumpy cat.

The year 2013 featured many new interior design trends – some that are here to stay and others that will probably be outdated in just a couple of years. Bellacor would like to share with you some of our customer’s top picks. Who knows? Looking back may just inspire you to spruce up your interior design moving forward into the new year!

Top interior design trends overall

golden branch mirror.bellacor

golden branch mirror.bellacor (Photo credit: coco+kelley)

Remember our article on Cameron Diaz’s New York apartment? Well, the use of brass was a dominant theme in Cameron’s interior

design as well as being pretty big trend in nation wide. Other trends that were big in 2013, and look like are here to stay next year as well, include the use of bright paint colors, artwork for your whole home, adding texture and decorating with stripes. Is it time to give your home a fresh look? Consider incorporating one or more of these fun design fads into your interior design.

Top products at Bellacor
If you want to change up your interior design for the New Year, get inspired by Bellacor’s customers and their favorite products from 2013! Many of Bellacor’s top products on Bellacor.com or that were pinned by customers this year were light fixtures. Follow the trend and switch out a dull light fixture for a new chandelier or hanging pendants. If you’re looking to change up the look in your bathroom, customers were particularly impressed with our selection of three-light bath fixtures.

Light fixtures are definitely are a customers top pick! Check these out (click on the images and it will take you to the product page to learn more):

bath fixtureMurray Feiss BathroomTroy Pendant



Other Popular Items for 2013
Other popular items for the year 2013 included comforter sets and duvet cover sets. If you’re comforter is a little worse for wear, transform the look of your bedroom and start the New Year with a stylish new bedspread! A simple change like a new comforter or a duvet cover can work wonders to change the look of a room.

duvet coverDon’t forget about your accent furniture that can be used in multiple rooms throughout your house – as well a great cake plate! You, our customers have voted!

Coat rack


What were your favorite design trends or Bellacor products of 2013? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan Apartment: how to get the look

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Cameron Diaz is a unique phenomenon. Who else can manage to always look effortlessly glamorous, never over the top and fun – all at the same time! While you might not have figured out how to pull off her look fashion-wise, you can now bring these stylish characteristics to your home, thanks to Elle Décor!


Photo Credit: Elle Decor

The online magazine showcased Diaz’s apartment, designed by Diaz and Kelly Wearstler, along with a brief interview with the actress herself. Based on the article, here are some simple ways you can add a little bit of that “Cameron appeal” to your home:

Currey Company Helio Table Lamp

Currey Company Helio Table Lamp

Incorporate brass

Diaz told Elle Décor, “I blame my love of sparkly, shiny things on my Cuban roots. But I also wanted a place that felt very homey, very tactile.” Her designer, Wearstler, was able to help her achieve this mix by incorporating brass furniture and fixtures in rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, dining room and living room.

Brass stands out, but does so without being too flashy and over the top. When adding brass to your home, think beyond the box. While most cabinets nowadays are made out of wood or glass, Cameron’s designer made a brass cabinet … and it looks awesome!


Don’t be afraid of unique colors


Currey & Company  Chandelier

Sometimes taking a risk is necessary to achieve the look you really want. Cameron’s apartment features several striking colors, like the emerald green cabinets in the kitchen or the pop of yellow in the living room. Adding a pop of color even in something like a chandelier or a unique color palette on your walls is a great way to give your home a more eclectic feel.

Make every piece count

From the artwork to the faucet fixtures, everything in Diaz’s home has been carefully thought out to enhance the overall look of the room. Nothing seems arbitrary or looks out of place. And while none of the rooms are overcrowded, each room has defining pieces that stand out and grab your attention. Look for unique light fixtures or interesting pieces of furniture for your own home!


Designing your home to be effortlessly stylish doesn’t have to be impossible. Just try some of these ideas from Cameron Diaz’s home and you’ll transform your home in no time.


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Get A Timeless Look with Luxury Items

Keeping up with the newest design trends every couple years is a hassle and expensive. Save yourself some money and invest in a sophisticated look that is timeless instead. Designing a look that lasts is easy with the right selection of luxury items!


Although homeowners want a luxurious home, they tend to shy away from “luxury” items.  Investing in a couple quality items, however, can instantly transform a room’s look. Plus, luxury items won’t become worn or need to be replaced right away like the cheaper alternatives. Try stepping up the style in these rooms with luxury items:

(Room, Living) 00535 16001 069108_rm01

Living room

With just a couple of items, you can make a casual living room appear more formal. Cover your hard wood floor – or even your carpet – with a hand tied area rug. Rugs that are designed with intricate patterns and rich colors will give your space that one-of-a-kind look, without going out of style.

Hang a decorative chandelier in the living room to give the space a beautiful and majestic look. A chandelier is dramatic and has the power to make an ordinary room look exceptional. Guests will be in awe when they first step into the room.

Vigo Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Vigo Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


Just because the kitchen is where you prepare food, doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious! To give your kitchen a new sophisticated look, invest in a stainless steel sink that is made of lower gauge. Lower gauge numbers means thicker and better quality stainless steel.

Photo Credit: Divine Kitchen LLC

You can also give the kitchen ambience by installing LED lighting underneath the cabinets. You’ll be amazed at the difference new lighting can make.

Bedroom_Chandelier_Siteshot_Big Bang corbett

Master bedroom

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a luxurious hotel room. To give your bedroom the same style, invest in quality décor like high-end wallpaper. High-end wallpaper won’t fade or become worn as easily as the typical selection and offers more diverse looks than paint. You can also cover your bed with a soft, stylish down comforter for a good night’s sleep. Every night will feel like a vacation in your new lavish room.



The bathroom should have a relaxed feel that will help you wind down after a long day at work. To create a soft glow in the bathroom and give it a spa-like look, install stylish lights fixtures on the wall. Even the little details such as the drawer pulls and faucet fixtures you choose can have a huge impact in bathroom style.

Give your home a timeless look and invest in some luxury items that last!



Achieve a luxury bathroom without remodeling

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a luxurious bathroom that you can feel good about every morning; a place that you aren’t embarrassed to show guests? There is always an option to design a new bathroom, but remodeling is expensive, stressful and often very inconvenient. Luckily, there are certain changes you can make to transform the look of your bathroom without tearing it apart. Just incorporate some of these techniques into your bathroom’s décor and see how small details can make a huge difference.

Glass Bathroom
Throw away your dirty or plastic shower curtain
Sometimes we hold on to a shower curtain for too long, never getting around to finally replacing it even though it’s old and stained. Or, we opt for a plastic alternative to save some money that day. Well, now it is time to throw those old shower curtains away and spring for a new one. Buying a new shower curtain is a chance to add some color and design into the bathroom, making it more visually appealing.

Make the bathroom appear larger
People love large bathrooms. While you can’t change the size of your bathroom without tearing down a wall, you can make some changes to make it seem larger. The easiest way is to remove the clutter and design a storage solution so everything has a designated spot. You can also switch to lighter paint colors to make the space feel more open.

Think about the details
From lighting to linens, the details can make or break your bathroom design. Plush towels and rugs that are rich in color will look great in the bathroom. Plus, they will feel a whole lot better than rough or overused options.
While you need a well-lit mirror to get ready in the morning, you also want to incorporate ambient lighting for VigoLiquidCopperGlassVesselSinkrelaxation. One way to do this is to install dimmers. Otherwise, install a decorative pendant or small chandelier for a soft overhead light. Decorative lighting is an easy way to add style and sophistication without taking up space.
Even faucets can have an impact. Replace your stainless steel faucets for something with a little more punch. Copper, oil-rubbed bronze and polished brass finishes are all great options too if you want your faucets to stand out and make a statement.


So even if you can’t afford a complete bathroom makeover, there are several little things that you can do to make your bathroom welcoming for you and your guests.

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Five Steps for Furnishing Your Bathroom

Designing a bathroom from scratch should be a fun process, but it often becomes overwhelming and stressful. Every fixture, furniture and accessory you choose for your bathroom is like a piece in a puzzle, and when you’re all done, the pieces should fit together.


Make the challenge a little easier by breaking it down into the following five steps:

1. Determine the overall look you want for your bathroom. Do you want something contemporary, vintage, elegant or modern? The style you aim to achieve becomes the foundation for every purchase decision you make because different styles require certain designs, materials, textures and colors.

2. Purchase the shower, vanity, toilet, tile, mirrors and any other furnishings that you want for your bathroom based on style and size. Looks are important, but so is size, and it is important that every item is scaled appropriately to the size of the bathroom along with other furniture.

3. Create a lighting plan. Unless you don’t intend to get ready in the bathroom, you should always have a well-lit mirror. Whether you choose to get a lighted mirror or add some task lighting on the sides is up to you. Since the bathroom is also a place for relaxation, you should also incorporate some ambient lighting. An easy way to do this is do install a dimmer. Otherwise, hang a decorative overhead light to add some flair.

4. Select your linens. The shower curtain, rugs and even towels are all important elements in your bathroom’s design and are a great way to add color, designs and patterns.


5. Add your personal touch. To make the bathroom truly yours, add some décor that might not be necessary, but make the bathroom cojarsmplete. This could be your favorite scented candle, a fun or stylish clock or maybe a decorative jar to hold your cotton balls and Q-tips.


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How to choose the right vanity for your bathroom

Every room should have a designated focal point, and in bathrooms a vanity is sure to do the trick. Bathroom vanities can be large or small and are found in varying materials and designs.  With so many options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed—but don’t give up just yet! Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom depends a lot on the room itself; consider the bathroom’s size, who will use it and the overall look you want to create.


Size of bathroom

The size of your bathroom will determine how big your vanity should be. A large vanity in a small bathroom wBelleForetBathroomVanityould look very out of place; plus, you might not have much room to walk. In bigger bathrooms, take advantage of large vanities that can store all of your personal items. If you have a tiny bathroom, there are plenty of vanities that will be the appropriate size and still have storage space.

Intended users

A bathroom’s storage needs generally correlate with who will be using the bathroom. In guest bathrooms, you will only need the basic necessities and therefore can opt for a vanity that is more decorative than functional. Get creative and have some fun picking out an interesting design! Avanity’s Wenge Vanity and Mirror Cabinet is hung on the wall and provides space for needed toiletries. The unique style of the vanity is sure to impress any visitors.
Bathrooms that are used by multiple family members need to provide storage to hold a number of personal items such as hair dryers and makeup. Select a vanity with multiple cupboards and drawers. No longer will you have to deal with a cluttered counter-top.


Overall look

For the bathroom to look complete, select a vanity that matches the overall style of the room. Minimalistic and sleek looking vanities would look best in a modern bathroom. If you’re going traditional, wooden vanities with marble or granite counter-tops will fit in well with the style of your bathroom.