5 Design Tips and Tricks to Create an Enterntaining-Ready Home

Creating a guest-friendly home doesn’t need to be a reoccurring mad dash every time you host an event. Cut out the drama and avoid the last minute rush by designing a permanently inviting and well-designed space. With these five easy tips and tricks you’ll be prepared for party-goers year round!

Tip: The easiest and most effective way to keep a home party-ready is by creating an open floor plan. Space your furniture smartly and eliminate unnecessary or bulky items that take up too much space. Designing a home with ample room allows for your guests to move around with comfort and ease.

Trick: Use slender and streamlined barstools at a counter instead of a dining set to optimize your kitchen’s usable space. Slim pieces like these Venti Acrylic Bar Stools achieve a stylish appeal, but don’t monopolize the room.

Realty Restoration, LLC

Realty Restoration, LLC

Tip: Keep your space clean and clutter-free. Mixing too many patterns, colors or sizes can make a home seem untidy and uninviting. Stow away books, magazines, remote controls or any other eyesores out of plain sight.

Trick: Furniture with built in storage makes this tip easy to achieve. This Zenn Tray Table, for instance, provides a modern and clean look but still houses a sunken table-top perfect to keep unsightly items in reach but out of sight.

Zenn End Table
Tip: Unify your space with a theme. A similar color palette, pattern or inspiration will keep your home looking clean and organized. When it becomes time to entertain, any other elements or decorations you add to the space will pop against your well-coordinated background!

Trick: Utilizing color as a theme is quick and simple. These white Cascade Bar Stools, for example, tie in the white kitchen appliances and woodwork, creating a unified space.

LumiSource Cascade Bar Stools

Tip: Provide a clear focal point. Anchoring your space with a statement piece will avoid competition between multiple pieces for your guests’ attention. Decorating around the feature will give it a place of honor and create a fun point of discussion for guests.

Trick: Try using something that also promotes socialization, like these Viva Bar Stools. It’s a beautiful attention-grabbing piece that will encourage your guests to gather around for wonderful conversation and a fun time.



Tip: Make the space your own. Creating a home that reflects you will add visual interest and make guests feel more at ease. Add personality to a room with fun pops of color, interesting art or unique elements.

Trick: Fun pieces can still be stylish and coordinate with your furnishings. These red Ale Bar Stools are the perfect example of something artful but still functional. The bright color and interesting shape adds an element of interest and personal flare.

Patrick Brickman, Charleston Home + Design Magazine

Patrick Brickman, Charleston Home + Design Magazine


By Wendy Weinert

Smart Furnishing Tips for Small Spaces

Getting the most use out of your small living space can be a daunting task. Smart styling requires finding versatile pieces and using them cleverly. Below are a few furnishing tips that will take your space from cramped to comfortable!

Tip 1: Buy transformational pieces. Maximizing your furniture’s functionality is key when working with limited space. Purchase pieces that can be used every day and adjusted appropriately for entertaining or events. For example, an adjustable bar table is the perfect size and height for everyday use as a kitchen or dining table. When entertaining, hydraulically lift the table to a perfect standing or barstool height.


Photo credit: Lumisource

Bonus Tip: If you chose to pair your adjustable table with multiple sets of seating, opt for options that easily stow away. The Fuji Stacker series, for instance, is available in multiple heights and stacks for easy and compact storage.

300D_chair_Fuji Super Single_Lifestyle_6.5x10_COPYRIGHT

Photo Credit: Lumisource

Tip 2: Employ double duty furniture. Chances are that a living space with limited room is also short on storage. Purchase pieces of furniture with built-in storage solutions. Try something like this Linx Coffee Table, which houses a lower shelf perfect for storing knick-knacks below a fully functional tabletop.

300D_table_Linx 2

Photo Source: Lumisource

Tip 3: Use mirrors and reflective surfaces. Create an optical illusion of depth by hanging a mirror in a cramped space. Reflective surfaces open up spaces, expanding a sense of size with extended views and light. Try an artful approach, like the Helio Mirror, to eliminate the need for additional artwork.


Photo Credit: Lumisource

by Wendy Weinert

Bar Stools Around the House

Bar stools have already made their way into the kitchen — where will they end up next? Well, that’s for you to decide! As people get more creative with their décor, many furniture pieces, including bar stools, are becoming much more versatile.  No longer do bar stools have to be accompanied with a bar counter-top. In fact, they don’t even need to be used for sitting!

Wherever you need seating, or want to have extra seating, you can use a bar stool. It doesn’t even need to be paired with a table or countertop. Try bringing out bar stools on your patio, in the game room or even in your garage. People don’t think to put any seating in work areas like the garage, but they definitely come in handy when people get tired and their backs hurt.

Bradly outdoor bar stool, Bellacor #: 854442

If you have a vanity in your bedroom or bathroom, sit on a bar stool every morning while getting ready. You’re probably thinking, “I want a chair with more support or that is more comfortable.” Bar stools, however, are not always the circular wooden stools you normally see in actual bars. The style of bar stools has evolved and now there are a variety of designs and shapes for you to choose from. There are even stools with chair-backs and arm rests.

Not only can bar stools be placed in any room of the house, but they can also be used for more than just sitting. Use a bar stool as a bedside table or an accent table in the living room. You can use the “table” to place personal items like a book, glass of water or even an alarm clock. Bar stools are smaller than the typical accent table, so they are perfect if you’re working with limited space.

Photo Credit: Hillsdale Furniture

Another idea is to use bar stools to display decorative items. Instead of hanging a plant, set it on a stool so that the leaves drape over the legs. Or, feature your favorite family photo. You can even stack a pile of older, worn-out books on top of an antique stool for an old-fashioned look.

How will you use your bar stools? Get creative and have fun trying new ideas!


Bar Stools: Styles Galore!

Let’s face it — the kitchen can be a hard room to decorate. Unlike the living room or the bedroom, you can’t just hang up photos and decorative items everywhere. You need space to eat and prepare food! Luckily for you, bar stools have become commonplace in the kitchen, and they come in a variety of styles, materials and colors. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring excitement to your kitchen’s design!

elk lighting picture

Photo Credit: Elk Lighting

You’re probably used to matching chairs with the tables they sit with. After all, many chairs come with the table and are designed to look similar. With bar stools, however, you can have some fun and make the stools stand out!



If your kitchen is modern, take the design one step further with bar stools. In modern designs, monochromatic colors are typical, but they are paired with bold colors to keep the look interesting. You can instantly make the room pop with a bright red or orange bar stool. Or, if you already have enough color, select a stool with an unusual design like the Viva Brown Bar Stool. The bar stools will instantly become the main attraction in your kitchen.

                                        Photo Credit: Woodinville Architects & Designers eric gedney | ARCHITECT


Give your country kitchen some more of that rustic charm with wooden bar stools. If you feel that wooden chairs are too uncomfortable, get one that has an upholstered print. You can also avoid having wooden stools altogether and choose materials like wicker or leather, which are much more comfortable. Just be sure that the leather is more of a burnt red or brown, not black or white.

Photo Credit: Houzz

Photo Credit: Yvonne McFadden LLC, Interior Design, Houzz


An industrial kitchen is an easy look to pull off, because it is a room already filled with appliances! Too add more style to your industrialized kitchen, choose stools that are made of metal, gray or black in color and are designed with stark, straight lines. Grays and blacks might sound boring, but they’ll give your kitchen a very sharp look.

 What style of kitchen do you have? No matter what the style, there’s a bar stool to match!

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Choosing the right bar stool for your kitchen

Bar stools, as you can probably guess from their name, were created to be used in bars — and that’s exactly how they were always used. But not anymore! Now that people are installing higher kitchen countertops, the barstools have also moved into the kitchen and it looks like are there to stay.


Photo Credit: Urbanelectricco.com

The bar stool, countertop combo is a great way for families to enjoy casual meals and socialize. Plus, with the array of styles to choose from, you can take the opportunity to bring some excitement into your kitchen! Finding a barstool for your kitchen, however, isn’t just a matter of selecting the first set of stools that you find. To find the perfect stools for your kitchen, you first need to consider size, space and style.


Melrose Maple Barstools, Bellacor #: 830498


When it comes to bar stools, the right height is crucial. Choose a bar stool that is too low and family members won’t be able to rest their elbows comfortably on the kitchen counter. Choose a stool that’s too high, on the other hand, and then guests won’t be able to fit their knees underneath. The perfect ratio for most people to sit comfortably is to have your bar stools be 10 to 12 inches lower than the countertop. So if your kitchen countertop is 42 inches high, then find bar stools that are about 30 to 32 inches in height.


We get that you want everyone in your family to have a place to sit. However, if you have to sacrifice comfortable seating, then it just isn’t worth it. Have you ever tried to enjoy a meal, but were sitting so close to someone you could hardly lift your arms? It doesn’t make for a very pleasant dining experience. A general rule of thumb is to leave two feet of space between each stool.


Bar stools have evolved and some now even have arm rests and chair-backs. Of course, you can always stick with the regular bar stool look if you want. The shape of the bar stools depend mostly on your personal preference. There are no right or wrong stool designs; you just have to make it work with the style of your kitchen and make sure it matches the comfort level you desire.









Go give your kitchen a whole new look with stylish set of bar stools now!



Make your home bar complete with the perfect barstools

You’ve filled your cabinets with every possible drink, hung up interesting artwork to give the space a hip vibe and you finally had the bar countertop installed. Looks like you almost have the makings of the perfect home bar … but don’t forget about the bar stools! No matter how great your bar setup appears to be, not having the right bar stools can make or break whether people actually want to sit down or if they take their drink and leave.

Choosing the right bar stools involves several factors. You want the stools to be stylish, but also comfortable. And it is of course necessary that they are the appropriate height. You don’t want a stool that is too short or too tall!

Bar stools are a great way to add some fun and style to your home bar. While the bar stools should match the overall style of the room, they don’t necessarily have to match the bar counter-top or cabinets. To make the room pop, add brightly colored stools or capture an outdoor theme with stools made from wicker and rattan materials (perfect for tropical themes). There are bar stools for every style, whether it be modern, contemporary or eclectic. You can even go with the traditional bar stool to let other décor stand out.

AmericanHeritageBilliardsBarStoolEven if you pick out bar stools that are stylish, that doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable. Some stools are perfectly comfortable to sit on and don’t need any additional support. But if that’s not the case, consider adding cushion upholstery. With upholstered seats, even the simple wooden stools can be unique.

Before you make any purchase decisions, be sure that stools are the right height. To know how tall they should be, measure the distance between the counter-top and the floor. Then, find stools that are 10-15 inches shorter than the counter-top’s height.

Having a home bar can make even the smallest get togethers feel special. Make sure your bar is complete with the perfect bar stools.

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