Reflect on Mirrors

Mirrors to some were never really considered a décor feature.  They appeared to be just bland afterthoughts used for purely functional purposes.  Remember the frameless rectangular mirrors that hung in the bathroom?  They did their duty but they were décor statements to be ignored.  In recent years, mirror manufacturers figured it out.  Why not marry function with style?  Why not use texture, color and shape to make mirrors statement pieces that spice up the style in your room?  Well, manufacturers have answered the call with mirror designs and styles that compliment the modern lifestyle.

Mirrors are wall décor, mirrors can offer unique style features and mirrors can be statement pieces that enhance your environment.

At Bellacor, we have the mirrors to satisfy your design desires.


One of our customer’s favorites is the Jasper Mirror by Quoizel.  It adds flair through the frame’s unique edge, bevel and dull steel finish.  You can mount it horizontally or vertically.  This is a great mirror option over an entryway table, in your bathroom or in the dining room over your buffet table.

Another beautiful mirror from Quoizel is their Monterey Mosaic Mirror.  The mosaic design is made from genuine pen shell and helps bring a sense of nature to your home.  Its appeal is enhanced with a modern metallic body.  This would be a great piece for a beach house or loft.


Mirror frames can be metal, resin, or wooden – among many other materials.

On the more adventurous side, Cooper Classics also offers a Champagne Newland Mirror.  This inspiring design will draw the eyes and become the focal point of your room.  This beveled mirror offers a Champagne finish and is compatible with many different styles.

Take a leap and explore the many styles, shapes, colors and textures in mirrors that we offer at Bellacor.  Remember that mirrors can be a great wall décor option in any room in your home.

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