Choosing the Right Wall Sconce

Wall Sconces serve more than one purpose in that they can accentuate something on the wall (for example a picture or a shelf) in the form of accent lighting, or they can create mood-lighting with a soft glow. In addition, they can provide functional task lighting around a mirror. Depending on the situation, Wall Sconces are a very useful part of the overall lighting scheme.

If you are looking for a wall sconce for your bedroom, to assist in late night reading, this qualifies as task lighting. I would suggest choosing a sconce that shines down to help better illuminate the space.  An example of this type of sconce is featured below.

Choosing a sconce to highlight a picture on the wall of your living room, or to illuminate your hallway can be styled very differently from the sconce you chose for your bedroom.  The sconce that will be used as accent lighting should be tailored to the item it is illuminating.  For example, if you are showcasing a picture on the wall, I would suggest a light that can be angled and directed specifically at the piece you are featuring.  Something like the sconce featured below.

When illuminating your hallway, a more traditionally-styled wall sconce could be used.  A sconce that does not direct the light into one particular direction, but illuminates an overall space instead.

Finally, the same type of sconce that can illuminate your hallway, can also help to illuminate your workspace in the bathroom—particularly on each side of the mirror.  These types of sconces can be viewed as both accent and task lighting.  Notice how the bath lighting below could be paired together around a mirror to create a well-lit, workable space.Whether you are looking for a sconce to accent an area of your home, or to help you illuminate a space to make it more functional, Wall Sconces are very important elements in the entire lighting design.  Armed with the right information, you are sure to choose the right sconce for your needs.

Your Bathroom on a Budget

I’m willing to bet that no matter what time of day you are reading this, you have visited your bathroom at some point today.  Am I right?  Now, in the time that you have spent in this room, have you ever taken a moment to step back and actually look at it?  Is it painted with a color that exudes a feeling of cleanliness?  Do you have adequate lighting for the sink and mirror?  Is your towel bar warming your towel for you while you are in the shower?  If it’s not, it should be.

I’m serious, go take a look at it…

Now that you’ve taken a closer look, are you able to admit that some of the areas of this room may be less than perfect?  I know it’s hard to admit, but face it, we all have imperfections.  What if I told you that you could update some of those imperfections with a bathroom re-vamp on a budget?  Here’s a couple ideas to help you on your way to a fresh new bathroom!

If your bathroom is one of those rooms that you are able to walk in to, but need to back out of (A.K.A. small and cramped), there are ways to create an illusion of space.  First, a bright color on the walls will create more space than a dark color.  So choose your paint wisely.  Second, installing a large mirror over the sink (for sure) and possibly elsewhere if needed, will create the illusion that a room is larger than it really is.  In addition, mirrors allow the light to bounce more freely around the room—creating a brighter and therefore larger-feeling space.

Another key piece of equipment in a bathroom, aside from the mirror, is bathroom lighting Most people have some sort of light fixture above the mirror, which is great. But have you ever thought to add some lighting on each side of the mirror, or in another key area of the bathroom (over the shower or bath tub)? To help give your bathroom a new look, a brighter feel, and better task lighting for putting on makeup or shaving, I suggest a new light above the mirror or some additional sconces on each side of the mirror. It’s amazing what you can see in the mirror when you have the right lighting!

When washing your hands in your bathroom, you would expect your hands to be clean when you are done.  A no-brainer, right?  Well, what if your faucet was old and dingy looking?  And you had to touch it to turn the water on and off.  You probably wouldn’t feel too clean when you are finished.  If you get this feeling in your bathroom, it might be time to get  a new bathroom faucet, perhaps one that sparkles and shines.   This task can take a little more time and effort than the previously-mentioned upgrades—maybe even the help of a plumber—but new faucets can really give an old bathroom a facelift.

Finally, after you have taken care of all of the obvious re-vamp opportunities, why not go for something that is definitely more of a luxury?  On a cold winter morning, after a long hot shower, don’t you just hate the thought of stepping out of the shower and feeling that cold air hit you? What if you didn’t have to?  What if, the whole time during the shower, your towel was being warmed for you?   This doesn’t just have to be a dream, this can be a reality with a towel warmer for your bathroom.

You see, there are ways to quickly re-vamp your bathroom on a budget to give it a whole new look and feel.  From making the room look larger and brighter to making you feel warmer when you step out of the shower, your bathroom will feel like a completely different room.    So go ahead, next time you’re in your bathroom, take a look around and think about the little things that can be altered to make a big difference in this space.

Outdoor Furniture Storage

Sad to say, it’s that time of year again. Leaves start turning, there’s a little chill in the air, and it’s time to start thinking about closing down the backyard recreation and dining area. Hopefully you’ve been able to relax, entertain, and truly enjoy the outdoors this summer. Now you need to consider how to preserve that investment you’re made in your outdoor furniture and accessories. Winter, and its harsh weather, is just around the corner!

If you’ve made an investment in outdoor furniture – even a relatively simple table and chair set – it’s important to protect that investment with high quality covers. They will make all the difference next spring when we’re digging out from the snow and ice.

If you have access to indoor storage, that is certainly the best protection. However, if that’s not available – or if physically moving the furniture is not feasible – there are many options available to cover the furniture. These covers have improved over the years such that they now can provide protection from all but the most extreme weather conditions. Check out the wide variety of outdoor furniture covers available at

Some things to keep in mind as you consider the various covers:

  • Heavyweight material – this helps prevent cracking if it is moved or adjusted during brutally cold weather.
  • Shaped – getting covers shaped like the furniture will not only make it visually more appealing, it will minimize the risk of wind-related tearing.
  • Closures and weights – the best covers will include a closure system of some sort along with imbedded weights to keep them snug. Again, this reduces wind-related risks.
  • Fabric treatment – look for fabric that has been both waterproofed and treated for UV protection. This keeps the covers looking nice for a long time.
  • Attractive color – you will be surprised at the fun, colorful options for covers. You no longer need to make do with a drab gray!

Bellacor Number: 294181

Consider covering not only your table, chairs, and grill. There are covers now available for your umbrella, log rack, fire pit, patio heater and chimeneya!

Desk Top Lamps

As fall approaches, a lot of families are preparing to send their children back to school. And whether it is grade school or college, creating a productive space for studying is crucial for success. Bellacor offers a wide range of lighting solutions to help start the year off right.

This dual purpose desk lamp from iHome is a must-have for college students. Not only does it provide ample lighting for late-night study sessions, it’s ipod docking and recharging system is built in, keeping the desk and dorm free of unnecessary clutter.

Good lighting, however, isn’t just for students. Take this LED Desk Lamp by Koncept for example. Equipped with energy efficient, long-lasting LEDs and a mercury-free design, this lamp is perfect for the environmentally conscious and those wishing to ‘go green’ this year.

And for lighting that is as much form as it is function, the Sax lamp by ET2 is sure to be a conversation piece. Featuring a sleek and curvaceous design, it’s truly “light” on the eyes.

Bellacor has the solution to meet your lighting needs. From study friendly lighting to environmental and eye-friendly design and everything in between, the selection is one that truly “makes the grade”.

Online Medallion Hunt at Bellacor

As you know by now, Bellacor is celebrating its 10th Anniversary throughout the month of September. We have a ton of contests and giveaways going on, so be sure to check them out when you get a chance.

One of our current promotions is an online medallion hunt. On one of our products, we’ve placed a medallion- one of these guys. Use the corresponding Bellacor item number to enter a drawing where we’re giving away 2 of that item. Look to our Facebook page and blog for clues to help you navigate through our site to find the medallion.  Some clues will be more helpful than others, so it’s important to stay tuned in.  New clues are posted every Friday until 10/10/10.

Clue #1

The Medallion Hunt has begun-search through ALL of our products ‘til you find the ONE!

Clue #2

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Bonus Clue:

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Clue #3

What fills a room yet takes up no space, and makes your eyes small when shone to your face?