Dark room? Top tips for choosing a light fixture

Lighting is such a simple concept, yet there are so many considerations – it’s enough to drive even the savviest interior designer batty. If you are updating your home’s lighting, you might feel a little overwhelmed when choosing fixtures. Find your perfect lighting option – and a little bit of Zen – with these top tips for choosing a fixture.


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1. Blend aesthetic features

Just as accessories tie together your favorite outfits, lighting fixtures are the jewelry that ties together the overarching design aesthetic of a space. Make sure color, style and detailing are all aligned with the main theme of the room.

2. Consider scale and proportion

The size of the room should be a main consideration when selecting the size and type of fixture for the space. Too big and it will be overwhelming; too small and the fixture won’t ever get noticed. To get a good general idea of appropriate fixture size, start by adding the length and width of a room. Take that sum and replace feet with inches. A 10-by-20-foot room has a sum of 30 feet, which means a fixture of about 30 inches would be appropriate for the space.


3. Decide on the light’s purpose

You may think this is a silly question – of course the purpose of a lighting fixture is to provide light. But it’s important to dig deeper. Is the purpose of your fixture to provide overhead light while dining, task lighting in the bathroom, or accent lighting around your favorite painting? This will dictate the features and type of fixture you should select. A sconce will function much differently than a chandelier or a recessed lighting fixture.

4. Consider timeless materials

When shopping for a light fixture, consider the material and how well it blends with the interior design. If you know you’ll be using this light fixture for many years to come, choose a material that is timeless so that in five years, it doesn’t date the space. If you want to play with trends, update shades and glass globes, and keep the fixture classically appealing.

As Featured in Veranda: Troy Lighting brings grace and elegance with the Delacroix collection


A lighting industry leader since the 1960s, Troy Lighting’s fixtures demonstrate their passion for quality, design, value and service. A stunning example is their Delacroix collection, which was featured in the July/August issue of Veranda magazine. Delacroix combines an old world style and aesthetic with cutting edge technology and artisan craftsmanship. This transitional piece can work well in any interior, from modern to traditional, and would look great in an entryway, kitchen or dining room – not to mention myriad contract applications.

Made from hand-worked iron, it also features the warmth of aged wood beading and hand-carved accents, as well as distressed gold leaf, giving it a luxurious, yet restrained feel. The French bronze finish confers a sense of classic European elegance. The Delacroix collection includes multiple pendant sizes and shapes to fit a variety of rooms and uses, all while maintaining its distinctive style.

Delacroix Room

Troy Lighting’s dedication to unique design, superlative service and exquisite craftsmanship – all at a reasonable price – has allowed them to become an industry leader in its 50-year existence. They create both indoor and outdoor fixtures that are unlike anything else in the marketplace.

Some of Troy Lighting’s outdoor pieces have been spotted in stylish living rooms and dining rooms. Hand-forged iron, hand-applied finishes and hand-blown glass are just a few of their signature materials, which, combined in both new and classic ways, have come to establish the Troy Lighting style and brand. They take great pride in their design, engineering and inspection standards. It’s through this brilliant combination of product and service that they’ve thrived in the marketplace for half a century. Explore their whole collection, including pendants, sconces, indoor and outdoor fixtures and bathroom and kitchen lighting, all available at Bellacor.

How to capture the trend of the moment: Exposed bulb light fixtures


A lot of trends are just flashes in the pan, but the new tendency toward light fixtures with exposed bulbs looks like one with real staying power. Instead of hiding behind an opaque shade, exposed bulb fixtures put the simple, sculptural form of the bulb on display as the main point of interest.exposedbulb_1There is a surprising variety of options for homeowners who fall under the spell of the look. Pendant lights are one of the most widely available forms, but within that category, you’ll find everything from fixtures that are essentially just a socket and a cord to bulbs that sit inside a clear glass shade that adds extra interest while also exposing the form of the bulb.


Sconces, flush-mount ceiling fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps round out the selection. Metal finishes on the fixtures range from the subtly classic look of oil-rubbed bronze to brighter tones like silver and copper.Flush mount exposed bulb

So, is this trend right for your home? There are a few things to consider before you say yes or no. First, do you like an industrial look? While exposed bulbs are hot-hot-hot in the design world, this style, which hearkens back to factories and schoolhouses in the days of yore, might not be your cup of tea. Keep in mind that you may need to buy specialized bulbs for the fixtures to avoid overly bright light output.

If your home already has a traditional feel, this can be a great way to update its style and breathe some new life and light into it. It works extraordinarily well in urban-chic spaces, but is also very well suited for modern organic styles, and even Craftsman-inspired rooms.


Housewarming: Gift ideas to make new homeowners smile

With what looks to be the worst of the housing rut behind us and numerous reports declaring sellers’ markets in cities nationwide, it appears the housing market is officially rebounding. It’s likely you have plenty of friends and family that are scooping up new homes, meaning plenty of housewarming parties are in your future.

House sold

Congratulate your loved ones on their new home-sweet-home with unique gifts that show you care. Here are five spectacular housewarming gift ideas:

1. Faux flowers and plantsfaux flower

Why send a bouquet that will last a few days when you can send a beautiful silk flower arrangement or plant that will add a splash of color to any room all year long? Modern faux flowers and plants are designed and constructed so well you can hardly tell the difference between them and live plants.

2. Decorative throwswoolblanket

If you want a gift that embraces fashion and function, look no further than a luxurious throw. Whether it’s used as an accent piece on a favorite chair or provides warmth on cool evenings, it will remind your loved ones of you each time they touch its soft fibers.

3. Garden delightsSolarChime

Garden and patio accessories provide a touch of class to any outdoor space. Help the new homeowners settle in by gifting them with a piece of outdoor décor. From graceful garden bells and wind chimes to beautiful bird feeders and quaint gnomes, outdoor accessories can be tons of fun.

4. Focus on the kids

Sometimes moving is difficult for children. Help little ones adjust to their new home by making your housewarming gift kid-friendly. Plush blankets, framed artwork, decorative mirrors, small toys, treats and books all help children get excited about their new home and make them feel special.CrocodileFloorCushion

RoosterBasket5. Build a basket

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a custom-made gift basket. Remember, the package is just as important as what you put in it! Whether a beautiful wicker basket or wrought iron fruit basket, what holds the contents can be used over and over again by the new homeowners.

The smallest design change that can redefine your bathroom


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The old saying goes that “little things mean a lot” – and design-minded individuals know that’s an absolute truth. The smallest details in your home, if ignored, can conspire to undo your home’s style. If you want to really send a message about your interior décor tastes, paying attention to the little things will make all the difference, from the silverware in your kitchen to the lever on your toilet.

Yes, that’s right – the lever on your toilet.

Few things in your home are likely more overlooked, but this tiny piece of hardware can play a big role when you want to revitalize your bathroom. Because it’s something that people generally assume will just “blend into the background,” making the effort to select a version with a sense of style can really have a strong effect.

A truly modern bathroom, for instance, will only look more cohesive and attractive when all the right pieces are in place. Opt for a streamlined, squared-off handle and it will only enhance the contemporary look of the room.


ToiletTankLever_4ToiletTankLever_2ToiletTankLever_1Finishes matter, too. If your doorknob is brass, your cabinet pulls are oil-rubbed bronze and your toilet lever is silver chrome, it can look like a visual jumble. Pull it all together by using hardware that coordinates and presents a united appearance.

This one quick fix is as easy to DIY as you could hope for. In just minutes, you can switch out your levers and give your bathroom a beautiful new lease on life.

5 things you might not know about LED lighting

You’ve surely heard the hubbub about getting rid of old-style incandescent light bulbs and switching to more eco-friendly, energy-efficient bulbs to light your home. The hype has started for good reason – lights like LEDs really are longer-lasting and more efficient, and come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. But many people are still reluctant to make the switch.

Photo Credit: Corbett Lighting

If you’re curious about LED lighting, but not sure about making the transition, here are five key things you need to know.


1. What are LEDs, anyway? LED stands for “light emitting diode” and it’s those diodes that make the lights different from traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs, which contain filaments inside a glass bulb. The LED “bulb” contains tiny light sources or lenses that illuminate when an electrical current passes through a semiconductor within the bulb.

2. Do LED bulbs really last longer? Yes, they do! One LED bulb can have a life of 100,000 hours. Compare that to the average life span of a traditional incandescent light – just 750 hours.

3. Are LEDs actually eco-friendly? It’s not just a sales tactic – LEDs use less energy (less demand on the environment), last longer (fewer bulbs to throw away) and contain no toxic materials. They’re even recyclable.

4. LEDs are only for small fixtures, right? Nope! LED light fixtures have come a long way in recent years, and homeowners with a strong sense of taste can rejoice – virtually any style of fixture is now available in an LED version. So from your living room chandelier to the pendants above your kitchen bar, LEDs can light the way – and do it beautifully.LED_OutdoorPostLantern

5. Can LEDs be used outside? Absolutely! Whether you’re lighting up a pathway to your patio space or welcoming your guests to your front door, outdoor LED light fixtures will do the task – and save you the headaches of having to replace bulbs on a regular basis.

Beautiful bedrooms begin with bedding

Bedding_LushDecorIt’s the very first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before falling asleep: your bedding. Interior designers know the bedding you choose can instantly set the mood and tone for the bedroom, and it should be one of the first things you consider when decorating.

Linger a little longer by creating a luxe environment with plush pieces that beckon you to hit the snooze button. Start by selecting a stylish comforter in a beautiful color or pattern. Ivory, for example, is a perfect color for bedding because it projects a clean, upscale look that stands the test of time. The Lush Decor Lucia Four Piece Ivory Comforter Queen Set is a good example. The gorgeous comforter provides an air of opulence with rich swags of fabric and unique tufts stitched to resemble white roses. The matching bed skirt and pillow shams tie the luxurious look together.

Remember, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so under that gorgeous comforter you’ll want to invest in some quality linens. Bed linens come in a variety of materials, with cotton being one of the most popular because it is soft, durable and breathes well.

When shopping for sheets, most people look at thread count. Thread count is typically in the 200-range, while more expensive sheets range from 250 to 500. But thread count is only one consideration – when shopping for cotton sheets, look for Pima or Egyptian cotton varieties, which are made from a high-end, silky thread. Keep in mind, something like bamboo or silk sheets may be a better fit for your particular sleep needs.Blanket-Thinsolate

Many people choose to rotate their bedding, not only due to changes in weather, but also to match their personal tastes. Your airy ivory comforter may be ideal for warmer months, but that colored blanket with extra warmth built-in is the perfect swap-out to add a splash of verve during winter . You’re sure to look forward to bedtime each and every day.

Easy ways to add urban-chic style to your home


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Page through any home design magazine these days and you’ll see it: urban-chic style. It can be hard to envision what that moniker means, but here’s the core concept: A mix of old and new décor items and traditional and trendy style touches, all in an airy, not-too-busy space. The great news is that, no matter what kind of “bones” your home has, you can update your interior in easy ways to get this in-demand look.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Add a rustic touch – Not everything in an urban chic environment is glossy and brand-new – one of the keys to the look is adding lived-in elements that provide texture and character. Furniture made from salvaged or re-claimed wood is a great idea. Try a console table that combines a distressed patina with the classical form of turned balusters, combining roughness and elegance in one piece.


An updated take on the chandelier – Lighting fixtures can do a lot to define a room, or simply support your décor scheme. For an urban-chic look, select a chandelier that bridges the gap between contemporary and classic design. Crystorama’s chandeliers from the Cameron Collection, offered in the English Bronze finishdoes the job perfectly, with swooping lines of metal over a more traditional arrangement of bulbs.


Eclectic accessories – Urban chic is a look that calls for a lot of your own personality. Express your unique tastes through accessories spread across the home. Don’t be afraid to mix and match eras and genres. Hang a minimalist painting on the wall, but set your grandmother’s heirloom candelabra on the dining table. Roll out an antique Turkish rug and decorate your mantle with contemporary ceramic vases. It’s all about creating an interesting mix that tells a story about you.

Sink styles: How to choose the right style


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If sinks prove anything, it’s that even the most utilitarian fixtures in your home can – and should – have an element of style. The options that have flooded into the market in recent years mean that there’s something for every taste and home décor style. But that vast array of choices can also leave a lot of room for questions – which sinks are right for your home, and which rooms should you put them in? Here’s a quick guide to some sink options – and where to use them – that can help when you’re in a style bind.

Artistic vessel sinks: Vessel sinks (think a bowl that sits on top of the counter) took the design world by storm a few years back and their popularity hasn’t faded. They provide a dramatic focal point for a room – not just a place to wash your hands. This is perhaps the most stylistically diverse category of sinks – you can find them made of virtually any material, from art glass to embellished ceramic to metals of all tones. To add a lot of personality to a small space, vessel sinks are the ideal option. They’re great for main-floor powder rooms that see a lot of use when you’re entertaining – they’ll make a major impression on your guests. They can also elevate your everyday bathroom routine when placed in a master suite.Sink_ArtisticVesselAngular modern sinks: Clean lines and crisp edges are the top choice for homes with a contemporary aesthetic, but they are more versatile than you might think. Anywhere you want a streamlined look, these squared-off sinks will do the trick. If you favor transitional styling, add this kind of sink in a room that has details like boldly patterned, colorful wallpaper. For a spa-like atmosphere, pair it with organic touches like towels in earth tones, travertine or cork flooring and cabinetry with distinctive wood grain.


Classic pedestal and console sinks: The traditional styling of these sinks looks as great in a Cape Cod home as it does in a Tuscan-inspired abode. Console sinks feature two legs and a bit of extra surface space for setting out extra accessories, and also add some distinctive Old-World elegance. A pedestal sink is a small-space problem solver, ideal for half- and three-quarter-baths, while a console is great for filling a room that has more available square footage.

Sink_Kerasan_PedistalRelated articles


Choosing a sofa that reflects your style

You might think that a sofa is nothing more than a basic living room staple. But a sofa is much more than a place to sit – this key piece of furniture can define a room and even speak volumes about your personal sense of style. That’s why it pays to choose carefully when shopping for the model that will grace your room.

Before you start your search, ask yourself some core questions about your own style. Are you the type who is always entertaining? Or do you love to lounge with family? Do you gravitate toward sleek styles or seek out the comfort of traditional looks? Both your habits and your tastes should dictate what kind of sofa you choose.


  • If you’re always entertaining: When you constantly have a houseful of guests, whether it’s your book club friends or your teenager’s group of buddies, you need a larger sofa to accommodate those extra bodies. A sectional lets you add more space to ensure that there is room for everyone.Sofa2
  • If you like to lounge with family: A sofa that lets you stretch out and let go of the cares of the day should be your pick. A sofa with a chaise gives you the option to sit, snuggle or put your feet up.
  • If you gravitate toward modern art and sleek styles: A streamlined sofa with simple styling and eye-catching material (like leather) is the way to go. Keep in mind that comfort and contemporary design really can go hand-in-hand these days, so there’s no need to compromise your aesthetics to get a comfy couch.
  • If you love history and traditional glamor: Opt for a sofa that bridges the gap between the styles of yesterday and today. The Bauhaus USA Lafayette sofa is a perfect example – it features traditional styling like a camelback silhouette and a tufted back, but in updated, clean lines that bring it into the modern era.

Sofa styles are virtually endless, so while it might take a while to find the style that’s perfectly “you,” have no fear – your ideal sofa is out there.