Halloween is approaching—time to decorate!

The fall season has begun and soon you will be buying candy for trick-or-treaters and possibly even dressing up in costumes of your own. With Halloween just around the corner, the time for decorating is now. So whether you are throwing a party or just want to incorporate the spirit of Halloween into your home décor, there are plenty of options to turn your everyday home into a fun-filled Halloween display.FloralPumpkinSwag

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t mean you need to completely redo your interior design. Work with what you have and add different décor pieces around the house. When the Halloween season is over, you can then put the decorations away in storage. Skulls, ghosts and haunted houses are perfect for adding a little spook inside your home. Pumpkin décor works well for both fall and Halloween. If you’re running out of room to place the decorations, utilize your wall space and stick on glow-in-the-dark wall art. Wall stickers can make the kids’ rooms seem more fun and they won’t damage your walls.


Halloween décor is nothing without the right atmosphere. Try using different tricks to decrease the amount of light in Brainlampyour home and give off an eerie look. If you have dimmers, you can easily set the right mood, any time of the day. Decorate with fake cobwebs and critters and attach them to your lampshades. That way, they will block and cover some of the light. To create a truly chilling display, use the Lumisource Mini Brain Blue/Red Electra Lamp. The Mini Brain Lamp is a 2-in-1 item because it works both as a Halloween decoration and gives off a colorful, yet spooky glow.
Have some fun this Halloween season and create a display your whole family will enjoy.

Mirrors are perfect in the bedroom

Decorating the bedroom can be tricky. While you want your room to have style, it also needs to feel open and not cluttered. The bedroom is your sanctuary and should be a place where you can relax and get a good night’s rest; too much stuff might just make you feel stressed. Mirrors can be the perfect addition to your bedroom because, if attached to the wall, they save space. Plus, mirrors serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, allowing you to get as much use out of your décor as possible, even giving your room additional light or the illusion of more space. Try adding these types of mirrors in your bedroom:


Mirrors that make your room appear larger
If you feel your bedroom is too small, or just want the room to appear larger (and who doesn’t?), try hanging up some mirrors to add light and give the illusion of depth. You can group smaller mirrors together and make a collage of various shapes and sizes. Novica has a collection of small, decorative mirrors that can create a unique look in the bedroom. Or, you can use one large mirror instead. When you hang up mirrors, try placing them near windows so they reflect as much natural light as possible.

NOVICA Sunbeams Mohena Mirror #494918

NOVICA Sunbeams Mohena Mirror #494918

Floor-length mirrors for a better view
Have you ever had to stand on a chair to try and get a glimpse of your full outfit in the bathroom mirror? A floor-length mirror will put an end to this morning ritual and you will finally be able to get a good look at yourself before walking out the door. Plus, a full-size mirror that stands on the floor or hangs on the wall will add some height to your room. If you want to save some space or you don’t have much room on your wall, consider attaching the mirror to the door of your bedroom.

PhoenixStanding Mirror

Vanity mirrors for hair and makeup
If your family is filled with bathroom hogs, you might consider hanging up a mirror so that you can do your hair and VanityMirrormakeup in the bedroom. If a lighted mirror doesn’t fit in well with your décor, purchase a regular mirror and place it near a window. You will want as much natural light as possible so that you can see clearly when applying makeup.

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Decorate your bedroom with wallpaper

Wallpaper 1970Back in the 1960s and ‘70s, wallpaper was huge. The trend began to take over, covering the walls of every room in the house and by the late ‘90s, it was overused and everyone was sick of it. People started to paint their walls instead and wallpaper was considered dated. Because paint can only offer so much, however, wallpaper is now making a comeback, allowing you to add even more creativity to your bedroom design.

Wallpaper is not only back, but the variety of paper available today is better than it was in the past. Wallpaper can be made out of numerous materials, yorkwallpaperglasseven recycled automobile glass. Plus, there is an enormous selection of patterns and textures that can transform a room and create instant style.

When friends and family members walk into your bedroom, you want them to be amazed, impressed and maybe even a little bit jealous. Wallpaper is a great way to design a unique look. If you wish to cover all four walls with the same wallpaper, choose a simple pattern that will add just the right amount of visual appeal. One great advantage of using wallpaper instead of paint is that even the smallest pattern or design can add texture to a room that most paint cannot.


If you’re in love with many of the bolder wallpaper designs, just use it on one wall instead. Creating a feature wall is a trend that’s very in right now and is an easy way to add impact and incorporate bigger, colorful or geometric patterns in the bedroom. Don’t forget – you can also apply wallpaper to furniture and other home decor items that will give your room a look that is 100% custom!

ASH 735 Zebra

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Four bedroom styles you will love

Looking to redecorate the bedroom? Before you begin, take some time to determine the style you want to create and get inspired with these bedroom ideas:

An elegant bedroom can be done in a variety of ways, but one important thing to remember is that it should never be cluttered or overwhelmed by colors. To create an elegant looking bedroom, less is more. Decorate using white or ivory as the base color and then add an accent color to make the room pop. While you don’t want to crowd the room with too much furniture, the pieces you choose, such as the bed, should wow and ooze the right amount of luxury.


Romantic Vintage
This style is all about looking pretty and soft. To create this vintage style, incorporate light shades of pinks and blues as well as white and cream colors into the bedroom’s design. Never use furniture that has stark lines better suited in a contemporary room. Instead, find bedframes and mirrors with round edges. Fabrics such as lace and taffeta and floral patterns are perfect in a vintage-style bedroom.

A.R.T Furniture coming soon to Bellacor!

A.R.T Furniture coming soon to Bellacor!

A stark contrast from a vintage looking bedroom, the modern style is filled with sleek designs and straight, clean lines. While modern is simplistic, it is never boring.  Colors best suited to a modern bedroom are blacks and whites, but you can add some visual excitement with a brightly colored chair or desk.

sonex Willow bed

If you want something simple and relaxed, you might consider creating a cottage style bedroom, which is comfortable and easy-going. To create this look, use wooden furniture and colors like reds and yellows, or earthy colors like green. The bedroom should feel sunny, so let the natural light fill your room! Patterns can vary, but if you’re not sure what would look best, floral or lined patterns would fit in well with this bedroom style.


Whatever you decide is your style, to be happy with it, make sure you understand your style, use, and budget. From there – it is pure shopping bliss!

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The art of lighting

Lighting is often overlooked in interior design and it shouldn’t be. If you’ve spent an ample amount of time decorating your home, don’t you want each room to look its best? The right lighting allows you to see clearly, creates an inviting atmosphere and highlights design elements you want to feature.

Living room

Living rooms are multi-purpose rooms and therefore require a variety of lighting options. While you want the living room to be bright and inviting during the day, a softer light would be appreciated after a stressful day at work. Install dimmers to make your overhead lights work for different situations. With just a tiny adjustment, a bright and well-lit room can instantly soften and darken for a movie night.

Hinkley Lighting Zelda model

Hinkley Lighting Zelda model

For areas where you often work, read or do hobbies, incorporate task lighting. A lamp next to your couch will allow you to get the light you need when you need it.

Dining room

Hinkley Lighting – Carlton Model Bellacor

The dining room table is the focal point of any dining room. Draw even more attention to the table with a decorative chandelier or pendant light fixture. Low lighting is perfect for dinner parties or family meals; consider the Hinkley Carlton  Chandelier to add beautiful lighting and elegant style to the dining room.


You will want to see clearly when preparing food so make sure you have a well-lit room. Locate areas where you will be prepping food. For example, if you have a kitchen island, install one or a couple of light fixtures either as a pendant, or as a chandelier. Using a combination of pendant lights/chandeliers and recessed lights will provide you with the optimum lighting for your kitchen tasks as well as give your space a stylish appeal.


Art Craft Lighting


The bedroom is a place to rest, which means harsher lighting should be avoided. A combination of recessed and task lighting will allow you to relax and you can still read or finish work before bed. Incorporate accent lighting if you have artwork or any architectural elements you want to feature.


When you get ready in the morning, a well-lit bathroom can be a lifesaver. To avoid causing shadows in your bathroom, light both sides of the vanity mirror. Then you can incorporate ambient lighting in the rest of the room to create a spa-like environment for bathing.

Questions on how you should proceed with your space? We have lighting experts available at your fingertips. If we don’t know the answer, we will find it for you!

Customer Service: 1-877-723-5522
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Mirrors make rooms appear larger and brighter

Does your living room or bedroom seem to keep getting smaller? Well, it might have something to do with the interior design. Dark paints, over-sized furniture and cluttered décor can have a huge impact on how large a room feels. Of course, sometimes your room is just small. Now don’t start panicking just yet! Whether you have a small room, or it just has begun to feel small, you can use a simple interior design trick to open up a space and make it seem larger. Just hang up some mirrors.  uttermostroomshot

You already have a mirror in your bathroom and possibly your bedroom, but what about the rest of your home? Mirrors can do more than help you get ready in the morning—they also give the illusion of depth and add light. Lighter rooms create a sense of openness, which is why it is recommended to paint bright colors in smaller rooms. Even if you use darker paints, mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial light, making your room seem brighter and more open.

Find mirrors in different shapes and sizes and group them together. Not only will the space seem larger, but the mirrors offer a fun design element to any room. If you want to give your room some height, find a floor length mirror that complements the interior design.

Mirrors can be strategically placed to do more. Position a mirror so that it reflects the view and light coming in from a window. A reflection of the outdoors is a sure way to make a room seem larger. Mirrors installed across from each other also have a dramatic impact to the size of the room.

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Ceiling Fans Vs. Air Conditioning: A Story of Energy-efficiency, Cost Savings and Style


As individuals in a society that is striving to move away from wasteful energy consumption and towards sustainable energy conservation and cost savings, we are always looking for ways to do our part.  Many of us have analyzed our household lighting, electronics, and appliance usage, and made adjustments to conserve energy and save money.  Similarly, it is to our benefit, and the benefit of society as a whole, that we take a close look at the cooling systems in our homes and determine if there are changes we can make to conserve energy and financial resources; more often than not, there are.


During warmer seasons of the year, we all want to maintain a cool, comfortable atmosphere in our homes.  For many of us, that means turning on the air conditioner, expending a significant amount of energy, and paying high costs to do so.  While air conditioning certainly has its place and makes for an appropriate cooling option at times, the benefits of ceiling fan usage either alone, or in conjunction with air conditioning, can offer many significant energy and cost saving advantages.  Consider that a ceiling fan by a manufacturer like Fanimation uses as few as 30 watts during operation, while a central air conditioning system can use upwards of 5,000 watts.  Additionally, ceiling fans when used properly regulate air circulation in a room.  Setting a fan to spin counter clockwise sends cooler air downward, making the room’s occupants feel up to four degrees cooler.  In warmer months, this means you can conserve energy and save money by turning up/off the thermostat on your air conditioning.  In cooler months, you can set the ceiling fan back to clockwise and still enjoy all of its air circulating benefits.


The use of ceiling fans is so effective at reducing energy consumption that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using them to reduce or eliminate the need to use air conditioning.  In an effort to motivate every American to reduce energy consumption by turning off their central air conditioning systems and relying solely on fans, Fanimation is initiating National Ceiling Fan Day (“NCFD”) on September 18, 2013.  Full participation would result in a savings of over three trillion kilowatts hours of energy consumption!  NCFD will go a long way towards raising awareness about how ceiling fans can fit into an overall energy and cost savings plan.

It comes as little surprise that Fanimation is taking the lead on raising awareness about ceiling fans.  Fanimation pushes the boundaries of ceiling fan technology and their fans offers some distinct advantages over conventional ceiling fans.  Fanimation offers a large selection of fans with DC motors, which generate more power/torque than conventional fans while consuming 70% of the power.  DC motor fans are also lighter, require less electrical energy, offer six speeds with reverse technology and are virtually silent, among numerous other benefits.  Many Fanimation ceiling fans also come with the prestigious ENERGY STAR rating, which the Department of Energy bestows upon the most energy efficient appliances and building products.  Fanimation’s Islander Collection ceiling fans boast the prestigious ENERGY STAR rating and DC motors, while offering a touch of the tropics via an eye-catching design narrative.  The Fanimation Zonix Wet Collection is also notable for its ENERGY STAR rating, as well as a modern, sophisticated style.

As you think of ways to conserve energy, reduce your costs, and add a touch of style to your home, consider the use of ceiling fans and all of the wonderful ways in which they will benefit your household.

How to choose the right vanity for your bathroom

Every room should have a designated focal point, and in bathrooms a vanity is sure to do the trick. Bathroom vanities can be large or small and are found in varying materials and designs.  With so many options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed—but don’t give up just yet! Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom depends a lot on the room itself; consider the bathroom’s size, who will use it and the overall look you want to create.


Size of bathroom

The size of your bathroom will determine how big your vanity should be. A large vanity in a small bathroom wBelleForetBathroomVanityould look very out of place; plus, you might not have much room to walk. In bigger bathrooms, take advantage of large vanities that can store all of your personal items. If you have a tiny bathroom, there are plenty of vanities that will be the appropriate size and still have storage space.

Intended users

A bathroom’s storage needs generally correlate with who will be using the bathroom. In guest bathrooms, you will only need the basic necessities and therefore can opt for a vanity that is more decorative than functional. Get creative and have some fun picking out an interesting design! Avanity’s Wenge Vanity and Mirror Cabinet is hung on the wall and provides space for needed toiletries. The unique style of the vanity is sure to impress any visitors.
Bathrooms that are used by multiple family members need to provide storage to hold a number of personal items such as hair dryers and makeup. Select a vanity with multiple cupboards and drawers. No longer will you have to deal with a cluttered counter-top.


Overall look

For the bathroom to look complete, select a vanity that matches the overall style of the room. Minimalistic and sleek looking vanities would look best in a modern bathroom. If you’re going traditional, wooden vanities with marble or granite counter-tops will fit in well with the style of your bathroom.

Make a grand statement with chandeliers in the bedroom

When people picture chandeliers, they are generally placed in large, formal rooms such as a dining room or grand entry way. This design standby will begin to change as the newest style trends allow more unique lighting options in the bedroom – including chandeliers. Rather than a standard ceiling fan, people desire more dramatic and decorative light fixtures, and chandeliers are the perfect solution.


With the variety of styles, you can incorporate a chandelier into any room’s décor, whether it is traditional, modern or shabby chic. Just be sure that the style of the chandelier complements the style of the bedroom.

Chandeliers not only provide beauty and intimate lighting, they also save space! Every room should have a focal point, but smaller rooms can limit your options. Chandeliers create instant impact, and because they are hanging from the ceiling, they won’t take over the room, which means even the smallest of rooms can enjoy some excitement.
Crystorama flower pendant bedroom
A chandelier can be installed several different areas of your bedroom; whether it is in the middle of the room, over the bed, or on the side of the room, the chandelier will make a statement. To keep the chandelier from turning into a nuisance, hang it high enough so that everyone in your house can walk underneath without bumping their heads.
Chandeliers add glamour and beauty to any room. Take advantage of the new trend and install a chandelier in your bedroom!

How to choose the Correct Size for a Coffee Table


Have you ever stepped into a friend’s living room, instantly felt something missing and then noticed there was no coffee table? Coffee tables are often the finishing touch to a living room and can tie all of your décor together for a complete look. While deciding on a table isn’t rocket science, the wide selection of tables offered can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Simplify the process and find the perfect coffee table for your living room with these considerations:

Size and Shape

Take a look at the amount of open space in your living room. Does the room seem really bare or is there limited space? Round tables are perfect for smaller spaces as they allow people to easily maneuver around the area. A rectangular table will fill an empty room and keep it from looking unfinished. Both the coffee table’s height and length should be measured to confirm that the table will fit in its intended location, and remember to be mindful of scale. Here is a pretty good rule of thumb when measuring for a coffee table:
1) keep your coffee table approximately the same height to slightly lower than your sofa cushions.
2) Keep it within two-thirds the length of the couch.
3) Keep your own needs in mind. If you are taller and will be resting your feet on it, go for a higher table. Or if you plan to sit on the floor beside it on occasion, go for one that is lower than the suggested height of the couch might suggest.
Here comes the fun part! Browsing the many different table designs available can be an enjoyable process as it gives you a chance to play interior designer. While selecting a table based on its design is mostly a taste preference, you also want it to fit in well with the overall look of your living room. If you are starting fresh, decide on a style before looking at tables.
What do you intend to use the coffee table for? Some people need their table to be highly functional, while others just want it based on aesthetic appearance. Not all coffee tables are designed to actually hold coffee, so if you intend to place drinks on the table, make sure it isn’t too wobbly. If your coffee table is merely a visual attraction, then you have a chance to think outside the box and experiment. Get creative with different designs and materials that can offer a distinct look.