How to determine the perfect sized rug?

Determining the proper size for a rug is just as important as finding the right color and pattern.  The size and shape of your rug can help determine and define furniture groupings and living spaces.  Choosing the right size rug can mean the difference between a comfortable inviting space and a room where something seems awkward and a little out of place. The key to success is proper measurements.

Under the coffee table

•Depending on the size of your coffee table and accompanying furniture, choose a rug that accommodates all four legs of the table.

•Area rugs should approximate the same length and width of the furniture within the space.

•You can either leave space between the furniture and area rug or place the front legs of the furniture on the rug with the furniture coasters under the back legs to adjust the height.

Dining Rooms

•Area rugs should extend beyond the chairs in the pulled out position.  To obtain the correct measurement pull out the chairs around the table, as you would to sit down, then measure from the rear of the chair legs in length and width.  Add 8” to this measurement to get an idea of the minimum size rug needed. 

Living Rooms / Great Rooms

•Balance the area you are trying to define by leaving an equal amount of rug around the furniture grouping.

•An equal amount of exposed flooring around your rug can also give balance to your room. Don’t get a rug so large that it touches the baseboard around the room.

•Don’t “float” a rug in a room. Use the rug to define the space and incorporate your furniture to anchor the rug.


•In bedrooms, one large rug is luxurious, but remember the bed will cover most of it when you are selecting a pattern.

•If you plan for the rug to be under the bed , measure to allow for three feet on both sides of the bed.

•In many cases, multiple smaller area rugs can be used effectively in the bedroom by placing one at the foot of the bed and one or two on each side of the bed. In fact, using multiple area rugs can be more affordable while better complimenting your furnishings.

Add a water fountain to your outdoor décor

Home owners spend a lot of time and money making sure that the inside of their home looks perfect, but then often ignore their outdoor space and leave it unadorned. Depending whether it is in the back or front yard, adding some visual appeal outside can create a welcoming environment or help to design a nice, relaxing space for you and your family.


Even though you want your yard to look nice, finding ways to decorate can be tricky. Much of the lawn décor that is available today just looks tacky. There is, however, a solution to your decorating problem: outdoor water fountains.

Fountains have the ability to turn your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis and can become the focal point of your front or back yard. The fountain size that you choose largely depends on the amount of space you have. If you live out in the country, or just have a really big yard, you could probably get away with using a large, showier fountain, but for most people’s yards, a simpler, medium-sized fountain works best. If you have almost no yard at all, place a small floor or table fountain somewhere near the house and you’ll still get that soothing sound of trickling water.


53265CT_room_FountainThe size and style you choose for your fountain might also depend on where you want it to go. Are you struggling to figure out what would be the “appropriate place?” Well, there isn’t any rule as to where you should place a water fountain – basically, wherever looks best! People who have gardens or flower beds can use a fountain to be a part of a larger display. Or, the fountain can stand alone and become the center of attention. Whatever you decide, you’ll love your new outdoor décor.

As we turn the corner towards the winter, now is the time to start planning ahead and budgeting for what you may want in the spring when you want to living in your outdoor areas. Water fountains and outdoor statues may be just the thing!

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Add interest to your home with unique furniture

Do you feel like your interior design is lacking a bit of personality? Well then it is time to spice things up and give your home some life! Accent furniture can be a great way to add flair and personality. Plus, it doesn’t require you to completely redo your interior design and replace all of your existing furniture. All you have to do is find unique and interesting pieces to give a space that one-of-a-kind look.

No matter where you place it, whether it is in the living room, entry way, front porch or bedroom, a bench can add a lot of appeal just on its own. Benches are a fun alternative to another chair or couch, and they can be used for more than just sitting. Find a bench with a fun upholstered print, add some throw pillows, and use it as a decorative piece. Or, use a plain wooden bench to display items such as plants or photos. When furniture isn’t that interesting on its own, you can get creative and use an ordinary piece for an unusual purpose.

One of the best places to put a bench is in the hallway or entryway. There isn’t a lot of furniture that works in these spaces, which makes them difficult to decorate. But a bench can be placed right against the wall and turns a simple and ordinary hallway into a room of its own.

Accent tables
Unlike many of the stylish benches now available, accent tables are often found in many people’s contemporary homes. So the key to finding a table that stands out is to look for an unusual design. It’s usually easy to spot an interesting table, because your eyes are immediately drawn to them. Trust your instincts!5thAve_9082WG-484

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, the Butler Specialty Company Heritage Abalone and Black Accent Table does a ButlerAccent Tablegreat job of capturing attention. When guests walk in and see your home’s new, interesting look, they might think you hired an interior designer!

Already feel inspired? Start adding unique pieces of furniture to your own home. You’ll love how even tiny additions can make a huge difference!



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Dining room tables—round or square?

The rectangular dining room table has been the heart of many dining rooms for years. You’ve all seen the grand dining rooms depicted in movies. You know, the ones that have tables so long, people on opposite ends can’t even talk to each other. But society (and design) is changing and now people are shifting away from the formal and adding more casual, cozy and fun layouts with open floor plans. This new trend has allowed people to move toward smaller table shapes and many families share their meals together on a tables that are either round or square. But which shape is better for your home?

Photo Credit: Ferniehirst Castle

Photo Credit: Ferniehirst Castle

Both round and square tables have their advantages and offer an intimate dining experience, so which one you use might depend on your situation and personal preference. Some people simply prefer the look of round over square (or vice versa) and make a decision based on style. Judging by appearance, however, might not always give you the best shape for your situation. Think about the benefits of each shape before making a decision.


A square table fits in perfectly with square rooms and can be placed against the wall if you only need seating for three people. Square tables generally provide more surface space for people to work on and with four legs, are more stable than round tables. Another reason to get a square table is if you ever need to expand. Some tables are designed to expand into a larger table, or you can easily set two tables together.



While square tables provide stability and balance, round tables offer leg room and space to walk around. Many round tables are held up with a single pedestal, centrally located. This allows people more freedom to move their legs without bumping them into the table’s legs or another person’s. The rounded corners of the table save space and make it much easier for people to walk around the dining room.

Whichever you choose, you can be certain a smaller table will make evening meals with loved ones much cozier.

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Make Your Dining Room Look Complete With a Rug

You’ve picked out the necessary chairs and table for your dining room and even included an elegant sideboard to store dishware. But what about a great-looking rug for underneath the table?  Rugs are an easy way to prevent scratches on your hardwood floors; they can also complete the dining room look by adding comfort and style and provide a nice frame for your table.

Table size

Picking out a rug for the dining room requires a little thought. The design you choose mostly depends on your own taste and the look of the room. Size, however, should be determined based on the table’s measurements. A dining room rug needs to be big enough so that people can scoot their chairs back, without the legs leaving the rug. Standard dining room rugs are usually around 8’ x 10’, but not all of them. Be sure to measure first so you can be certain.


To begin measuring, arrange your dining room furniture in the exact layout that you want. Then, measure the table top and add 24-30 inches to every side to account for chair space. You definitely don’t want the rug to be too small that the chairs end up scratching your beautiful hardwood floor and ruining the ends of the rug.

While you want the rug to be a large enough to act as a cushion underneath the table, you also don’t want it to be too big that it almost touches the walls. Create some distance (at least 8” on each side) between the rug and the walls, plus any other furniture you have in the dining room.

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As a general rule of thumb under a dining room table, the rug should be at least 4′ wider and 4′ longer than your dining room table. The goal is to be able to push the chair away from the table while keeping the back legs on the rug.

Here is an example of a rug that is a little small for the table:11717 500 060096_rm01Add a rug as the final touch to make your dining room look complete!

“Upcycled” Lighting Designs by Varaluz

Recycled metals.  Check.  Recycled bottle glass.  Check.  Reclaimed shells and fibers.  You betcha!  At Varaluz, we get caught green handed all the time, as trash is our treasure, working with responsible materials is our way, and creating personality-forward lighting that has inviting textures you can actually see and feel is our passion.

Factory Front

In a world overrun by wastefulness, where people churn out vast mountains of non-biodegradable waste by the hour, our team at Varaluz is putting into practice the very cool philosophy of upcycling.  That is, we take waste materials and turn them into products of great practical and decorative value that we know you’ll enjoy.  Did you know that we offer our customers a variety of imagination-grabbing lighting choices that are hand-forged and welded from 70% or greater recycled content and utilize virtually all recycled glass?  Our compulsion to green our products doesn’t stop there; we use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) earth-friendly paints, finishes and resins to spare you from breathing in any fumes that could be injurious to your health, or at the least, smell nasty.  Sure, our process for selecting our materials and handcrafting our fixtures may often require hundreds of hours of labor (don’t worry, our craftsmen love every minute) and seem extreme to some, but we’re firm believers that our methods and our commitment to eco-responsibility result in the most beautiful fixtures available.  After all, it only takes one look at the recycled bottle glass of our Fascination collection, the natural and sustainable capiz shade panels of our Affinity collection, or the recycled content of most any of our collections, to see that our passion for conservation only enhances our ability to create outstanding lighting.