Three hot lighting trends to try now

Everyone goes through it: the boring room blues. Even designs and décor that you loved years ago lose their appeal after living with them day in and day out. That’s where trends come in – they add polish and vitality to what’s become old hat. And lighting trends are one of the quickest ways to revive any room.

If your space needs a style shake-up, look to these hot lighting trends that can liven up your life in a snap.


  •  Brass – If you remember the brass of the days of yore, forget what you think you know. The golden warm glow of this metal is earning it some dedicated advocates, from interior designers to fashion designers. Its surprising versatility makes brass work equally well in styles from midcentury modern, like the Hinckley Zelda Pendant, to schoolhouse-inspired, like the Visual Comfort and Company Sloane Street Pendant. 796219212
  • Rustic – All things natural, rustic and vintage-American-inspired are climbing up the trend scale by leaps and bounds. A lighting fixture that incorporates natural materials or evokes luxury-cabin chic can transform a room that needs extra texture and ambience. The Currey & Company Treetop Small Chandelier is a more literal nod to nature while the oxidized metal effect in the Uttermost Albiano One Light Pendant blends elegant lines with rustic materials.


  • Lighting-as-art – If you can never decide what to put on your walls, look to the ceiling instead. This trend demands that lighting fixtures do more than brighten a room – it also serves as the attention-grabbing focal point. Available options run the gamut, making it easier to find something that’s just your style. The Corbett Dolcetti Seven-Light Pendant is a tiered, shimmering, mosaic-inspired example in tones of white, silver and blue, while the Arteriors Home Zanadoo 12-Light Iron Pendant is a bright burst of brass that will make any room more dynamic.

Think a chandelier isn’t right for your home? Think again!


Chandeliers might make you think of European palaces dripping in grandeur, but these versatile lighting fixtures could be more suited to your own humble abode than you think. They can add interest and drama to rooms of all sizes, and it’s surprisingly easy to find options that suit your tastes and your home’s existing aesthetic.

By its most basic definition, a chandelier is a hanging fixture. But from that basic starting point, chandelier styles veer in almost countless directions, from the ornate and glamorous to the restrained and masculine. While some make a seriously declarative statement, others add a surprisingly subtle bit of sparkle that can dress up an otherwise lackluster space.

Here are some ideas to make chandeliers work in your home:

* Don’t be afraid of small spaces. Since they come in all shapes and sizes – including mini – chandeliers can work everywhere from a powder room to a guest bedroom. Just keep head clearance in mind, relative to the height of your ceilings and the dimensions of the fixture.

* Mix and match. While keeping your style straightforward is always  a good option, taking a more playful approach can spice up a home. In a minimal space, a chandelier can add a pop of visual interest that becomes the focal point of a room. Or, if your taste tends toward the eclectic, mixing historic styles – from French renaissance to Art Deco – can show off all sides of your personality.

* Add definition. If you have a particular room that just doesn’t have a “personality,” a chandelier can be a quick fix to bring it to life. Make sure that it has enough size (proportional to the room) and character to stand out and get noticed.

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