Redecorate Your Space Without Going Over Budget

If you’re ready to give your bedroom, living room or any other space in your home a new look but you can’t afford to splurge, there are ways to update a room without going over your budget. Here are five tips to help you redecorate any space in your home and still have money left.

1. Plan ahead

Buying decor, furniture and paint without planning out the expenses ahead of time is a sure way to spend more money than expected. Carefully calculate every purchase before actually buying anything. This way you’ll know whether you can actually afford that new sofa or if you need to find a less expensive alternative.

2. Invest in high-quality furniture, but don’t splurge on accessories

Bellacor Number: 1409342

Bellacor Number: 1409342

High-quality furniture might be pricier, but it is also built to last longer and be in your home for many years. Accessories, on the other hand, are often replaced with trendier items. There are plenty of stylish, cheap accessories available to decorate your home, and you won’t feel guilty replacing them when you’re ready to redecorate again.

3. Do more with less

An easy way to save money when redecorating is to limit the amount of new decor and furniture you buy. Instead of purchasing many different items, choose fewer pieces that have a bigger impact on your room’s interior design.

4. Keep pieces you love

Redecorating doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything. If there is a chair or lamp that you love, keep it. Your space will still look and feel completely different with your new additions. But don’t just have them sit somewhere and get dusty. Integrate them into your space.


5. Take your time

If you can’t afford to buy everything at once, don’t worry. You can take your time redecorating the space, slowly replacing each item with something new. Slowing down the process will also prevent you from buying a bunch of new furniture and decor that you don’t love.

6. Use online tools to help save you time and money

Of course, always keep your eye out for a sale on your favorite item. Using tools such as “my account” or a “wish list” with online retailers, makes it easy to keep all your items in a convenient location. If are comfortable with social media, the use of Pinterest or Polyvore can help you keep your items for your dream room in one easy place and to share it with friends and family.


2014 – The Best of the Best

Oh what a journey it’s been. In the year 2014, Taylor Swift ruled the world, despite the haters, LeBron James took his talents back to Northeast Ohio, despite the draw of South Beach, and Guardians of Galaxy ruled the boxed office, despite (or maybe because of) an 80s soundtrack of songs that weren’t even that great in the 80s. And trust us, we love songs from the 80s.

This is the time of year everybody puts together their bests and worsts, their rankings and tankings. We take 365 days and pick out a few newsworthy moments and a few pop culture experiences that really stand out. Every little niche is scrutinized. At Bellacor, our niche is home. But that’s a big niche, to be honest. Let’s delve deeper. What do you get when you mix pop culture with home and DIY? That’s right my friends, you get a little HGTV, a little DIY Network, and a whole lot of binge-watching from 2014. Programming alert: Select episodes from HGTV and DIY’s signature show are now available on Netflix for your binging pleasure.

Yes, we know there are home and home improvement shows all over, but to keep our list from becoming unwieldy (and make it home in time for the holidays), we had to make some cuts. You can’t see everything anyway. Here’s our list of the best of the best from the sister networks HGTV and DIY from 2014, in ascending order.

  1. Fixer UpperChip and Joanna Gaines (HGTV)

OK, first all, are we the only ones that get a younger Dennis Quaid vibe from Chip? Every time we see him, we picture him taking the mound in The Rookie. Anyway, this show premiered this year and we enjoy the playful banter between the married hosts. They seem to get along, as opposed to resorting to canned relationship drama some of the reality shows thrive on. The premise is to fix up nice but rundown homes in the better neighborhoods in Waco, Texas, and turn them into showstoppers. Maybe because it’s in Texas and land is plentiful, but it’s impressive the things these people can do on a fairly low budget. We especially liked the garden/greenhouse they built in the middle of one lucky couple’s home.

Chip and Joanna Gaines via

Chip and Joanna Gaines via

  1. The Vanilla Ice Project (DIY)

Come on, you knew we had to include this. It could have been an absolutely horrible program and we’d still pick this because it’s Vanilla Ice rehabbing houses. Let’s not lose sight of the symbolism here. This is Vanilla Ice rehabbing homes in an attempt to rehab his career. Last year he was working with the Amish. We’ll be honest and say we didn’t catch that one. The Amish connection seemed a little bit of a stretch. But Ice fixing up South Florida mansions, yes not far from “A1A Beach Front Avenue” is just too rich. Rob Van Winkle, that’s Ice’s real name in case you didn’t know, is a fairly likable fella. He’s clearly comfortable in front of the camera. The show isn’t bad. He may never sell 15 million albums again, but he can make your den look as Cool as Ice.

Vanilla Ice Project

  1. Property Brothers - Jonathan and Drew Scott and Flip and Flop – Tarek and Christina El Moussa

Sometimes we feel like the network should just rename itself Scott Brothers and Friends. These guys are on about 20 hours of the day. They even got a second show, Property Brothers at Home, in which they bro’d out their home in Las Vegas. But let’s get back to their main event. We like this show because it’s the ultimate bait and switch – and it gets people every time. “Look at this beautiful home. It has everything you could possibly want. Oh sorry, you can’t come close to affording that. But let us fix up a room or two for you.” Only two people as charming and affable as Drew and Scott could get away with this kind of trickery. Sometimes their constant teasing of each other wears thing, but the brotherly bond is undeniable, they do some pretty great home improvements and they seem to care more about their clients than most hosts.

Property Brothers Images via

Property Brothers Images via

On Flip or Flop, we see two realtors trying to make their way in the cold cruel world of housing flipping. Now that the housing market has, uh, flipped and is on a major upswing, the premise doesn’t quite work as well, but this couple’s FliporFlopdynamic makes the show very watchable. Christina always wants to get the nicest and best materials for the renovation. If it was up to Tarek, the house would be taped together and the walls would be made of cardboard. Christina usually wins these battles. Tarek exacts his revenge when it comes time to put the house back on the market. He always shoots high, while she wants to come in low. He seems to come out ahead and they usually get their price.

  1. House Hunters (HGTV)

This show has been on forever and it’s such a juggernaut that it’s split off in other directions with House Hunters International and House Hunters Renovation. It’s influenced shows such as Beachfront Bargain Hunt and scores of other in-the-market marvels. Since we started watching this show several years ago, we’ve read there are several tell-tale signs as to what house the couple will end up picking. But we enjoy seeing the different home styles and enjoy the little slices of the community the show takes great pains to show. We can visit Chapel Hill, Fort Collins, Nashville and many other far-flung locales without leaving the couch. We could do a list like this is 20 years and House Hunters will still be on it. Now if they’d just bring back Trading Spaces.

House Hunters in Green Bay, WI

  1. Rehab Addict – Nicole Curtis (DIY and HGTV)

OK, her show has filmed in an around the Twin Cities area, where Bellacor is based, so we might be a little biased. We felt her pain when the pipes burst in her home during the last frigid winter. We recognize some of those old homes and streets she works on. Still, the draw of Curtis is she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and her show gives us an unvarnished view of a difficult process. Many of these shows make DIY look easy. If you’ve tried it yourself, you know it’s often anything but easy. Rehab Addict shows us that easy isn’t what she’s looking for. She wants it to be a difficult job, because that’s a challenge and the reward is that much greater – even if the reward isn’t always monetary.

Rehab Addict via

Rehab Addict via

Rehab Addict is gentrification done right. It’s preservation moving forward. The show is a crossover sensation, airing on both networks. Check your local listings. Rehab Addict is our pick for the top show of the year.

By Doug Kaid – A magician of words. Follow him @dougkaid.

How the Pantone Color of the Year Gets Chosen

Earlier this month, Pantone announced the Color of the Year to be Marala, which is described by Pantone as an earthy hue, similar to a bottle of wine. “Much like the fortified wine that gives Marala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.” Not everyone is a big fan of this year’s choice. I, however, like the subdued color and find it very elegant. But what’s even more interesting to me than this year’s chosen color is how the company actually chooses it. Here’s a quick overview if you’re curious, too.


Before the Color of the Year is chosen, Pantone’s color experts search and consider hues being used all over the world, often in the fashion and entertainment industries. Once the search is over, Pantone hosts a secret two-day meeting, where these experts can suggest their favorite finds to be the winner. Choosing the Color of the Year is not as simple as picking the most flattering or stylish color, however. According to the executive director at Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, the color “has to resonate around the world, to express in color what is taking place in the global zeitgeist.” In a press release, the company stated that the Color of the Year “has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times.”



After much debate, Pantone’s experts have to reach a final decision. In the press release, Leatrice Eiseman says, “While Pantone Radiant Orchid, the captivating 2014 color of the year, encouraged creativity and innovation, Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.” The color is meant to be well-suited for both men and women, and is said to translate easily into various industries, such as interior design, beauty and fashion.

As you contemplate this color, here are some subtle items to help get you started into integrating it into your home:

Bellacor Number: 692548

Bellacor Number: 692548

red pillow

Bellacor Number: 902084

Bellacor Number: 1510401

Bellacor Number: 1510401


By Wendy Weinert


How to Simplify your Stuff Using Minimalist Interior Design

I’m not a hoarder, but like many people, I have a difficult time letting go of certain personal belongings. It might be a sentimental trinket, or a pair of shoes that look cute despite being uncomfortable to wear. Getting rid of stuff that does nothing but take up space, however, can actually feel freeing or cathartic afterward, and it will certainly help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by a disorganized home.


If you feel you have too much stuff in your home, start thinking like a minimalist. Here are three ways you can bring minimalism into the home and design a tidy, clutter-free space.

Eliminate the “junk drawer”

Junk drdrunk drawerawers are just an excuse to hold onto stuff you don’t need. Rather than having a drawer where you place items you don’t know what to do with, give each drawer and closet a purpose. Use organizers and bins to keep storage areas tidy. And before you place anything in a drawer, consider whether you’ll ever actually use the object. If the answer is “not often” or “never,” toss it. This not only give you more storage, but truly, you will discover that the less things you have the less things you have to have to take of the things you have.

Donate clothes after a shopping spree

MJS 200265813-001Unless you’re in the process of building your wardrobe, a good rule of thumb in minimalism is to toss a clothing itemafter buying a new one. So, after a shopping spree, search for tops, pants or accessories that are old or barely worn and consider donating, selling or throwing them away. This will prevent your closet and dresser from becoming overcrowded with clothes you never wear. As an added benefit, it makes getting ready in the morning quicker!

Put meaningful items to good use

Oftentimes, the hardest stuff to get rid of are those items that have sentimental value. But you can still hold on to meaningful items without cluttering your space. For example, instead of keeping all of your kid’s drawings, sort through them and find your favorite for the fridge door. Instead of saving your grandmother’s china for special occasions, use the dishware for everyday meals. Another great idea is to turn your collection of travel souvenirs into decor.

By Wendy Weinert

5 Quick Tips For Decorating Your Nursery

Five Quick Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

Have a little one on the way and thinking about how to decorate your nursery? Finding time to decide on furniture, paint colors, and wall décor, in between shopping for strollers, reading parenting books and taking birthing classes, can be overwhelming in getting everything accomplished before your baby arrives. Remember, decorating a nursery is very exciting as you are ultimately creating a new home for your newest addition. Once you have the few simple nursery decorating tips down, the decorating process becomes must easier!

  1. Select paint and furniture together.

Oft78159590_Yellow_Painten times new parents jump right in and start decorating their new nursery by picking out a color palette before shopping for furniture and bedding for the crib. There are so many furniture and bedding options available, don’t limit yourself. From warm tones to bright colors, pastel pinks, animal prints, and more pick a colorful bedding design you love, then select a paint color to match. It is much easier to match a paint color to your bedding.

Quick tip: Create an inspiration board and research furniture and room décor you would like in your nursery. After you see your selections laid out, select a paint color that would go with your theme. If looking for a place to get started, browse Bellacor’s selection of bedding for cribs.

Baby BeddingOnce you have determined both your furniture and your paint colors, start designing your space!

  1. Choose flexible décor

Babies grow quickly and so will their room décor. Choose flexible décor that is easy to move around and change the room easily without repainting and redoing every time. Wall decals are a great solution for unique and affordable décor. Backed with a peel and stick backing and featuring endless themes, quotes and characters, you can quickly switch your baby room theme to a toddler theme (once your baby grows older) in just an afternoon. Just search for  RoomMates Décor on Bellacor to discover ideas for removable nursery wall décor.

growing chart

  1. Consider the function of the room

With the overload of options to decorate your nursery with, don’t forget the core function of the room – for baby to sleep, read, play and more. Make sure to have practical pieces like a quality rocking chair and a changing station area equipped with enough storage for all your baby’s belongings.

  1. Select a calming color palette

Give your nursery a tranquil feel with calming paint colors. Select light to mid-tone shades if you want to make your room feel larger. You may want to pass on a glossy paint option as it tends to reflect light.

Photo Credit: Home By Heidi found on Pinterest

Photo Credit: Home By Heidi found on Pinterest

  1. Think about lighting.

Soft lighting is important to instill a tranquil effect in the room. Often overlooked how the light comes in through the window when the sun rises each morning, consider Bellacor’s Nighttime Nursery Drapery Liner to totally control the light in your nursery. A drapery liner will create a block out of light in your nursery.

Now, you should be ready to decorate your nursery. Don’t forget to have fun! Your baby will grow up before you know it.


Jessica Toutsis is the Digital Marketing Manager for and is passionate about blogging, all things Web, and of course wall decals! Her expertise lies around content development, as well as SEO and social media and she frequently writes about home decor, re-purposing and home organization. To read more of Jessica’s blog posts, follow the RoomMates blog and add RoomMates Décor on Google+

Visit the Bellacor Toy Store for Holiday Gifts

If you’ve spent any time at, you know we’re a great source for lighting and home furnishings. That’s what we do best, and that’s what we know you’re looking for when you visit. But did you know Bellacor offers a wide variety of toys, dolls and games? Hmm, we wonder when you might be in the market for some of those kinds of things. Yep, just in time for the holiday gifting season, here are 5 top picks from our toy store.

KidKraft Fire Station Kids Play Set

A lot of kids have a dollhouse, but how many have their very own firehouse? Boys and girls are going to love this fire station, which includes a helipad on the roof and garage doors that open and close. The set also has 10 pieces of furniture and 2 flexible firefighters, who are built to bend to your kids’ will. Oh, and we almost forgot the helicopter and fire truck that come along with this station. Those would make great gifts all by themselves. Maybe you could keep the firehouse for yourself?

KidKraft Fire Station Kids Play Set

KidKraft Fire Station Kids Play Set


Woodstock Percussion Woodstock Kids Guitar

You already know that your child rocks. But now they can rock for real with their very first guitar.With its high-gloss, natural wood finish, this just like a full-size guitar, only sized down for smaller hands. It’s great for taking lessons and it comes with a songbook by renowned folk musician Happy Traum (includes information on changing strings and tuning). It also comes with a guitar pick and an extra set of strings. They’ll be making beautiful music before you know it. We think this is how Mozart got his start.

Woodstock Percussion Kids Guitar

Woodstock Percussion Kids Guitar


KidKraft Kids Holiday Puzzle Set

This four-puzzle set celebrates positive play habits with a variety of shapes and themes that keep the fun fresh. Chanukah is just around the corner, and this would be a great gift for a younger child during that time. In fact, one the puzzles is Chanukah themed, while the others honor Shabbat, Passover and Rosh Hashanah respectively. Children ages 3 and up can play with this solidly built puzzle set.

KidKraft Kids Holiday Puzzle Set

KidKraft Kids Holiday Puzzle Set


Wesco Green Plastic Wescomobile

Molded from a single piece of plastic, this sturdy little scooter can stand up to the day-to-day strain your child will surely put it through. This little vehicle is built for kids ages 2-4. The solid rubber tires won’t scuff your floors. Best of all, the seat stays where it is so you child won’t be slipping and sliding as he or she glides across the floor. It’s time for your baby’s first car and this is the safest ride around. By holding onto the two handles and moving their legs, children can cruise for hours.

Wesco Green Plastic Wescomobile

Wesco Green Plastic Wescomobile


Guidecraft Natural See and Store Dress-Up Center

Every kid loves to play dress up. We encourage this kind of thing because it encourages imagination and feeds their dreams. Some want to be princesses. Some want to be firemen. When they play dress up, they can be all of these, any of these things. This unit features three storage compartments on one side for toys, shoes and dramatic play items; a deep bottom with sides; a sturdy wood dowel for hanging clothes and costumes; and an acrylic mirror for dramatic play. It’s the ideal addition to your children’s play area. Store old uniforms or Halloween costumes and let the kids have a blast.

Guidecraft Natural See and Store Dress-Up Center

Guidecraft Natural See and Store Dress-Up Center


OK, we cheated a bit. Here are two more cool items that aren’t exactly toys, but you and your child would love to have either of these in their room.

Roommates Decor Toy Story 3 Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Did you hear they’re making a Toy Story 4? Well, get your kid prepped for the next movie by decorating their rooms with these stick-on decals of their favorite characters. They will love decorating with Woody, Buzz and their gang of joyful toys. Parents will love that these RoomMates decals are easy to apply, remove and reposition. And if you move, they can go with you. They are totally reusable. Bellacor has a good selection of Toy Story decals. This set has 33 decals in all, and some even glow in the dark! Reach for the sky, and add these to you holiday gift list today.

Roommates Decor Toy Story 3 Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Roommates Decor Toy Story 3 Peel and Stick Wall Decals


Guidecraft Moon and Stars Toy Box

Now that you’ve add a bunch of new toys to you kids’ collection this holiday season, maybe it’s time to find a new place to put them all. You’re just paying off those gifts, the last thing you need is a hospital bill after tripping over a wayward toy. Bellacor has a huge selection of toy boxes, celebrating superheroes, sports and more. But this toy box would work great if you have a boy and a girl. It’s nice to look at, but not too girly or boyish. You don’t need two toy boxes. Toss everything in here and let the kids sort it out later.

Guidecraft Moon and Stars Toy Box

Guidecraft Moon and Stars Toy Box


Tips for buying the best blinds for your wallet and style

When you hear the words “window blinds,” you probably picture the cheap, unattractive window treatments that every apartment or home you’ve rented in the past has had. Window blinds, however, don’t have to be dull or cheap-looking. Here are some tips for decorating with window blinds that are good for both your wallet and your interior design.

Save the more expensive and stylish blinds for rooms lacking in visual appeal.

Photo credit: Dwellings by DeVore


There’s no need to have elaborate designs covering each one of your windows. In rooms that already have statement decor, use neutral or solid-colored window blinds to improve the overall look. This also allows your more decorative blinds (the ones that feature patterns or designs) to have more of an impact.

Consider materials other than plastic. 
Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Plastic blinds might be cheap, but they also often look cheap and tend to get damaged more easily. Try other materials for blinds instead, such as bamboo or faux wood. There are more durable and can lend a sophisticated appearance to your space.
Match blinds to your decorating style. 

Photo credit: City Farmhouse

Is your space casual and comfortable? Formal and elegant? Modern and chic? The blinds you choose can help you create the look you’re trying to achieve. If your space is fun and eclectic, try a bold color. A modern space would look great with an eye-catching design.
Try layering the look with a curtain. 
Photo credit: Involving Color

Photo credit: Involving Color

Instead of replacing your current window blinds, you could also try layering a curtain on top. In the winter months, this is a great way to prevent cold air from getting into your home. It also solves your dull window-treatment problems if you live in a rented space and can’t remove your blinds.Besides style and budget, other factors that you will want to consider when choosing blinds are sunlight and privacy. For example, if you want to let only partial sunlight into your home, choose blinds in a light color and fabric. Roll-up blinds allow you to achieve complete privacy when you need it.

By Wendy Weinert

4 ways to get your mudroom ready for winter

You might call it “the mudroom,” but that doesn’t mean you have to actually let your entryway get muddy. To prevent your mudroom from becoming a mess this winter (due to tracking in snow, water and dirt, and from having to hang bulky outdoor apparel), try these four winter clean-up solutions.

1. Place outdoor mats on both sides of the doors
Photo credit: Matthew Benson, This Old House

Photo credit: Matthew Benson, This Old House


When the temperature is below zero outside, your family will want to get inside as fast as possible. By having another doormat placed inside your home, people are able to clean off their shoes in a more cozy and warm space. Additionally, having two mats that guests and family members can use might reduce the amount of snow and mud tracked into your home.

2. Set a boot tray next to the door
Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest


Boot trays are designed to keep floors clean, and in addition to boots, they can also be used to hold wet umbrellas. If you place the boot tray right next to the front door, people will know to take their boots off immediately after walking inside your home.

3. Prevent clutter with a great storage system entryway storage

Snow and dirt aren’t the only things that can muck up your mudroom in the winter. You’ll also be keeping bulky coats, gloves, hats, scarves and snow pants in the mudroom. If you don’t already have storage solutions in place, consider what would be best with the amount of space you have. Hall tree benches, which are cubbies with hooks and storage boxes, are a great way to separate your family’s outdoor gear. Storage benches are also useful to have in mudrooms.

4. Keep only winter items in the mudroom 

If you’re working with limited mudroom space, save some room by removing your fall and spring jackets. Pack away any clothes or sporting equipment that you won’t use in the winter and place them in storage areas like the basement or attic.

This winter, keep your mudroom mud-free. With the right furniture and accessories, you can easily keep your entryway clean and organized.

By Wendy Weinert

Great decor gift ideas this holiday season

Every year I think I have plenty of time to buy Christmas gifts, and every year the holidays creep up on me. This leaves me frantically searching for the perfect present at the last minute. If you find yourself in a similar situation year after year, stop the cycle now and take advantage of these holiday gift ideas to get you inspired.

Gifts for him

Sail Model Defender, 1895: With this classic decor piece set up in his office or room, he can sail away to a more relaxed state any time of the day.

Home Stag Bookends: For the rustic man in your life, these stag bookends make the perfect present.

Black Skull and Crossbones Decanter: Help complete his home bar setup with this edgy decanter. The 12-inch bottle can hold 54 ounces of his favorite poison. Skull vase

Golf Club One-Light Table Lamp: Finally, a lamp he will actually get excited about. This lamp features three golf clubs and a ball for the base and a shade depicting a golf course. golf lamp

Gifts for her

Multi-Colored Swirl Perfume Bottle: Getting ready in the morning will feel more luxurious with these beautiful perfume bottles. They are stylish and functional to be the perfect gift. bottles

Desk Clock: Practical doesn’t mean boring. This sophisticated clock will add style to any desk it sits on.

Over-the-Door Jewelry Armoire with Mirror: She will love this stylish and useful gift. The mirrored armoire has three trays, 24 hooks, slots for up to 50 earrings and compression folds for up to 84 rings. mirror storage

Wire Jewelry Display: This unique, antique-inspired piece allows her to show off her jewelry in style. wire jewelry stand

Clear Tall Vase with Stem Holes: With stem holes to hold flowers, this vase is unlike any other. Anyone who owns this fun piece is sure to enjoy its one-of-a-kind design. vase with holes

By Wendy Weinert

Keep the cold out this winter with these energy-efficient curtain ideas

Photo credit: Divine Design

Photo credit: Divine Design

No one likes their home to feel cold, but having to pay high utility bills just to keep the space warm isn’t ideal either. Fortunately, there are cost-effective strategies you can use to keep energy costs down and your home cozy. These four curtain ideas, for example, are easy to implement and can save you money this winter.

Replace curtains with thermal and heavy materials Curtains- thermal

Thermal curtains are designed to prevent winter drafts from entering your home. They are typically made from heavier materials and some are tightly woven to keep out the cold air. Plus, thermal curtains come in many stylish options, so you don’t have to sacrifice a great interior design for warmth.

Hang drapes in open doorways

If you can’t keep all of the cold air out of your home, you can at least prevent drafts from entering certain spaces. If you have open doorways, use drapes to act as doors. This is also a great way to incorporate more style into your space.

Add layers
Photo credit: Plum Pretty Sugar

Photo credit: Plum Pretty Sugar


If one thick curtain isn’t going to do the trick, hang up blinds or shades first. Then add a layer of curtains on top for more protection.

When the sun is shining into your home, open your curtains

You don’t have to leave your curtains closed all winter long. During the day, allow the sun to shine into your home, which will help keep your rooms warm.

There are plenty of ways to keep your house warm in the winter, without having to turn up the heat even more. Learn additional ways to cut energy costs by reading these winterizing tips.

By Wendy Weinert