Flower power: Freshen up your home with on-trend florals

On the runway, at the mall and in the home, florals are one of the hottest trends of the moment. But these aren’t your grandma’s chintzes. From oversize patterns to mini prints, today’s floral flourishes are thoroughly modern, with varying degrees of femininity that can make them fit into any home (don’t fear the flowers, guys!).

FlowerPower-collage1. Devale Accent Cabinet #793476
2. Birds & Flowers Accent chair #754062
3. Eurofase Pratolina Pendant #844242
4. Flowing Leaves & Flowers Mirror #802693
5. Flower Pattern Pillow #671598

Adding simple touches here and there, through décor, accessories and lighting, will let you make the most of the trend without going overboard. Consider these ideas for updating your spaces:

Light fixtures: Look for chandeliers and pendant lights that subtly incorporate a floral feeling. The Crystorama Lighting Group Cypress Wet White Pendant has a classic globe shape, but rather than a plain glass globe, the shade is designed to look like closely bundled roses. Because it’s done in crisp, classic white, the effect is textural, modern and chic.

Crystorama flower pendants

Furniture: Larger pieces featuring floral motifs make a bold statement. Case goods, like cabinets and chests, with floral carving or detailing can bring the trend into a variety of spaces, from the dining room to a bedroom. Botanical fabrics on chairs and couches capture the trend but allow you to adjust the effect to your taste – go with big, bright prints for a bolder effect, or an intricate pattern like toile for something more subtle.

Accents: Just like clothing, home accessories give you a chance to try out a trend without over-committing. Home décor accents let you dabble in the floral trend with little touches that can be added and removed whenever you feel the impulse. Try throw pillows with blooming botanical patterns or a jewel-tone mirror embellished with floral motifs – they’ll freshen up any room in seconds.

The cluster effect: How to make it work in your home

From textiles to home décor, the cluster trend – layering and grouping décor elements – is here to stay. Now it’s easier than ever to implement this favorite strategy of interior designers into your home, no matter what your style preferences. Here are three ways to add the cluster effect to your favorite rooms.


Cluster designs can be found in various lighting pieces, but perhaps the most popular iCorbett Big Bangs in chandeliers. Add a cluster chandelier to your favorite room for an instant transformation from boring to beautiful. For example, the Corbett Big Bang Silver Leaf Sixteen Light Pendant features a beautiful brushed iron and glass detailing in an elegant cluster design. As light illuminates the cluster, it only further enhances the eye-catching focal point that provides a room-widening effect.


Why do homes in magazines always look so polished? It’s because accessories are arranged into vignettes that mimic still-life art. There are a few general guidelines for creating stunning vignettes. Start by grouping similar items together in odd numbers, for example three vases of varying heights. Mixing textures like shiny metals with organic materials like bamboo provides visual interest, but make sure the grouping coordinates with the room’s overall design. Finally, build vignettes around a light source, such as in front of a window or next to a lamp.CoffeeTable


Updating your home with wall décor is a great way to give it personality, but how and where you place those pieces either enhances or detracts from its style. Try clustering small- and medium-size items together for a cohesive look. Choose pieces with at least one element in common to tie the group together. For example, select different photography and use the same frame for each, or different plates that each feature turquoise accents. If you have a larger piece, use it as the center and strategically place smaller items in at attractive cluster surrounding it.


Inspirational lighting and how it transforms a space

If there’s one décor element in a home where a dramatic effect is welcome, it would have to be lighting. The fixtures you select for your interior space can set the tone for the entire house. A functional focal point like a stunning chandelier can be inspirational and help you define a style for your home that is perfectly ‘you.’ Hence the term “inspirational lighting.”

Whether sleek and modern, elegant and ornate, or rugged and rustic, chandeliers are available in numerous sizes and virtually unlimited styles. Narrowing down your options to just one favorite might be your hardest décor decision yet. But find one you love, and it won’t only beautify the space, but it will inspire the theme and help you select other complementary décor.

One striking chandelier that reflects many of today’s top décor trends is the Corbett Tranquility Silver Poetry Twelve Light Pendant. This chandelier was recently featured on the front cover of Westchester Home magazine. It’s truly a great example of a chandelier that makes an inspirational statement.Corbett Poetry Tranquility Silver Nine Light Pendant

The exquisite burst design of this Corbett chandelier embraces the cluster trend that is featured in just about any home décor magazine on shelves these days. The fixture also incorporates the precious metals trend, featuring iron with a silver finish of polished chrome. Finally, it captures the movement of designers toward selecting hand-crafted decorative pieces, known for their top quality and attention to detail.

These trends come together to create the cover-worthy look, but the chandelier can also be inspirational for other decorative elements. Wall color, textiles, accessories and more can all be tied to the chandelier’s appearance, sure to create a breathtaking room that will leave guests speechless.

Give your chandelier new life with a shade upgrade

Whether mini or massive, chandeliers provide a grand lighting statement no matter where they are located in a home. But as time passes, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to get a little bored with their lighting fixtures, especially the statement pieces.

Before you check your budget to see if see if you can afford a replacement, consider revitalizing what you already have. If it’s time to breathe new life into your chandelier, simply swap out bland shades for beautiful modern options, and you’ll likely be astonished at the difference it will bring to your room.

Wendy-Before-and-After (2)

Before and After

Fabric shades are a great option if you are looking to update your existing chandelier. Light fabrics create a soft glow for the ideal hybrid of function and ambiance. Try choosing white or earth tones in fabric to add an organic feeling to an otherwise modern-styled chandelier. Striped fabric, like the Livex Lighting Multi Color Striped Silk Bell Clip Chandelier Shade, is a fun way to add zest to entryways or dining rooms. Soft colors, like the violet of the Livex Lighting Periwinkle Damask Silk Bell Clip Chandelier Shade w/ Fancy Trim, are perfect for a powder room or girl’s bedroom.

Experiment with color and texture

Kenroy Home Bulletin 3 Light PendantShades are the perfect place to add a pop of color or dash of pattern to a room. Want to be on trend? Burlap and cork materials combined with a touch of color adds a wonderful complementary contrast. Embroidery, feathers and even beading can be found in fabric shades for chandeliers, offering virtually unlimited potential when it comes to design style.  Some homeowners even choose to swap different shades out on their chandeliers throughout the year to reflect seasonal color trends or holiday celebrations. Have fun and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You may even want to spray paint your fixture to give it new life.

Whether your current light features intricate twists of brushed metal, modern minimalist chrome lines or strings of crystals dripping with opulence, new shades can provide a splash of personality. Have fun exploring your options!

Bamboo – A Luxurious and Healthy Fiber

With so many fiber choices out there, how do you choose which one is best for you? Do you struggle with allergies? Is your skin sensitive? Are you concerned about bacteria that some fibers hold? Then bamboo might be the fiber of choice for you.BedVoyageDuvetCover

Sharon Stuart, CEO & Founder of BedVoyage, released the following information about bamboo fiber production process:

“The process of talking a stalk of any kind of tree (Bamboo, birch, Eucalyptus, etc) and turning it into a fiber that can be spun into a textile is called Rayon or Viscose. there is a solvent used in breaking down the stalk into a pulp that can then be spun. this process is commonly called Rayon.

It can seem that when a product is called Rayon, that the connotation is that it is now a synthetic fiber,  but that is not the case. It is the process of taking a natural product and turning it into a fiver that can be woven.

BedVoyage bamboo linens are made from 100% bamboo, unlike many other bamboo companies which blend their bamboo with cotton. we have chosen to use the highest quality bamboo, the highest thread count and not to blend it with any other fiber.

We are required by the FTC to label our products as a Bamboo Viscose or Bamboo Rayon so that the consumer is aware of the process of how bamboo is created.

This is a definition of the making of our Eco-luxury 100% bamboo linens.”

A Naturopathic Physician, Amy Fasig, N.D. also provides some insight into bamboo as a linen. This is what she has to say about it:

“As a Naturopathic Physician, I see a lot of patients with multiple chemical sensitives or skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is important for them to limit their exposure to dust mites, bleach, disinfectants, and other common environmental allergens. Bed Voyage sheets provide an easy and practical way to do so at home and especially while traveling. They are one more toll health-conscious parents can use to protect their children from exposure to irritants when on vacation. Also, I know my menopausal patients will find the coolness of the bamboo helpful for their night sweats!”

Multiple products available from sheets, to towels. Find out more here: Bellacor-BedVoyage

Why Old World lighting fixtures are in style for all kinds of homes

Design inspiration can come from many places – and travel is one of the best sources for ideas. If you have fond Travelmemories of a trip through the regal courts and palaces of Europe – or even if a trip is just on your wish list – you can bring the Old World spirit of grandeur into your home with the right lighting fixtures. The good news is that the countless fixtures that embody that historic spirit can easily be adapted to all kinds of home interior styles.

These three light fixtures are great examples of Old World styles that can work in many different homes.

Metropolitan Lighting Vintage Two-Light French Gold Wall Sconce. This ornate example echoes the grandeur of Versailles and the refined detailing of Swedish Gustavian style. In today’s homes, it would work well in a very classically styled house, but could also add interest and quirky character to an eclectic modern space that blends simple furniture shapes with intricate details.

Elk Lighting Cambridge Moonlit Rust Twelve-Light Chandelier. The Mediterranean regions of France, Spain and Italy all have a special allure for their rustic beauty, both in the landscape and the historic farmhouses and castles that dot the landscape. This fixture calls out the hand-hewn feel of the metal chandeliers so often found in the region. It would be a perfect fit in a home specifically designed to capture Mediterranean style, but would also work beautifully in a transitional home that bridges the aesthetic gap between traditional and contemporary.

ElkRiverLighting - oldworldcharm

Visual Comfort and Company English Four-Light Chandelier. This historically-inspired fixture could look equally at home in a Vermeer painting from 17th Century Holland or a 21st-century American abode. Its relative restraint of the design means that it can be adapted to many home interiors, from Victorian to shabby chic, and the use of brass is highly on trend at the moment.

Picture-Perfect Lighting: As Featured in Elle Décor

Have you ever dreamt of making your entryway, dining room or bedroom look like it belongs in a magazine? Check out the May and June 2013 issues of Elle Décor. They feature two of our most exciting lights, and they’re now available to order for your home! Check out the magazine covers on our facebook page.

The  Big Bang pendant from Corbett Lighting, featured in the May issue, is designed for maximum impact. A constellation of multi-color cut glass jewels illuminated by a smoked diffuser, this contemporary luminaire is a complemented by a silver leaf finish and polished stainless accents for allover sparkle and shine. Renowned for superb fixtures hand-crafted from highly stylized materials, Big Bang embodies Corbett Lighting’s reputation for unmistakable statement lighting.

Siteshot_Big BangElle Décor also featured the Mason twelve-lamp chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting in their June issue, which mixes traditional and contemporary design cues to unforgettable effect. Mason features two tiers of spokes reminiscent of carriage wheels, classic plumb-bob construction and minimalist cylindrical diffusers, uniting diverse eras and forms to create a memorable focal point for your room. Impeccable aged brass or polished nickel finishes put the final touch on Hudson Valley Lighting’s signature style.


Discover Big Bang, Mason and a wealth of other picture-perfect lights from Corbett Lighting and Hudson Valley Lighting at bellacor.com.

Start seeing style: 3 things will make your closet lighting better

The daily closet search can be a challenge. In the early morning hours before work, rifling through your closet without benefit of an effective light fixture is nearly impossible – and that can slow you down just when you’re trying to rush out the door. Spare yourself the squinting and update your closet lighting – you can even use the opportunity to turn a walk-in closet into a luxurious personal dressing room.

Photo courtesy of http://pinterest.com/pin/275915914643078775/

Photo courtesy of http://pinterest.com/pin/275915914643078775/

When it’s time to update your closet lighting, keep these three ideas in mind:

Adjustable light: You might think that closet lighting should only have one setting: ultra-bright. While that seems logical, in practice, being able to raise and lower the light level is a surprisingly useful amenity. When your eyes are still adjusting to light in the morning, the ability to dim – and gradually raise – the light levels makes it easier to see comfortably.

Filling the space: If your current light fixture doesn’t reach some parts of your closet, it’s likely that those are the places where unworn and forgotten items gather. A well-lit closet space will ensure that you’re making the best use of the space and all its contents. Adding track lighting is a quick way to solve the problem – simply direct the lights to the corners that need extra illumination. For a more in-depth project, recessed lighting in strategic locations will eliminate those “unseen” areas.

Adding style: Everyone dreams of having a celebrity-style closet like Oprah’s famous walk-in wonderland. But you don’t need to have a billionaire’s budget to bring a little style to your closet. Adding a mini chandelier instantly transforms the space. Make that your centerpiece and then add a large mirror or two and some closet organization solutions (matching shoe boxes, dividers, shelving, etc.) to transform your closet into a beautiful dressing room.

Five must-have light fixtures for midcentury modern style

There was something stylish in the air in the late 1950s – from clothing to décor, clean lines and chic simplicity were in vogue. While plenty of other retro trends have come and gone, mid-century modern still looks good, even to our critical modern eyes.

For home interiors, mid-century modern is alive and well. Perhaps the best thing about the style is that it can be carried through an entire home without looking forced or too much like a theater set – it’s simply beautiful in its own right. From light fixtures to furniture, mid-century inspired pieces are readily available.

'50's RetroRoom

However, with all the choices available, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of the look. We’ve picked out five great mid-century modern light fixtures that will help you achieve the perfect look.

1. Control Brands AJ Red Desk Lamp: Perfect for the home office or clean-lined teak bedside table, this little lamp adds a pop of color in perfectly midcentury style.

2. Troy Sausalito Five-Light Drum Pendant: The warm silver-gold finish of this pendant fixture echoes that colors that were all the rage during the original midcentury style wave. It’s the ideal statement in a dining room.

3. Control Brands Nelson Medium Curve Pendant: George Nelson’s bubble lights played a big role in mid-century décor – and they still do today. The first Nelson lamps came out in 1950, but they’re still a hot item today. This pendant will give you the soft glow and sculptural look that defined Nelson’s lights.

4. Elk Lighting Modern Organics Bamboo Stem Two-Light Wall Sconce: This is a great example of a contemporary light informed by mid-century aesthetics. The sharp-edged rectangular shape is characteristic, but even more so is the organic feel of the natural bamboo. It calls back to the grass cloth that was hugely popular at the time for adding some color and texture to a room.

5. Sea Gull Lighting Large White Globe Pendant: This light is the ultimate in restraint, yet it still makes a huge style statement. Its spare aesthetics make it highly adaptable across styles, but it would look completely natural in a first-generation mid-century home. It looks great in living rooms, as a single light, or in multiples.

Lighting up your living room

Living_Room_PinterestPhotograph credit: http://bit.ly/1646d07

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room would have to be the soul. It’s often the main space for entertaining, so it’s important to have lighting that’s both useful and attractive.

Many people, however, don’t have ceiling lighting in their living rooms. If you decide you want this type of lighting, it’s highly recommended you hire an expert to install it. Not only do you need someone who is knowledgeable about installation processes and electricity, but you also want a professional who will not damage your walls or ceiling.

There are many advantages to adding ceiling lighting. It gives the room a special atmosphere. It doesn’t require much RooneyChandelierspace – ceiling light fixtures are natural choices for small rooms. Plus, there’s a style to fit any home decor – formal, modern, traditional, informal. You can get a fixture that matches other lighting in the room, or one that is part of a blended design.

If you decide you don’t want to add a ceiling fixture, you’ll need to light the room with floor and table lamps, or perhaps wall sconces. Torchieres , which are floor lamps that shine upward, make lovely additions to rooms. Not only are they bright and beautiful, but many come with dimmers, allowing a touch of ambiance.

MeenaTableLampTable lamps are another option that fits in well with any furniture style. From contemporary to rustic, novelty to Tiffany, table lamps only need a flat surface and you’ll instantly add just the right lighting to your living room. When you consider the wide selection of finishes and shades available, you’ll realize that you can customize your lighting choices with pieces perfect for you.

Consider selecting a couple of wall sconces to add light and beauty to your room. Today’s selections are stylish, and can be warm, glowing beacons that light up the night.